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  1. Mine,had it 12 years on Boxing Day.Must really try to get it back on the road next year.
  2. Morrison's had some Majorettes yesterday,a different mix of cars to the one they've had for the last 2 years or so.Mostly supercars,but there was a white Renault Twingo & a green Vauxhall/Opal Adam.
  3. Got a feeling it may have been Eddyramrod It was Ramrod's disorganised diecast sale,had it's own thread,last post was 7th October
  4. The Scirocco is nice,I have one,plus a yellow version.Yatming did some really nice castings,I don't remember actually seeing them for sale anywhere though 🤔
  5. In my 1st driving job,I had a petrol C reg daily.1st gear was very low,I could beat anything from the lights,but finding 2nd was another story 🤣
  6. Farnborough,Hants,about 5 miles from where I live This is now a branch of Wickes.
  7. Had a parcel arrive from Eddy Ramrod today,inside were these four.I've already found homes for them.Thanks again Eddy!
  8. Has no-one mentioned the MK1 Cortina rear lights on the Field Car yet?
  9. Mechanic came out & changed the fuel filter,but no joy.He said there was some swarf in the fuel,so not looking good.Recovery was ordered at about 1.00,was on the way but got re-directed to an accident by the Police.Still waiting.....
  10. 155V6

    Crazy Trannies*

    My Dad had a Renault 8 with a push button auto 😯
  11. You should move to Surrey then.Round there,they won't overtake a cyclist unless there's nothing coming in the opposite direction for about 5 miles 🙄
  12. Loaded the Transit up at work this morning.Left the yard,and had done about a mile.A message came up,Fuel Filter Blocked,followed by Engine Service Needed Now.It then went into limp mode for about half a mile & has now died. Stuck at the side of the road waiting for recovery,I hadn't even got to the shop to get a coffee ☹
  13. A couple more E-types.Left is (I think) Yatming,right is Zylmex
  14. Will be good if you can get it to work.They got their money's worth out of that basic casting,there's the original Mustang,the Vantastic,the Piston Popper,& the IMSA Mustang with the wide arches.
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