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  1. Another depleted boot sale brought this,in nice condition apart from one thing 😂 Hopefully,it won't be too hard to find a replacement.
  2. An update on this lot I got a few weeks back Oldsmobile has had a couple of wheels courtesy of @eddyramrod,& a couple of tyres.It could really do with taking apart,as the suspension is slightly broken,& the pop-up headlights don't 🙁 Dinky Daimler 2.5 has had tyres,which look too small as they're the same size as Mini ones Tyres for the Mini Tyres for the Lancia,can anyone recommend a good chrome pen so I can touch in the bumpers? Tyre for the MGB Wheels & tyres for the Mini Marcos.It was actually cheaper to buy another complete car,so now I have anothe
  3. It goes nicely with the (25p)Beetle I got last year
  4. It's by Kidco,shame the rear wing is missing
  5. Postie woke me up with a box of cars this morning.Quite a lot of junk in there,but this lot were ok Pleased with the Siku VW Porsche,a few chips but it's all there These two are Faller Hit-cars,I think they're motorised & run on a hidden track underneath a road surface to go with model railways.Both have some damage to their plastic bodies,but I've never seen them before
  6. That's a Matchbox Powertrack slotcar
  7. Today's finds from a random charity shop in Kent that I've never been to before
  8. The seller had a big plastic tub of cars which he'd brought with him by mistake,he said he hadn't been through them yet & didn't really want to sell any. He was happy to let these few go though.The Escort was in pieces & I had to look through to find all the bits.The bobsled is one I already had,but this one is better & has now got the plastic bumper fitted from my old one. And to the next car boot where I found this I wouldn't normally buy a cheap Chinese version of a Mini,but it's got cats on it 😎.The only other thing I bought was the mug behind it,which Miss_155 s
  9. Car boot finds part one
  10. Another Minichamps Puma arrived from Facebook Marketplace.The cardboard outer is a bit battered,but for £14 posted I couldn't complain 😁
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