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  1. That's interesting,I could do with a couple of the surfboards. There was a guy in France on eBay while back doing them,he also did the plastic bikes from the Holden Pickup & some Majorette bits,but they were quite expensive.These seem much more reasonable 😀
  2. After I bought the StreetKa from @Peter C a couple of weeks ago,I started looking for a 1/43 model.The Minichamps version is nice,but doesn't seem to come in blue,which was the colour I wanted. A bit of eBay searching found one by High Speed with a buy now of £7.50,so I hit the button & it arrived yesterday. Quite a nice model,I just need a Laguna Estate now to complete my real-life trio 😁
  3. I've still got this LHD Acclaim if you're interested Yours for the price of postage
  4. On my way home,listening to Michael Jackson.Thanks again @Peter C
  5. Next part of the journey involved this lovely old thing
  6. So I had a collection to do this morning.I was going to get the 9.30 train,but I looked online & it was cancelled & the next one was not until 10.30. There was a 9.00 train though,so I decided to get that instead. No breakfast photos,it was a bowl of Shreddies & a coffee.The trusty Laguna took me to the Station This is aboard the 1st train,which was on time Just leaving Basingstoke on the next part of the journey
  7. No,but I had Road Runner mudflaps on my Cortina Mk4 2.0S
  8. I've got the Escort,& a Mk1 Golf.
  9. I've seen an alloy wheel on FB Marketplace which would be really handy as 1 of mine is buckled.Sender doesn't want to post it,but will let someone else collect.It's a single wheel,with no tyre.The seller is in Coventry CV3,I'm in Hampshire near Aldershot. It would be great if someone was coming down this way & could pick it up for me,but if someone could collect it & send it by a courier that would be good too.Obviously,there would be some beer tokens for your help. Thanks in advance if you could help 👍
  10. L D'oh,I'm tired & should have gone to bed a while ago 😂. @Datsuncog the R/R is yours for the price of postage if it's any good to you
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