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  1. I'll pick up any more I see
  2. A little delivery this morning,found on a Banger Racing model group on Facebook
  3. Just found these at Sainsbury's,nearly got the Barbie camper too 🤣
  4. It did always look like it was sagging slightly 😂
  5. A local garage had a similar one for years,I think it's been replaced now 🙁
  6. Picked this up today from a local Facebook seller,I paid a tenner & looking at eBay that seems a pretty good price 😁
  7. A few finds at Tesco this morning,the box was fairly empty so not sure what else would have been there?
  8. Commer with main beam on 😂
  9. Yellow one coming next year,brighter yellow than the real ones came in though 🤔
  10. I had a spare half hour,so gathered together all the Zylmex models I could find
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