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  1. Just picked these two up from a charity shop,50p each.Both pretty much mint
  2. You can have it for the cost if postage,I'll find out how much today.
  3. This morning's finds.The Lesneys & Majorettes are staying,the Huskys are available if anyone wants them.Didn't somebody on here want a dragster?
  4. I've just spent an hour pulling out one of my big cupboards of stuff looking for this,but no luck,so it must be in the other one. I did find this Zylmex Supervan though.The real one was posted a while back as a possible influence for the Matchbox Stretcha Fetcha
  5. Sure I've got a Prelude somewhere,I'll have a look tomorrow & see what else I can find.
  6. Anything particular you're after?,I could probably find something 1/36ish to swap for the Majorette Dyane.
  7. Loving your collection bunglebus,some very nice stuff there 😍. Just in case anyone is interested,Hotwheels are doing a Volvo 850 Estate next year.
  8. I've been to 3 car boots & a couple of charity shops this weekend,& not bought a single diecast model.All I've seen is modern Chinese rubbish,& Matchbox & Corgi stuff that looks like it's been at the bottom of the sea for 10 years. Verdict-disappointed.
  9. I seem to remember that,black & white pictures with the flashing indicators added in colour?
  10. +1 for the write up on the fantasy cars.The one that looks a bit like the Stretcha Fetcha is the George Barris SuperVan .I've got a Zylmex model of it,but could I find it?
  11. There's a Mira 1/64ish 5 door as well.
  12. Anyone into Hotwheels?.Lidl have got some at the moment in bins,some quite recent stuff.
  13. Thanks,I'm still using Windows XP 🤣,and probably an old version of Chrome.I guess that's my problem then.
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