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  1. Ours were made for the UK market so that's not relevant.
  2. Me too. I just don't get the love for those Legacys/Forresters etc, they're all expensive to maintain rustbuckets.
  3. I had the one behind the car.
  4. Fixed that for you. I've a diesel one.
  5. Here's a picture of the one a mate had when were at LeMans in 2008.
  6. As far as I'm concerned, £600 doesn't even reflect its value to me. #allfordsarepish 😀
  7. I've got all the Thema workshop manuals if you're needing any info.
  8. God, they sound like fun, bet you can't wait to see them at family weddings!🙄
  9. We used to call them a clitoris of Porsches at LeMans 'cos every cunt had one.
  10. That flat for sale is probably valued at £eleventy million now.
  11. Received mine during the week. I know the one I sent has arrived as the unfortunate sod posted up they'd received it!☹️
  12. I'm 100% certain you'd live alone if you were driving that thing.
  13. The only Ford I've ever had, that was enough. Terrible car.
  14. That's my old HPE VX. Sold it earlier this year after owning it for 25 years or so.
  15. I always thought they had the look of the 1970s ESV cars about them.
  16. Do you have any more planned? I'm not a million miles away.
  17. I'd have tampered with the brakes before it was used, might have got rid of the talentless twat!
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