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  1. Looks like there's finally some new Matchbox stuff turning up,thanks for the heads-up 👍
  2. Sorry,I found it on Facebook a while back & can't find it again.If I do,I'll let you know.
  3. Cheers,couldn't get the picture to display
  4. A small package from Steve Flowers was waiting when I got home.Half an hour later,& my Dinky Foden has got a new front bumper & tailgate Corgi Pontiac Firebird has a new dash & screen And my Corgi Rockets Mercury Cougar has a new set of ridiculously oversized skis 😂
  5. This week's finds,part one These came from a charity shop & a midweek car boot,nothing at all from today's car boot,but my disappointment was not to last very long 😀 This week's finds part two We went to feed the ducks this afternoon,in the road leading to the pond,there was a house that had some furniture & other things in the drive,with a sign saying donations.We went & had a look,there were DVDs,books,the normal sort of things but nothing we really wanted.The woman came out from the house & said hello,Miss_155 started chatting & it turned out that that the woman's Mum had recently passed away,& she was starting to clear the house out & she had loads more things to get rid of,& she would be putting more out every few days.Miss_155 then asked if she had any toy cars which I thought would be unlikely,but she replied that there were some somewhere that were hers when she was younger.She went & had a look,& came back with a carrier bag half full.A quick look showed a few interesting things,so I said I'd take them if that was ok.She said yes,& just to put something in the donation pot which I did. So I got home,& this was what I found Schabak Passats,these both have parts missing but are still nice Corgi Matchbox Old stuff Siku Beetles Hot Wheels The rest I was really pleased with what I got,& thanks to the ducks,that's the only time we go down that road .We even saw some geese we hadn't seen before 😁
  6. Good that they've started selling single Majorettes.I liked it when Morrison's sold them for 99p,then Tesco did them but that didn't last long 🙁
  7. There's this red version of the Volvo too,I think it came from a multipack
  8. They are really nice,can't leave them behind 😎
  9. Some finds from the weekend.I thought the green estate car was made by Tomte Laerdal,but it's made from a harder type of plastic & has no maker's name underneath 🤔
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