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  1. You wonder why he even bothered writing that 🀣 New MoT is fab - good to see the car's settling down to be dependable.
  2. If that's not the driveway of a winner at life I don't know what is.
  3. Epically brilliant bodgery - much kudos. And if it works, is it really a bodge?
  4. Little bits though, with something like this. Every new idea and 5 min spent is a bit closer to a solution, even if it doesn't feel like it.
  5. Interesting. Knackered XYZ switches are a thing, after all, so you maybe onto something. Keep going πŸ™‚
  6. Mine had them too, but with blue marbling. Laid by my grandad sometime in the '70s I think
  7. I really hate those. Utterly pointless Hyacinth Bucket of a car. Nice work.
  8. Are you going to charge Alan, Phillip and Miss Jones more rent now you've decorated the lavvy? πŸ˜‰
  9. Cable ties are fine on steering rack boots. Just need to clip them v short so the sharp end doesn't end up puncturing the boot.
  10. Can thoroughly recommend making sure hydragas cars run at their correct height. If as a boy you ever dreamed of having your very own hydragas pump, maybe as a stepping stone to your own BMC dealership even, you'll be pleased to know they're cheap and readily available: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173119147833?itmmeta=01HT5RWTD7W06EXCP4C62JYT2G&hash=item284eb48f39:g:R3YAAOSwExZZc6h6 This is the very kind I have - fancier stuff is also on offer. Works a treat.
  11. A Disco is just a useful thing to have. Carries all sorts of shite, any size, any weight. And if it's too big for inside, it'll tow a stupidly large and heavy trailer.
  12. Good for nothing, this weather. Jobs like that which involve lying under and dismantling large parts of the dashboard are heading towards grounds for scrappage for me. Or at least paying someone else.
  13. Got two cars with Marina door handles - RRC and Disco - and they're a good design. Robust, simple and easy to adjust for wear. Maybe they could be retro-fitted? πŸ€”
  14. I have too many cars and projects already, but this had me sorely tempted - love the mini-Detroit styling and the immense patina! 😍
  15. What a turd. That would be a scrap shell for me.
  16. Completely with you on a pragmatic approach - you can always tidy things up later if you feel the need. Are they the ubiquitous Marina door handles, or just very similar? 🀣
  17. Agreed. My RRC shifts OK with a 2t weight and 189bhp (yeah, right) V8, so you should be able to get her to pick up her skirts.
  18. Doing a proper job then! To be fair, that amount of rust around a Disco / RRC is pretty much standard - it's a sketchily rustproofed 30yr old car and at some point it's going to need chopping out and sorting if someone hasn't kept it patched or regularly waxoyled. At least all the panels are fairly simple and not too dear off the shelf. I 'repaired' mine with a mix of welded-in steel and riveted ally panels. It's not structural (for the most part) and just needs some basic integrity.
  19. You're thinking of https://www.dmb.uk.com/ but they've stopped doing them. Others have stepped into the breach though - google throws up quite a few. A nice original base Galaxy - not seen one of those for years πŸ™‚
  20. Kind of. The tooling for the V8, or the alloy used (pick your old wives tale) was getting very worn by the time these engines were made, so there are plenty which suffer massive HGF or slipped cylinder liners. Find one which has had a Turner top hat conversion already paid for by someone else and you're laughing. Apart from the 15mpg obvs 🀒 Here's my old one on its way to meet its maker following explosive HGF: I really liked mine too. Not fast, even with the V8, so I'd probably go for diesel auto next time. The BMW derv has its own issues but on balance is possibly more reliable than the V8 and responds well to chipping, apparently.
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