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  1. HotWheels Sierra is the Corgi casting & a nice one to have 😎.Doctor Pepper AMX came with these
  2. Recent finds part two I saw a box of diecast on Facebook Marketplace,not too far away.An hour later I was home with these The seller also had these which I was going to leave,but he let me have them for a tenner as I'd bought the other lot 😁 He also insisted on giving me this bag of plastic figures Here's what was in the box Corgi Holmes Wrecker I fancied one of these since @Datsuncogshowed his recently This is missing one weight on the tow hook,has a bent air horn,& one of the slots for the hook to sit in has broken off.It also needs a really good clean.Still really happy with it though Corgi Massey Ferguson with hedge cutter Corgi LaFrance Trailer This seems to be mostly complete,so I might have to look for a Tractor Unit The rest
  3. Recent finds part one New Ray Alfa 156 is one I haven't seen before Been after one of these for a while These came from a charity shop,Ford D Series is nice,but has a smashed screenπŸ™ Hotwheels from Poundland,thought I'd missed the Audi,so good to find these two
  4. I saw a print of that a few years back in a local charity shop,didn't buy it & have regretted it ever since πŸ™
  5. I think you should πŸ‘
  6. It's not an i after all,just an XR3 Shame about the bent axle πŸ˜• These came in black too,I think I've got one but no idea where it isπŸ€”.I'm not sure if these came with normal wheels,rather than the Carlos Fandango ones?
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