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    Previous owner of a scabby 1990 MK1 MX-5 (now with Paul P), tweaked 1972 Fiat 500, mega-mileage BMW estate car, Lotus Elise, a leaky Kayak and half a dozen old bicycles. Mostly broken. Form an orderly queue, ladies. Single mums welcome, no DSS, sorry. Wrote some books and that, see here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/super-old-odd-interesting-obscure-abandoned-filling-stations/


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  1. E3C9B34D-39F3-4E4C-BB09-C48D1D8B9086.webp
  2. My ancient Italian can is also loaded!
  3. Thanks! I hope you enjoy them. Pictures were a real struggle, older shots in particular, but overall I’m happy with the results. I’ve got a few author copies of ‘Nothing handles like a rental car’, as you’ve spent £££ on my other stuff, DM me your address if you’d like a free copy. 👍
  4. “What’s your lowest price?” should always be answered with “what’s the most you’ll pay?”
  5. As @Kiltoxmentions, getting paid for product placement is probably the only way to make any money at all unless you have genuinely many millions of views. Even product placement needs a tangible tie in so the sponsor can see what money they’re earning from it. 99% of YouTubers claiming to make proper money at this are bullshitting. All those super car wankers are winging it. Anyone watching my mate Paul Bacon? (Good luck Kiltox 👍)
  6. I had one identical but manual. One of the best cars I’ve ever had.
  7. I’m not sure they all fit that bill, exactly. But it was mostly entertaining viewing, wasn’t it?
  8. I think I’ve seen that actual car, on Furka Pass 2 years ago. Had a brief chat with the owner, they were in a convoy of old Rolls on a roadtrip. Here’s a crap pic I took 😎
  9. I did three lairy laps of the Nurburgring in an old a car which, I later found, had seats retained by finger tight bolts. Really shit me up.
  10. Missed the show, but that car is my idea of heaven. Lotto win stuff.
  11. Endless Cortinas for my Dad, he's in a Mondeo now. He just likes reliable stuff with plenty of space. I must catch up on TG, sounds like it has turned a corner.
  12. My divorce saw me end up with an untrained, mental, yappy dog. It shat in my daughters bed. It once looked me in the eye and took a shit on the living room carpet, then (maintaining eye contact) dragged it's arse along for good measure. It was rehomed when I explained to my ex that I was going to kill it with my bare hands. And I would have.
  13. Thanks ‘waffle and WorkdOfCeri, this now lives on the drive of my ex wife’s boyfriends parents... ready to be given as an 18th birthday prezzy to my youngest daughter next month. She loves Italian cars, and would love an Abarth. Well, shiters can’t be choosers... 🇮🇹👍🐼
  14. It's not usually in my nature, but I have a burning urge to vandalise that, for reasons I cannot explain.
  15. I'd love one of these, but am a coward. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lancia-Gamma-Coupe-Champagne-For-Spares/284201935778?hash=item422bc163a2:g:NBoAAOSwIGhgPAPI
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