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  1. Day off today,so went into town for breakfast & to look round the charity shops.I didn't find anything,but came home to find this outside my front door I hadn't ordered anything,so opened it up to find that it's the cars I won from @RichardK at the weekend 🙂.I got them out for a quick picture Some very nice cars here,my favourites so far are the Metro set,the Lancia Stratos,& the Alfa Giulia. It's my birthday today,so nice timing.Thanks again Richard 😎
  2. I'm planning to add some more cars to my sales thread tomorrow evening,7.00 ok?
  3. A few finds from tonight's toyfair Corgi Mini with more paint than the one I already have Lone Star fire engine,has been partly repainted(badly),but it's all there Some tyres for my poodle van AHC Seat Ibiza,limited edition apparently And a metal tilt for a Corgi Chipperfields Land Rover,in case I buy one with it missing.At £3.00,this was the most expensive thing I bought
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