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  1. Splendid. I had a red GTV V6 on teledials, with black leather, and a huge file of whopping expenditure. I flogged a couple of magazine feature with it, made a few little films, then got shot before it killed my mental health. Lots and lots will go wrong. Bangernomics is the only way to go with these. You reward it with a new nice part, fitted by a professional at great expense, and it will FTP at the most inopportune moment. Kick it like a stray dog on a third-world beach and it will love you forever. Happy to advise on any bodgery needed. Pic of me in mine - http://www.motorpunk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Sideways-through-Kallenhard-corner.jpg
  2. A newish Mondeo is hard to argue with. Nice, spacious, cheap, reliable, inoffensive. Bangernonics can be bloody miserable at times.
  3. What makes me grin? Sticking a manky Marina Coupe on the cover of MotorPunk magazine.
  4. This is dogdirts. Can we have more pictures, please? I like it.
  5. Another vote for Ford escorts. Particularly the later ones. They do nothing well and are just so fucking boring. On the subject of Land Rovers. I drove one of the last ones made, brand new, and it was a sack of shit on the road and falling apart already. Oh, and just about anything made post 2000, obviously.
  6. Rough cars and rough people usually go together. I'm a picky bleeder when buying.
  7. What a wonderful roadtrip. This is what life is about. Yours, from the rainy Midlands and spreadsheet boredom.
  8. Love this. I did my first and last engine transplant dropping a sprint engine into a 1500 Dolly as a daft kid. It caught fire and wrote the car off. Haven’t touched an engine since then... good luck with this, keep us updated!
  9. Is this the right place for my film about a recent trip to Riga to drive Russian cars for CBS? If so, here you go...
  10. That car listed belongs to PPC mag owner, Kev. It’s bloody lovely but like most PPC cars I wonder why he doesn’t just fix it before selling it. Needs a clutch, he says, but what else? Lovely thing, mind.
  11. I love the thought of some poor bastard riding that thing all the way from Preston to Belfast. Good luck with fixings etc.
  12. Watched it. Enjoyed it. Don't tell any of my poncy, high-brow friends. They think I sit reading Setright all night.
  13. I think it’s a Standard 8. Probably worthless. I’m quite tempted to knock a few doors and find out more.
  14. Anyway. It’s not been opened in at least 20 years, I think. So I stuck my camera through a hole in a wall, switched flash to ‘on’ and got this...
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