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Twinned car spots


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20 hours ago, MorrisItalSLX said:


My pre-facelift Corolla meets a facelift friend in the supermarket car park.

And today, in a different supermarket car park.


An SX no less, with the 4AGE.

But what’s this behind me?


An even older Corolla!


And it was absolutely lovely, too.

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When I had my silver 306 I used to regularly drive past one which was identical and had a very nearly consecutive reg number, think it was numerically within 5 or so of my car.  Always meant to get a photo of the pair but never got around to it.

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On 1/6/2023 at 2:51 PM, martc said:

By the grille the red one looks like some sort of a Chrysler.

The grey/blue one is a Chevrolet, a Fleetmaster I think, and according to the DVLA, was taxed this month!

So, unfortunately, not twins, in fact arch rivals.


Consider me well & truly told off, I`ll get mi coat.. 😆

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9 hours ago, quicksilver said:

Yep, that one. I wonder what happened to it as he wanted silly money and 'sold' it several times on ebay over a couple of years. Either he's still got it or gave up and weighed it in.

I know appearances can be deceptive, but that Maxi looks surprisingly solid on the top half at least. 

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34 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I'll have to get a picture - near me there's a self store shipping container place with about nine Seicento Sportings on top of the containers, all in a line alternating between red and yellow. 

That is why I couldn't find one when I was looking for one!

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