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  1. Today's arrivals The Corgi Volvo in beige with beige interior is a colour variant I didn't have. The Majorette pickup is fairly uncommon,as it has lights on the roof instead of spare wheels. The Corgi Rockets buggy was just because I buy cheap Rockets when I see them. The Mira Seat Ritmo has a bent axle,but should be easy enough to straighten.
  2. That GS has been there a while.I took this picture when I worked for MFI,and they went bust in 2008!
  3. It's in a 2 level car park,so is undercover & is on all year.It was cold though 😂
  4. Yes,Mitsubishi Galant.Haven't really looked at it yet,it's one that was 1st released in Japan I think?
  5. A few finds from the car boot this morning The Super Kings transporter should have a Mustang Cobra with it.I may have one somewhere,but for now the Capri from a different release can sit on the back
  6. 155V6

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Cheap MG Express with broken engine just listed on Facebook.Can't seem to do a link from my phone 🙁
  7. I only ever saw 1 or 2 when I was looking,I saw a couple in Tesco last week,so they're still around.
  8. That looks like one of those plastic ones that comes with a car transporter.
  9. This has been parked on a short length of dual carriageway opposite a Sainsburys since before Christmas.The bonnet was up for the 1st few days,so I guess it died & they couldn't be bothered with it?
  10. The outriggers are there to help it run down a track,amazing that they haven't been lost 😀
  11. These two Corgi Volvos turned up in the week.Now I just need a silver one,a yellow one,a metallic purple one,a mid blue one...... This Corgi TR7 came with one of them,I thought the bumpers had been painted but it's original
  12. The Matchbox camper is a Ford Courier,which is a badge-engineered Mazda.
  13. Just watching some more of the Dakar Rally .There is a Chinese entry from the Landsail Racing Club.Their car is listed as a Chevrolet,it looks like this 😎
  14. That's a pretty comprehensive list,thanks! The nearest One Below stores to me are Slough & Maidenhead,not a million miles away but a bit far to go on the off chance that there might be a few toy cars there 🤣 I used to have a delivery job all over the South and would go to 4 or 5 different supermarkets every day.I used to find most of the Hot Wheels I wanted without even having to look in my own time 😁
  15. Just watching the Dakar Rally preview,and one of the cars is badged as a Borgward
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