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  1. Why is it that shit like this is always parked outside a miserable looking house?
  2. Here you go! https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/features/autozam-az-1-film/
  3. Mmmmm, wedgey. Good luck with this PS - What's the story with the white Excel next to it? I hope it's not been left with no sunroof covering, it'll be damp and 'orrible inside!
  4. I’m here! Typing on a poxy phone here, longer answer from a laptop later, this wonderfully loopy car was owned by my mate Chris from Rotherham who tried to flog it to me for (IIRC) a grand or two, but it was pretty manky back then. We took it to the Isle of Man and drove the bollocks off it, I think I wrote a feature for PPC Magazine about it. Don’t ask me when. Anyway, I seriously love that car and while I’m sure someone will buy it, it’s a bit beyond my budget at that price. I have a very early Mk1 MX5 I need shot of (free rust and electric botherations) if you’d like a horribly one-sided swap or something. I’m shit at buying and selling. Virtual roffle is a wonderful idea. Sorry I missed out! Here’s a pic of me abusing the thing way back.
  5. One working modern. One rotten broken thing One near-perfect but totally impractical very old thing.
  6. I photographed that a few years ago. G481FVX , it has 155k on the clock. The owner had a framed copy of the insurance company’s valuation proudly on display. £7k. Which is 1000 x more than a wonky MX5 with delusions of grandeur is actually worth.
  7. Seller is a lovely chap. He imports all sorts of weird cack and sells it to idiots like me. But not this. This is silly.
  8. Ooh shit. That’s not pretty. Good luck and thanks for the update.
  9. Thanks! I was actually after a Mini but simply couldn’t find one without signs of rot under the headlamps for less than £10k, even “freshly” restored ones had ominous cracks in the paint on the seams. I’ll stick with my Fiat (for now)
  10. “done to such a high standard that it fools most people and other people ask if it is a Ferrari.”
  11. The hose I removed from was an earlier restoration in Italy, I used new fuel hose I bought about 5 years ago in the UK, I’ve no idea if it’s ethanol compatible. There’s a fire extinguisher in the car.
  12. Did some tinkering with my classic Fiat 500 today. Replaced some fuel hose in the boot (engine compartment), it has an extra fuel filter, a crap plastic in-line thing. It also has one next to the fuel tank under the bonnet. I removed the one in the boot and replaced it with a length of standard fuel hose - fuck me, what a difference! No more slow starting after it has been stood for a while. Really happy with the result. The fuel filter looked clean but was clearly inhibiting flow somehow, especially when hot. It's such a nice thing to drive. Edit - here's a film I made with it last year. 1972 was a good year.
  13. I wrote a feature about that service once, I love that sort of thing.
  14. And they made 9.4 billion of the bastard things. Hateful. Worthless.
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