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  1. This morning's car boot finds Miss_155 bought me the Daf ,I'd walked past it as everything else on the stall was really expensive,but she got it for £2.00. The Corgi trailer behind was 40p,I didn't really need it,but I can't leave them behind when I see them 😀
  2. Just for @Datsuncog,here's some pictures of an Alfa 155 I got many years ago when I used to buy anything 155 shaped It's not actually a bad casting,maybe it's a base model with the black bumpers 😂 And a close up of the tampos,they reminded me of the VW Passat you bought yesterday
  3. My old 214 SEi,lower than a low thing that had been lowered a bit more ?
  4. I'll be interested in a couple of those Sikus if no-one beats me to them.I'll check which ones I've got when I get home.
  5. I'd really like this garage,would you be able to pick it up for me? I can paypal you some funds if you need them.
  6. Could you grab the Skip Truck for me if it's still there please?
  7. What's he asking for the Siku skip truck?
  8. Very sad,I saw him on TV a few weeks back promoting their new album & thought he looked really healthy ?
  9. Wow,amazing finds ? The no-name 6 Series looks like one of these I've got this picture from a while back,was it you who had the Golf? I can't remember what make they are now ?
  10. A small box of Corgis arrived today,these were the best ones Bought mainly for the Volvo,I've got over 20 variations now ?.I'm also pleased with the TR7,& the plain Range Rover is a casting I didn't have.I reckon most of these may have come from a multipack because of the plainer non-metallic paints Corgi tended to use towards the end.
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