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2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member


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Home. No pez shot as filled from a can. Weather was absolutely filthy so no fannying about. 

Drove really tight and strong given the mileage.

Anyway I have a very clean boot badge. #VAGLife



More later as housework duties to do and keep Mrs SiC sweet.


A few quick pictures for what £1400 gets you nowadays. CHEAPEST DRIVING GTI IN THE COUNTRY (Maybe)



 Not as filthy as you might think it could be.



Headlining is dropping


No stereo but...


No warning lights!



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1 minute ago, N Dentressangle said:

That Golf would have been a bit too similar to the TT for me, tbh.

They're basically the same car under the skin, no?

TT Mk1 is similar underneath to a Golf MK4

TT Mk2 is similar underneath to a Golf Mk5


HOWEVER having owned and driven all four (well not owned a MK4 golf but driven a mates car loads), they are all very different to drive and sit in. 

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  • SiC changed the title to Bargain Basement Ropey Modern Collection - Collected and home (page 2)
  • SiC changed the title to 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement High Miler TFSI Club
2 hours ago, Schaefft said:

Crossing my fingers for an original S3 in an interesting color.

There was a 194k red S3 for sale at £3500 near me that I was awfully tempted by. However just a tad few many miles for a TFSI and a tad too much for me to want to take a punt on. Completely stock though which is nice. The seller actually had it on for sale for months but it disappeared off eBay with the message "this item is no longer for sale as it is either lost or broken". So maybe dodged a bullet.

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36 minutes ago, Bren said:

Delivery mileage as well.

In the daylight I need pics of the welding.

I take it it builds up speed nicely?

This is the before... (I really should have done a car search first!) 🫣


Haven't had a chance to boot it hard. Drive back was mostly 30-40mph on BANES back roads avoiding massive puddles. I did try booting off the lights when nearly home. Definitely is boosting but the ditch finders had no chance in grabbing the tarmac and getting traction. I don't want to rag it too hard until I've looked at the cambelt and cam follower too. 

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9 hours ago, cort16 said:

Civic Type R?

That was the sensible choice. I did consider one and there was a decent one near me. However I already have my wife's boring Civic. Having two the same cars, especially two Civics just seemed wrong!

8 hours ago, Split_Pin said:

MG ZT 1.8T?

I've never done MG Rover but really do need to at some point. 

6 hours ago, JMotor said:

My guess is Honda Accord.

But can't decide which era of Accord.



Nice cars but not enough engine and I already have a 2015 Civic Estate and 2003 E320 estate, so really didn't need another big barge!

6 hours ago, Jenson Velcro said:

Mx5 or RX7?

I've owned both MX5 MK1/MK2 and an RX8. Would have another of those. RX7 are long out of budget now. 

6 hours ago, Bren said:

75 1.8

75 too vanilla and olde worlde styling for me. It'd have to be an MG if I was doing that.

5 hours ago, Supernaut said:

Wild stab in the dark... Peugeot RCZ?
You have the Audi TT, now it's time for the Aldi TT.

I'm not brave enough to buy a Prince engined car!

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2 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

Unexpected! I like that and it's a nice colour and has a nice interior. Enjoy!

The silly thing is, I don't actually like VAG cars. 

Horrible to work on and very generic car The iPhone of cars - does everything pretty well and everyone has one). VAG certainly knows how to make cars that drive well and feel solid, even if they're not necessarily are. 

The electronics on them don't scare me at all either. I've owned and worked on enough to generally understand the principles on repairing them mechanically and electrically. 

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  • SiC changed the title to 2006 Golf 2.0TFSi GTi - Bargain Basement 197k miles TFSI Club Member

I actually would have preferred PLAID and the less desirable 3dr.

But beggars can't be choosers when this cheap!

The driveway trader chap had it up for 2k, zero interest. Reduced it to 1695 and Facebook told me about it. So I messaged him late in the evening. His (voice) message had him instantly reduce it to £1500. Day after I was too busy to get time to look and I know if I went to see it, I'd buy whatever happened. Didn't really want to change my car yet. 

Then the walk to pick up the TT made me think "why the hell not". So messaged and saw it. Naturally I bought it. He shows on his phone that it lit up with interest on it. Being a cheeky bugger and knowing that in person makes the difference, I offered £1400 firm. 

So I was a bit bummed about the Copart thing and I'm glad I knocked off the extra money. However if he was honest and told me, I'd still would have bought it anyway.

For those that don't know in today's market, a nice Golf GTI (with much less miles) is between 3k and 5k. Ropey driving cars are 2k to 3k. So half the bottom end price makes it cheap. Even if a lot of miles. That said, it's a very reasonable 11k per annum average based on the age.

I'm really intrigued (no doubt @Dave_Qis too!) what that cam follower and intake manifold looks like. Cam follower is the urgent job considering the consequences of it being buggered - kills the High pressure fuel pump and ruins the intake cam. Most recommend a 40k check interval. My TT MK2 with the same engine had done 120k odd without being checked. Next owner definitely didn't check (wife's friend) and I think it was on 150k when she didn't bother MOT'ing it and sold it on for something more child friendly. Lasted another year on a fresh MOT then disappeared. 

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3 minutes ago, SiC said:

Yes you won 😂!

Problem with these things is when someone guesses correctly, you don't want to give the game away

Haha I know, looks like a decent car especially with all the parts you've bagged for it, I liked my A3 tfsi, never had a mk5 gti but they can't be hugely different.

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12 minutes ago, Jazoli said:

Haha I know, looks like a decent car especially with all the parts you've bagged for it, I liked my A3 tfsi, never had a mk5 gti but they can't be hugely different.

The GTI is supposed to handle better but then the reviewers would say that. A3 TFSI is supposed to be suspension tuned to be a bit more for comfort and touring. Especially the SE. I'd imagine the S-Line is closer to the GTI. I set my mind on the GTI as I wanted the full fat experience this time. Even if mine is now a leggy example. There is potential for using it as a track day toy too - which is why I'd rather had the 3dr.

Everytime I looked at the A3 TFSI, I'd decide I had to get Quattro. Then I think "well I might as well pay a bit more and get +67bhp with an S3". Before I knew it I was looking at £6k cars. That starts to buy a Z4 coupe. Then I think "well that's Golf Mk6 GTI money". Then "a bit more gets a Mk7 GTI and I get active cruise". Finally "Oh not far off a S3 8V". Then you're looking at 10 year old cars which are £12k+...

There was a 150k A3 TFSI with very rusty wings at a local dealer for £1k. I saw it but wasn't quick enough as someone was on their way to buy it. That's what triggered then me to look at the TT Mk1. 

So I'm kind of going back to what I was after all that time ago. 

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