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    Previous owner of a scabby 1990 MK1 MX-5 (now with Paul P), tweaked 1972 Fiat 500, mega-mileage BMW estate car, Lotus Elise, a leaky Kayak and half a dozen old bicycles. Mostly broken. Form an orderly queue, ladies. Single mums welcome, no DSS, sorry. Wrote some books and that, see here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/super-old-odd-interesting-obscure-abandoned-filling-stations/


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  1. Yes, actually! I eventually had to move the car because of building work. 1 mile on an A road with black ice at 15mph, fishtailing at the slightest touch of gas, massive tailback, bloody awful journey! 😀
  2. Oh man. Take it easy. If me or anyone in the wider shite community can help then just say.
  3. Oh shit. I am so, so sorry to read this. I had no idea. I’ll delete my smart-arse comment above as I assumed you were ok and being egged on to make a fake whiplash claim. I hope you both recover soon. Sorry.
  4. Great engine in a good car. Looking forward to updates.
  5. Leicestershire. It’s usually quite pretty around here, honest.
  6. Makes you grin? Writing for Absolute Lotus and PPC magazines this month. Been a while, great to get my drivel in print again. There’s a pic of my missus going in, I’ll tell her once it’s gone to print... 😄
  7. This has languished in a yard for as long as I can remember. ETA - how odd, it’s MOT’d, and seems to do 1k miles a year!
  8. Didn’t these kill the Avantime when Renault decided to do their own thing and shat on Matra? I’m easily confused.
  9. I DO NOT WANT THIS I DO NOT WANT THIS I DO NOT WANT THIS. I lie. I want this. But I can't have it.
  10. Burned a Dolly to death when trying to run it with fuel lines we'd just pushed onto the carb without clamping. So simple. So stupid. Gah.
  11. What they’re asking and what someone will pay aren’t always the same thing, though. That said, I can see the appeal of an R5. Oh, and an AX. 👍
  12. Always something cool parked at Goodwood Aeroclub. I was there polishing my Spitfire when I saw it. OK, I was just there for the overpriced bacon butty, but it was worth it.
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