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JYD's 1990 Mk2 Golf Gti.

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11 hours ago, sofarsogood said:

Really nice work. Nice to see a bit of Vag on here too. I might even be brave enough to do a thread on my G**f


Don't suppose you know where to get a decent quality rear vinyl black trim for the rear hatch do you?

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52 minutes ago, Skizzer said:

Great work going on here, I’ve just caught up after a week or so and you’ve done loads.

 I really like mk2 Golfs. There, I’ve said it.

I haven't much else to do at the moment,plus I want it useable again,it's been an ornament for much too long.


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Finally got the shell all rubbed down.

Fitted different front wings,as the ones on it needed work and had been previously painted.

Slowest part was rubbing down the inside of the doors, and removing the paint from the overpainted panels.

Bumpers still need to be sanded, then it's time to fill and flat the various dents and repairs on the shell.

Fed up with sanding. 




Getting there slowly. 


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Not much has been happening with this for the moment,I haven't really touched it for the last two weeks,mainly because a lack of enthusiasm for getting covered in filler dust,and a lack of decent weather.

Hopefully next week will see the body ready for a coat of primer. 

Things have been happening though.

I got the Wolfrace wheels I'll be using stripped and powder coated and a new set of Avon tyres fitted.

Wheels have the date code 1989,so are period correct for the car.

One center cap was damaged,and has a few pock marks on it,otherwise they look good.




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Finally got a decent couple of days in a row.



All panels rubbed down,and I'm reasonably happy with all the panel gaps and the smoothness of the repairs.




Panels stripped back off (again) and masked up.

My "spray booth" is an old cow shed down in my cousins farm yard,he doesn't farm anymore,but has lots of useful sheds,and a big compressor!!






I've still got the four doors and bootlid to do,as I ran out of space to lay them out,so hopefully will get them done during the week,weather permitting. 


Nice to see it one colour again,feels like a little progress has been made.


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Yes,8 valves go very well,plenty of low down torque.

Got the last two doors in primer today,and finished the tailgate.

Still have a bit of primer left over,in case of breaking through,or finding more imperfections as I flat it back(quite likely)

Will leave it now for a week to dry,before guide coat and flatting back.







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25 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

This. 8 valves are ace, too. All of my 1.8 mk2s have been eight valves and I always loved the things. Definitely bit more grunty low down compared to the two 16v Corrados I owned.

It's the gearboxes that make them feel like that. 


The 16v has more torque across the entire rev range.

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26 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

This. 8 valves are ace, too. All of my 1.8 mk2s have been eight valves and I always loved the things. Definitely bit more grunty low down compared to the two 16v Corrados I owned.

You'd think this to be the case wouldn't you but they weren't in reality, I had a lovely red MK2 Golf 16V big bumper, it got stolen unfortunately, I was going to replace it with an oak green one but bought a 200SX instead.


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3 hours ago, junkyarddog said:

Started to block back the primer on this.

It's slow going,using 800 grit wet n dry.


Slow,messy and tedious work.

You can tell I'm enjoying it so much....

it's a lot more work than people realise.  Of course the trick is to key it well with the least aggressive paper you can without wasting your time and just clogging it up.


We've taken to using large pump spray guns with a degreaser and detergent mix when sanding, as it gets any crap off the panel as well as keeping things lubricated when sanding down.

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Mad thing I found with the 8v was as it got older and higher mileage, it seemed to go better??? That was always the common consensus in the local vw community as well. 

Did enjoy the 16v as well though, great top end. 

The mk3 8v,oh dear. 

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