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  1. Thanks. I like a challenge . The VAZ2106 I'm driving is a Lada 1600 of c.1986 vintage, feels very Fiat, it's actually really nice although the engine coughs a bit if you ask for any oomph. The Volga is a 24 'Barzha' (Barge), looks fantastic, sounds great, huge inside and out but is an absolute pig of a thing to drive. More when I get time. I drank gallons of Vodka and quite a few beers the other night which should have killed me, I normally get massive headaches after booze, but those ryebread things with pickled herring on are awesome, I feel great, although following the Volga too close in traffic gives you carbon monoxide poisoning pretty quick. The plan was to fly over, buy something Russki and drive it home, but we'll doing a recce for future fun instead. I'll do a mag feature on this when I get time.
  2. Am stood here. Abandoned airport.
  3. Stand by for pics of two cars I’ve got for a few days...
  4. Hello. Am in Latvia, arsing around with some prime Russian shite. Perhaps you’ll enjoy these pics...
  5. I say, that’s rather lovely.
  6. Long, boring story ahoy; On my right hand I am missing a bit of fingerprint. My (now ex-) wife swapped a lovely Golf Gti for a nearly new Renault Scenic mk1, back in the day. Fuck me, it had every problem going, warranty was useless, Renault didn’t care, the thing would break down almost every week. Once, when laden with my three kids and all the holiday stuff, the bastard brakes caught fire. We got out safe but I burned my fingertips in the process. I recall the bastard thing not starting at Centre Parcs and passing families just looking sorry for me, and the odd Dad giving that knowing look that said “‘90s Renault mate, you either know fuck all about cars, or your missus chose it”. The car went from nearly new to scrap in a couple of years. Renault do some lovely chod; 25, Espace, etc... but there’s nothing to redeem the Scenic in my opinion. Typed out on a work iPhone with one roasted finger.
  7. And you'll never have to MOT it again. Once you have it, pay the tax on it (free because of age), then do the DVLA form for classic cars and never have to worry about an MOT again.
  8. Interesting that such a low reserve was set. I’d honestly be tempted to have a punt at £2k-£3k and worry about collection and shipping later. I have a farmer friend in NZ who could probably help. I have a ‘72 Fiat 500 already at home and love the thing. I can honestly see it going for £5k-£10k though.
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