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Cord Fourteener

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25 minutes ago, brownnova said:

And there was me driving round Ruthin and surrounding areas in the 2CV on Saturday trying to get spotted ??

Actually I was in Ruthin Saturday morning, went to the co-op and back home. So close!

As usual for a sunny weekend, I saw all sorts of shite heading for the hills. But I can't snap everything. Missed you though.

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On 8/20/2020 at 4:00 AM, MorrisItalSLX said:

A very discreet installation of the rear fog lamp there.

Indeed, subtle ?

What you can't see properly are the clear plastic ratings riveted over the head light lenses. Something I actually like!

I also like that thefront bumper looks a lot better than the black rubber sponge bumper of the later cars (I think this is 81 or 82), and lighter than the chrome of the early ones.

I don't know if it's been on a track but I don't mind the practical looking mods here.

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39 minutes ago, MorrisItalSLX said:

MGBGTs really suit the no bumper look, especially with a chin spoiler. That one also has no sunroof, another plus point, great colour too.

If it was mine I'd paint it baby blue or light surf green, but I like this colour too.

Sun roof, only if it is fitted properly!

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