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  1. Yes it's Hill 'n Ditch in Mouldsworth, only took it here to see if the 4WD system actually worked properly, was quite fun & certainly stopped my mate from bugging me about Green laining, for a few weeks (Yes I didn't want to take it 'properly' off-road incase it got damaged / stuck/ broken) It was an Ex Aberdeeen city council car, why they specced a 110 Hi-Cap, instead of a normal 110 I'll never know 🤷‍♂️. Would love another Defender. Keep the pictures of yours coming 😎
  2. This thread has brought back Hi-Cap feelings, sold it and do miss it 😭
  3. I was littered thinking about this yesterday 😅 .... but my piss poor memory ensured I couldn't recall the username of who to ask 🤷‍♂️. Looks mighty fine with that bumper up front. Any plans for a Winch on it ? (Seriously handy bit of kit, if not for dragging yourself unstuck, then for moving others out the way) Shall follow the thread and await more pictures 😊
  4. I've got a load of shit on atm, but do fire me a P.M or Facebook message the day before, as I might be able to make it 🤞
  5. Brilliant work 😎 The members of this forum have stepped up the game recently, with threads like this, the Morris Minor/ Volvos etc all getting some serious fettle. P.s: Some lovely fabrication & welding on display.
  6. Because charging someone to do something, suddenly removes all the emissions & damage done over the years. Rant over 😅
  7. Thanks, really appreciate the encouraging words and feedback. Sadly not all of the welds have been so nice, but just like me she'll hopefully be rough yet functional 😅🤞
  8. Follow the trend and get the CAT ripped off (if it has one)
  9. MOT data for VAUXHALL KF54ZMV Failures: • Front Sub-frame corroded and seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) - MAJOR • Nearside Outer Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced sill (7.1.1 (a) (i)) - MAJOR • Offside Outer Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced sill (7.1.1 (a) (i)) - MAJOR • Offside Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced centre floor (7.1.1 (a) (i)) - MAJOR • Central Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced floor/tunnel (7.1.1 (a) (i)) - MAJOR • Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced floor above tank (7.1.1 (a) (i)) - MAJOR oh dear 😪
  10. I'd like to see the road stats showing number of towing accidents before B+E became a mandatory test & after. Yes they'll be lower due to no fucker on the road during lockdown, but I don't think there will be much difference in reality.
  11. Bit shit, but could you have a separate flasher piggy back the existing wiring, and make that work ?
  12. ^ Just make sure the disc isn't touching the guard, as this can pinch the disc and make it feel & look tight ... then when powered up creates a vibrating death machine 😅
  13. Nah you find a lot of folk are like my dog. Not just stupid, but all bark and no bite.
  14. Ideally if you're doing the lot : Hot pressure wash the whole chassis - With lots of degreaser (Screwfix do an own brand which is alright) Borrow a leaf blower and dry the lot, then do the whole Angry grinding disc procedure.
  15. If you've got a flap disc just give a quick buzz over, I think* aslong as the surface is keyed, not greasy / oily then it should be alright mate. I normally flap disc or use them funny looking ones (I'll add a picture when I find it) .... don't be tempted to use any cleaning sprays such as Brake & Clutch cleaner, as they all leave behind a residue and make it go to pot. These are the discs I mean ...
  16. Still think car insurance is a massive factor for the younger generation being put off. Getting insured on a brand new financed whip, is easier than a paid outright old smoker. Madness.
  17. Don't use primer Mucka' use some Rust Encapsulator (R.E) which is like red oxide. Then when this goes off you've got a choice of other products to put over the top of this, I like C.I.O (chassis in one) but isn't that hard if you're going to be going off-roading, so something like WAR or the 2k Armour.
  18. Niva 🤩 Brilliant buy !!
  19. Hoping it doesn't come to that. I've got some headlights & assorted shit I can sell first
  20. So the Derv Bus is booked in for MOT tomorrow, which meant today was a full on check over (normally do it a good week beforehand, but I'm confident it shouldn't fail on much) Replaced the chipped headlight with the spare I had, and found a torn C.V boot. The brand new one I picked up from E.C.P came with the wrong size clips (for the boot and the circlip that sits inside the C.v joint) So had to make do and mend, all good in the end. The grump - Came in to have a bath, boiler decides 'No mate, I ain't playing ball' , now I had this when I bought the house, but managed to mend it. Yes I've been meaning to have it replaced since, BUT I've not had the full set of funds to get the lot replaced, instead replacing each radiator in turn and hoping to have the £££ come boiler replacement time, but eer yeah it's looking mighty fucked now when funds are low. Bastard.🙈
  21. 😅 Proper glutten for punishment. Shall watch the thread with interest, good luck!
  22. Brilliant work that man ! Now cover the lot in Vactan, Vaseline and anything else that will act as a water repellent 😅.
  23. Minimad5

    Stop smoke

    I hear Eddy has a brilliant Astra Derv of many frugal points, that should replace a focus well
  24. Thanks ! No really, as I'm considering buying a loom for the P4, but wasn't sure what sort of quality etc it would be. Still think this is a brilliant looking motor.
  25. I won't lie, I prefer good old fashioned pictures 😅, so I shall wait like a good A.S member for updates.
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