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  1. What are you struggling with ? The engine should only need a clean fuel supply (facet fuel pump to regulator and filter, then to carbs) Ignition is piece of piss, as Dizzy should be very similar plugs.
  2. I'll grab a few of them, please. Are you able to deliver / meet at Chester ? I would collect but Welsh police seem to be tugging non 'locals' , and given them a good telling off.
  3. Pretty sure i have the dizzy mounted on some fancy aluminum gear, as Dave pointed out - It did come out of an SJ (But bloke i got it from wanted to drop in a Vitara engine)
  4. Be a shame to take the wheels off what looks like a clean, original example. If you've still got it when this Mini Clubman S has gone, I shall P.M you. As it would go nicely with my S210.
  5. Having used you to shift a rather dead 850, all I can do is say - Absolute gent who does a spot on service !! Not only did the piece of shit drop oil all over your lovely trailer, but you loaded and unloaded it without a grump.... Do hope the wee extra funds covered the clean up. 10/10 .100% .Will use again. Also keep the updates coming
  6. What industry are you looking to get into? Have you got any qualifications / pretty decent results? Draft up a C.V and get using them feet, a friend of mine was able to finish off his final years of an apprenticeship by doing this, after the company he worked for went belly up. His new manager liked the way he "Got out and showed how much he wanted it" ... by that he openly admitted getting off his ass and physically handing in a well scripted C.V, showed he didn't just want to sit on his ass and fire a few Emails. Show them what you have, and how badly you want it too ...
  7. Hey Eddy. You alright for covering bills / food and drink ? Don't be afraid to ask, seriously.
  8. Glad you're happy with the parts and they arrived safe. Only other thing to check would be the stalk switch ? not too sure about relays etc, so cant comment if something like that would affect it working or not. In regards to a light or similar on the dash, i don't ever recall seeing one on mine BUT i could be wrong.
  9. So you have a bunch of keys. This contains a key for the following : Home garage keys, Unit keys, Work keys and a load of misc' padlock and other stuff ... Yep I've lost the lot. Starting to think I'm going mad. As looked at the place I can see myself putting them - NOPE, even turned my house upside down. Not having a good month ?
  10. Some top level work going on here. Good man, looks like you're giving this old steed a new lease of life. Keep up the good work
  11. I'm a bit weird and like big wafty things: XJ (would love the 'R' supercharged versions) - But prices for all models are on the up. L322 - Preferably petrol, but wouldn't say no to a Derv' And never going to happen, but an original Lada VFTS. Probably more obscure things too.
  12. God knows why, but this is rather appealing. What do we think - Borked sensor / injector ?
  13. Pick me two numbers. But one of them a winner
  14. I'd look at getting another belt. As long as you are sure all the pulleys (including crank ) have no play etc then certainly try another belt. But clean the pulleys up before you put on the new belt.
  15. Spot on work. Fancy sorting my Disco out ?
  16. Spot on. Good seeing one of these being used. Do wish my old man never sold his 200 (insert massive sad face)
  17. Strangely tempted, but having a third 850 may just be taking the piss. Let us know if you will be bringing this over to English-shite land or if you're attending Shitefest.
  18. This is Autoshite, get it done Also Volvo 850 looks interesting, if it is steamed over here, let me know your plans for it
  19. Good work chief. Sad to see the Lada go, but looks like you're cracking on with this Jag' very well.
  20. Sam Glover had a rotary one, of which I've tried (and failed) to contact him, so I can secretly have a pocket shuffle over it. Anyway lets comment on this Lada. Dropping in an MX5 lump isn't straight forward, the sump will hit the front subframe AND potentially foul the steering components (I was planning on going steering rack with mine to overcome this) Honestly ? - Have a word with B.P Racing (I can help if need be) or Lada power, and get that original engine tuned, saves messing about with wiring looms etc too. Another BUT - Get this thing U.K registered and drive it ar
  21. Top job. For the Chassis though - Get rid of that black shit and speak to Craig (or anyone else) from Buzzweld, and they will advise you on products to protect and seal the chassis. I find once the black stuff goes 'off' it starts to crack and get water behind it, holds the water and eats away at the metal. Once again - Well done for persistence and winning at P38 ownership.
  22. Looks like you have the same seats my old mans S60 has, which you soak into as the car soaks up the miles. Speaking of which will be up for sale once I've got it a new tyre and had the tracking done. Handy to get a cheap laptop and VIDA if you're keeping the car, it helped me when I had the V70 diagnose D5 boost problems. Looks like you're cracking on well with it. Top fixing Happy motoring
  23. Been enjoying the Transalp the past few weekends, it needs new sprocket and chain, probably end up going +2 on the rear sprocket, and treat it to new handlebars and a clutch. If anyone can recommend nice levers, I need to change the clutch lever that got bent years ago
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