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JYD's 1990 Mk2 Golf Gti.

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Some more progress has been made on this.

Waxoyl has been applied to the box sections and panels, trying to make sure any repairs were saturated to try and stave off the demon rust for another while.

Front wings and Bonnet all lined up and bolted into position.

Front inner Arch liners refitted and also the front outer wheel Arch trims.





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Rear bumper and tow bar refitted,new plug fitted for the electrics too.

Tail lamps washed and lens polished,then refitted.

Left side sill cover refitted too,this was a pain as it is a replacement item from another car and had warped slightly in storage.

Mudflaps all fitted now,along with all the newly refurbished wheels and new Avon tyres. 



Sunroof is next item to be fitted.

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Sunroof panel and mechanism is reinstalled, the sunroof seal was a bit tatty but a new one is hideously expensive €140!!!

I had two,both worn at the rear but in good shape at the front,so just used the best bits of them both

There is now a join either side,rather than just the one,I can live with that.

Bit of a pain to get it all set up correctly, but it appears to be working well.

Will make a start on fitting up the door glass next.


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More progress has been made on this, 

All the door check straps have been cleaned and greased then refitted,sealing gaskets refitted too,along with the courtesy light switches.


Refitted all the door glass,window regulators and seals,front door mirrors too.

Also the trim/rain channel that covers the seams on the roof.



Really starting to look more like a car again.

Also managed to chip it somehow,no idea how or when it happened but it's happened. 


I guess it's one of those things,still very annoying though.

Windscreen next. 

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