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Bargain Basement Bucket List Big Cat - More FIXED!(01/05/24)


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39 minutes ago, Twiggy said:

Good luck ! I hope it all goes well.

Thanks, much appreciated 👍

16 minutes ago, Jenson Velcro said:


Nope, though I wouldn't kick either out of bed for farting

8 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

I'm going for a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with no brakes and rotten door bottoms. 

Hahahaha! I'm not made of money, or that daft...

7 minutes ago, Sham said:

If we're being that Pacific, I'll go for a Metro GTa with a wi-fi front subframe.

Thanks, but the best bit of a metro is the front subframe when fitted to the rear of a MGF

6 minutes ago, tom13 said:

106 Rallye

OOOOFT.  But non.

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45 minutes ago, Asimo said:

Mk10 Jaguar with 3 wheel trims and a mismatched O/S rear door.

Nope, unfortunately, as they are a lovely big barge!

40 minutes ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

Please say it's a Matra 

Nope, sorry!

20 minutes ago, scdan4 said:

405 mi16


19 minutes ago, bezzabsa said:

2cv in pink

Would, but not this time

3 minutes ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

Diesel Marina


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