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  1. I've had at least 1 HPE continuously from 1988 until early last year when I sold my last VX so PM me if you're looking for info on them and I'll see if I can help. Also, change the cam belt ASAP, it's only a 1 hour job.
  2. Looks like it still has the dealer fitted Pioneer stereo fitted too, well done that man.
  3. Sent and received. Pity the poor sod who got the one I sent though.👍
  4. They look even better from the front, one of my bucket list cars.
  5. We had a 1998 Marea Weekend 1.9TD for 8 years and 200k miles. Excellent car.
  6. That looks like Foix. Had a very drunken night there a few years ago when we were following the TdF.
  7. Does anyone know the what 3words for the location? Currently sitting at the petrol station/Spar shop.
  8. Hoping to get there mid afternoon Friday all going well. 👍
  9. I found one in a drawer in the garage I'm clearing out. I'll see if I can find it if I haven't thrown it out.
  10. Should be up for this, both nights with breakfast. 👍
  11. Me too. I just don't get the love for those Legacys/Forresters etc, they're all expensive to maintain rustbuckets.
  12. I had the one behind the car.
  13. Fixed that for you. I've a diesel one.
  14. Here's a picture of the one a mate had when were at LeMans in 2008.
  15. As far as I'm concerned, £600 doesn't even reflect its value to me. #allfordsarepish 😀
  16. I've got all the Thema workshop manuals if you're needing any info.
  17. God, they sound like fun, bet you can't wait to see them at family weddings!🙄
  18. We used to call them a clitoris of Porsches at LeMans 'cos every cunt had one.
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