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  1. πŸ˜ͺ Stop it, I'm currently estate-less for once in my life.
  2. Ah bollox. Sorry to hear that πŸ˜ͺ Don't forget to take the Grundig radio out, before you get rid !! Worth seeing if our Saab lickers on here have a spare engine ?
  3. If you're going to use bottled 'repairs' , then you're pissing in the wind thinking it'll be a trouble free daily. If you want too- Seek legal advice if you purchased it via a car sales chap, as you might get some pennies back. But you have to give then a chance to repair or refund (deducting any miles etc) But I wouldn't bother doing anything until you've had it 100% diagnosed, even more so by a local / trusted garage, as a bit of paper with said garages name on could help any legal matters. Your show old chap, but for two seconds stop thinking 'What would the viewers like' ... as HubNut didn't seem to start off like this, it was more so - Mr Seabrook and his odd ball cars. If it were me - Approach garage to see if they'll entertain helping you out (I.e returning the car for a refund), and then buy a known good car off here. With any left over £££ - Get some parts for one of the other cars, and make that a bit of content 'OMG HUBNUT REPAIRS' Most importantly, don't let a few bits of tin drag you down, be it mentally/ financially or physically. As much as I love my 2 and 4 wheeled bits of shit, at the end of the day they're just that πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  4. I hope you're not just using that SGS jack to hold the van up. Normally I'm far from HSE / PPE shouty folk, but my old man had one of those SGS trolley jacks, and one of the rear wheel mounts snapped clean off. Thankfully no injuries, just stained pants. Anyway - Keep on keeping on. Good work sir.
  5. Some great fabrication, looks like you're giving the old girl the love she needs. Jealous of your warm and dry garage πŸ˜…
  6. Anyone visiting OR live near Belfast, and fancy a trip over to sunny* Liverpool ? If so, drop me a P.M
  7. 😭 Careful young man πŸ™‰πŸ˜ Edit:- Get x4 Michelin tyres on her, and it'll become even better πŸ‘
  8. This is embarrassing πŸ˜… Far right is Pete_M Next to him is Jon (Not sure his username on here this time around, was Dougong or summit) Then me in the Cheq' . Erm yeah that's all I know πŸ˜… (This is why I walk around awkwardly at A.S meets, as I'm piss poor with names)
  9. Sorry I didn't stay out and chat too much the other day. I was mighty rushed to get I'm, showered and sleep πŸ˜…. There will be a brew next time πŸ‘
  10. Good man 😎 I've always wanted to nab it, and put it up in my garage at home. Hopefully we will see it make an appearance next time we have a meeting, infact, it'll be (sad) but awesome to recreate the above picture πŸ˜…
  11. Grin. Finding old pictures like this : I recall the look of horror on some folks face, as they read the banner .... Autosh- 😲
  12. Don't be too hasty, they're probably just trying it on & being cheeky. Always worth having cameras up though πŸ‘
  13. No one deserves to be shouted at. Not sure if you're able to speak to the folk higher up the food chain, but I'd try make sure your side is heard (before it gets turned around 'He refused to do his work and walked out' . Your job description or contract should* have what roles / tasks they expect you to do, read this carefully and highlight any areas you think you need training in. I guess you don't have any regular reviews ?
  14. The handbrake actually works on this, which doesn't follow the time old tradition of Volvo πŸ˜… (My V70 , 760 and both S60s I used to own, all had poor handbrakes) Thanks for a painless sale, looks like she's gone to a good home. Please treat her with love. I don't normally get attached to cars, but this old brick seemed to find a way of stealing my heart 😊
  15. Brilliant welding and tin bashing πŸ‘
  16. Well it hasn't gone too well πŸ˜• Up at 8am to find more bits/ spares before the Volvo was picked up. Then a mad dash for fuel as the light came on. Quick chat with Ceri, who was here to pick the car up (sorry I didn't stay and chat too much). Then inside for a quick brew & p*ss. And then outside started pissing it down, then hail, then rain again. So I'll be blagging the old mans car for tonight. Might have to be motorbike tomorrow πŸ€”
  17. Have we ever rebuilt a P38 high pressure pump ? No me neither, but I've GOT to do it tomorrow, in the pissing rain, before work. Tune in tomorrow to see how it has gone πŸ˜…
  18. Damn beat me to it ! Double The Stanza. Double The P .... πŸ˜…
  19. Don't take it personally, but I'd get a good garage or engine builder to do this. As you should really correctly gap the new rings, and check the crank bearings 'squish' / tolerances by using the likes of plastiGauge and a DTI or similar for crank float.
  20. As others have already said: Brilliant the way you've been able to just knock out the repair panels, I've seen folk in nice warm garages, and fancy tooling do much worse. So do give yourself a bit of appreciation. We all get 'cba days' , so don't kick yourself for needing a bit of relaxation and me time. I watch this thread with a lot of interest, as your work is good, and I have a soft spot for 309s. Keep it up πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
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