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    Previous owner of a scabby 1990 MK1 MX-5 (now with Paul P), tweaked 1972 Fiat 500, mega-mileage BMW estate car, Lotus Elise, a leaky Kayak and half a dozen old bicycles. Mostly broken. Form an orderly queue, ladies. Single mums welcome, no DSS, sorry. Wrote some books and that, see here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/super-old-odd-interesting-obscure-abandoned-filling-stations/


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  1. Bloody insurers increased my renewal by 100 and took the money despite me having not ticked 'auto renew'. On hold forever. Finally they agree to refund the money in full, can't match the price that everyone else has quoted me (100 less than them, and the same price I paid last year), so I pick the cheapest meercat, pay in full, then have to create a bastard account online to "chat" with them to remove the auto-renew function, and I am 23 in a queue. 23 in a fucking queue to talk to a bot. My custom is worth so little? Also, BMW is twice the price to insure as my Elise, why?!!!!
  2. That is utterly glorious. I love it. Colour is perfect. Thema anecdote: See this nasty, narrow humpback bridge at the bottom of a steep hill? There's a sharp left hander immediately after the bridge. In a youthful "watch this!" moment a mate jumped the bridge, failed to make the turn, and rolled his white Thema turbo onto it's roof and into the field with me and other pissed-up mates being thrown about inside like the contents of a washing machine. Happy days.
  3. @Dave_Q - it's interesting to see how much it costs per mile in pence, I get lost in the kWh/$/regen/!/tariff sums online sometimes. It's costing you roughly the same in fuel as a 50MPG petrol/diesel would, then, right? If that's the case, and assuming you didn't get it for London/ULEZ fare-dodging reasons, and it's no more economical to fuel up than an ICE, did you get it for environmental reasons (ie; no tailpipe emissions), or something else? Just curious about the buying rationale and the 'real world' maths applied. Thanks.
  4. I'm in Leicester on a Teams call about budget synergies. My boiler is bust. I hope your knob falls off. (Great pics )
  5. I had an early Zoe as a press loaner, along with (IIRC) 5 other people. Of the 6 cars, 4 broke down within days. Mine had a freaky wobble at speed, then wouldn't charge up, and Renault were clueless. They gave us each an ipad not to say anything in the media. None of us published a feature about the car in the end. I like the seats and the gentle styling and hope the car works well for you. Good luck!
  6. Is that a still taken from a forthcoming episode of Tiger King when Joe Exotic has escaped?
  7. Bright yellow early Porsche 924, slightly lowered, spotless, tanking around Copenhagen ringroad today. Sorry no pic, damn cool thing in a sea of grey EVs.
  8. Definitely not a Bully's star prize car. I wrote this feature on Bullseye cars and this was too early to be on the show. Why not check if the odometer is bust to start with? I'll bet it is. Then it's just another old car previously owned by a pensioner, as cold as that sounds. Love the colour!
  9. This might not look a heap, but (IIRC) it had had something like 18 or 21 owners when we scrounged it from a mate to make a film with it. It had a weird fueling issue which no-one could fix and so it got passed around mates for some time. Eventually my mate Ben had it and we took it to the 'ring. Merc 190 Cossy. Story here - https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/features/roadtripping/ayrton-senna-and-the-race-of-champions-mercedes-cosworth/ We were not allowed to drive at more than c.130kph on track and had a safety car (Jag XF, as I recall, on German plates) driven by some safety bloke who kept bollocking us for going too fast. It was a fantastic car, but I see there's been no MOT since 2018, so maybe this many-ownered-wannabe-classic has finally bit the dust? We nicknamed it the Merscabies.
  10. I am beginning to hate most Range Rover drivers, based on the following observations made over 24 miserable hours. Brand new RR parked on a hill, nose to nose, against a lovely old scabby Daewoo. Parked so hard that the nose of the Daewoo was pressed in/down, with the weight of the RR against it. The RR also had it's arse parked at an angle making getting by nearly impossible. Driver (old gammony fart) sat in the RR reading a book. "You've hit that car in front" I told him. "No, I've touched it" he said. Whatevs. Parking cameras on the blink, are they? Twat. Dual carriageway with queuing traffic for 2 miles to join Motorway. Left lane solid. Right lane with fast moving traffic. You know what's coming, right? At the chevrons, covered in the usual debris and shit, a new RR stops the traffic in the outside lane to push in the front of the queue, with perhaps 6" to spare before ending up hitting the armco. No indicators, obvz, no 'thank you', nothing. Twat. Motorway, 4 lanes, RR gently weaving between lane 2 and 3, over-correcting, causing queue to overtake in lane 4. I get by... driver on the phone. Later on the same thing drives a few mm off my rear bumper as me doing 80ish overtaking things in lane 3 isn't fast enough for him, despite the cameras. Twat. Top of my street, T junction with school on one side and scout hut the other, RR parked half on the pavement on the corner, making it impossible to see around it to pull out, and impossible for wheelchairs/pushchairs to get by on the pavement. Twat. Local village bypass, fast but quiet traffic, RR SVR thing slowing to walking pace then zooming up behind the car in front, window down, enjoying the engine noise and annoying the fuck out of me and probably everyone who lives nearby. Twat. I'm grumpy now. Nipped to the shop to get some bits, what make of car is parked in two bays as it's too fucking big for one, in a busy carpark, in the icy/rainy conditions? RR. Twat. What is it with these bloody things?
  11. That's the most miserable thing I have ever seen in my life.
  12. As featured on the apprentice. I'd cram every one of the squabbling gobshites into that thing and push it off a cliff.
  13. Some alternative car choices from me; VW Beetle? - Fiat 127 . VW Golf Gti? - Mk3 Gti, how about an Audi A3 1.8T, or a Mk2 then something like a Rover 216 Gsi. Ford Capri? - Nissan Silvia S12. Rover SD1? - Citroen CX.
  14. Good call. Citroen AX, Lancia Y10, also.
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