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    Previous owner of a scabby 1990 MK1 MX-5 (now with Paul P), tweaked 1972 Fiat 500, mega-mileage BMW estate car, Lotus Elise, a leaky Kayak and half a dozen old bicycles. Mostly broken. Form an orderly queue, ladies. Single mums welcome, no DSS, sorry. Wrote some books and that, see here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/super-old-odd-interesting-obscure-abandoned-filling-stations/


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  1. This has sat here for as long as I can remember. No MOT since 2017, but lowish miles and no mention of rust in the MOT history. I loved my GTV V6 but wonder if a twinspark floppytop is worth knocking the door and enquiring about saving…
  2. She sends me sex messages via the radio that only I can hear. 🤪
  3. Got a link to that film, by any chance? I'm hooked based on those screengrabs alone!
  4. That's a beautiful colour. I want a 4X4 Turbo... I wonder what they go for these days. Keep us posted!
  5. Well spotted, yes! You work there/nearby? I got more pics on the Friday and, funnily enough, was also there on Sunday. https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/features/motorsport-for-the-poor/goodwood-trackday-interesting-pics/
  6. Love this blue Renault use. Pic from today
  7. Love this! Chinese assembled for bonus shite points.
  8. Done that, felt like a hero, even though I got sunstroke then got done for speeding... Anyway... can we have more MGF content on this thread, please?
  9. Bin the disco. They looked scruffy and shite when new, and haven't aged well, plus rust and BL bits.... one of the few cars that have never appealed to me, personally. P38 sounds like a form HMRC make you fill in for claiming for too much tax relief on your fuel bills, or something. Plus... V8. Keep it!
  10. Another one of my favourites... 80 bhp from a three pot Suzuki, shit roof, not very fast.... shite, but expensive shite?
  11. Good thread, @Kiltox ! Some might remember my 1990 MX-5, I owned it for something like 14 years - taught my kids to drive in it, took it to the 'ring (f*ck me, that was scary), trackdays, touring, went all over and loved it. But... I just got pigged off with rust and niggles and it went to @paulplom who eventually flogged it up to someone in Scotland, I think. That pic was one of the last times I drove it far, that's at Llandow where we made a film about old v new MX-5s. On the way home the rear lights went so I drove c.200 miles at night with only the rear foglight on and a couple of petrol-station torches taped inside the rear lenses... shite-tastic! Turns out a mouse had eaten a wire, but I flogged it as I felt it was time for a change... Not in any way shite, but you can do your own K series joke at my expense if you like .. And at the other end of the spectrum, I had this as a press fleet blag some years ago and can confirm that shite convertible are absolutely the best. I was far happier laughing off hairdresser jibes with the MX5 than looking like a flash twat in this; I really fancy an early Audi 80 cab, or a Pug 306 cab, please.
  12. Triumph TR5. Not 4, or 6, or 7. I saw this in Norfolk yesterday and had to do a Google. Pretty thing!
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