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  1. Thanks, I hadn't realised they looked so bad on screen, I appreciate you mentioning it. They're a screenshot of a picture, of Amazon's self-publish page - the finished stuff looks great. Not coffee-table quality, but pretty good all the same. Redford - yup. Spent some time there with my camera. Partridge green - prettys?
  2. As some of you might know, I write for a few magazines now and then, and occasionally make stuff for YouTube and telly. I'm not very good at it, it's not my day job, but I enjoy it. I have just published a series of books about old, odd, interesting, obscure and abandoned filling stations from around the UK. There are c.350 places in total, some you may have seen before, many will be new. There's been a fantastic contribution from various people in making this happen, including a couple of pics from shiters, and I dare not think how many miles I clocked up visiting and researching these
  3. What’s the freaky shite in the background?!
  4. Christ, I had to really rack my brain to remember what they are. Then gave up, and read the Wikipedia page. What an unloved thing it was. Didn’t know the Lonely Planet founder was one of the designers! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_180 A late, Spanish built, diesel version sounds like sold gold shite to me. I wonder if there are any in the UK?
  5. Can’t remember if I posted this before. Mazzer QP outside a greenhouse in Holland. Quite a story to this place.
  6. It’s fucked. And it’ll be expensive to fix. And it’ll still be a cheap old boxster if you do fix it. Rear suspension mentioned, rear lights and spoiler non-original, I’d say it’s had a kick up the arse. Soooo many available. Forget this one. Mk3 MR2? Mk3 MX5?
  7. What does “corrosion” mean? I don’t speak frog. I guess it means patina, right?
  8. The design is 35 years old, to be fair. I’d love one.
  9. Almost the same colour as mine, but RHD and all standard, by the look of it. These are the perfect little classic.
  10. MD of Morgan’s own car. He’s a really lovely chap.
  11. That is as sharp as a knife. Don’t change a thing. I love it.
  12. I have some 2 part epoxy we use at work, used to fix sensors to steel, subsea. It’s very expensive and tricky to apply, but it will fix anything to anything forever. If you’re passing Leicestershire, I’ll stick whatever for any shiters.
  13. Minty mint McMint face Golf GTi at Goodwood. Why aren’t they all this simple and cool now?
  14. That’s another one for my fantasy garage that I never knew existed.
  15. Just for balance - I bought a manual E39 528 with 140k on the clock and flogged it with 170k on the clock. From memory it only needed a new rad as a plastic fitting failed and the suspension was always a bit baggy, but it felt rock solid and cost peanuts to run. My E61 is coming up for 166k with no real bother, either. I’d wait for a better one than the advert in the first post. Cat C, rust, etc.. nah. There’ll be others if you’re patient.
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