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Keeping Up (Shite) Appearances


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I have a confession to make, I watch way too much Keeping Up Appearances. It's like a televisual comfort blanket at this point, and while I might not laugh out loud at it anymore I do find that there is one particular point of interest left in it, namely the sheer amount of chod on show. A lot of it was filmed on location, so you get plenty of what was everyday stuff in the backgrounds, but also, just about every regular character has something of interest too. So, I thought I'd document them, because why not, this is a safe space, right? Enjoy.

Series 1 - Episode 1 (Daddy's Accident)


1982 Bedford CF Ambulance is the first vehicle we see in the series. Untaxed since 1995.


Either a Daf or a Fiat 128 (or derivative) is my thinking. We get a second look at it later in the episode. 


The first Mk4 Cortina in the series, but not the one you're thinking of. This one belongs to Hyacinths neighbours across the road and sticks around for a long time in background shots if memory serves me right. One of the shows ironies that the old Cortina was the brunt of so many jokes, and yet is a part of the scenery in the far more well to do area the Buckets reside in. 


Our first look at Onslow's 1972 Hillman Avenger garden ornament. I've often wondered whether the car was something they always wheeled in for exterior shots or actually belonged to the house in question. Either way, it hadn't been long off the road at the time of the first series having only just run out of tax at the end of 1989. Chances are it was still road legal when they filmed it. Eventually becomes an integral part of every visit to Daisy and Onslow's. 


The first glimpse of the iconic 'Bucket' Rover 216 and a look under the bonnet of the Avenger while we're at it. 


One last look at the Avenger for this episode, this time from the front. 


The first proper look we get at the Rover. I'm led to believe that were (at least) two Rovers used during the series. This one is the first and is a 1987 car and bears the EXL registration. This is replaced later in the series with a 1989 car with a near identical registration, but uses EFL instead of EXL. Both used prop plates, but the second car is apparently still around in the hands of a collector. 


The trip to the hospital to visit Daddy gives us a better look at the front of the Rover as well as a fine selection of background chod. The early Skoda Estelle is particularly choice. 


Brand new XR3i and an absolutely hanging Fiat 127 are a nice contrast. Looks like whoever owned G78 XAR just missed the boat on them going up in value, untaxed since 2005.


Nearly didn't bother with this one, but the nearly new and now nearly extinct Hyundai Pony in the background next to the Toledo felt like another good contrast. The Toledo already looks ancient, but could have been less that 15 years old at this point, putting it firmly into Mk2 Focus territory for modern context. 


Sierra Estate parked outside Elizabeth's and another glimpse at the yellow car from earlier in the episode. Something beige lurking further down the street too.


And finally another look at the neighbours Cortina which is now joined by an MG Metro which also seems to stick around for a while. 


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Big fan of KUA myself. Just like you it was a televisual comfort blanket for a while for me too. I've been to both houses in Binley Woods for Hyacinth and the Daisy's house in Stoke Aldermoor.

I remember the Hillman well.  As I've since seen a few similar examples laying up on driveways/in bushes. They seem to be the car to keep but not very well 😞

Got these from some online sites.

The vehicle details for CKV 326K are:

Model: AVENGER 1500 G LUXE
Engine size(CC): 1500

Date of Liability: 01 11 1989
Date of First Registration: 02 06 1972
Year of Manufacture: Not Available
Cylinder Capacity (cc): 1500cc
Fuel Type: PETROL
Export Marker: No
Vehicle Status: Unlicensed
Vehicle Colour: GOLD

17 years on the road wasn't bad going back then.

Seeing as KUA was made in Coventry and the area where Onslow and Daisy live in Stoke Aldermoor is about 4 miles from Ryton-on-Dunsmore where the old Rootes factory was, so I am guessing the Hillman Avenger was a local car all its life.

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Always remember when Hyacinth said something to her neighbour Lizz about not wanting to go in Lizzs Metro as Hyacinths Rover “Shines more” even thought the Metro was a couple of years newer. 

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While not high up on my favourites list, KUA is usually fun to watch, especially as my Mum occasionally has done some things worthy of Hyacinth over the years.

One of my Gran's neighbours had a smart looking Mk4 Cortina as their daily driver well into the 1990s, even using it as a tow car.   She had an almost identical Rover to the Buckets, also D reg & the same colour.

Old shows are always interesting to watch now because of the vehicular contents, as the above screen shots show.


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1 hour ago, Timewaster said:

Did we ever get to see Violets Merr Saydees which was not to be jepodised? 

Yes, there were 2 I think. A silver W126 300SE (?) and later a W202 C-Class that Onslow once drove.

I keep thinking there was a W124 but this might have only been seen on a driveway in one or two scenes.

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7 hours ago, MorrisItalSLX said:

It always intrigued me that their Rover was a 216S, surely Hyacinth would have insisted upon a Rover 800, or at least a 216 Vitesse or SE.

Don't forget, Hyacinth only perceived herself as posh. In order to own a Rover 800, she would have actually had to be posh 😅 

Do we know what Richard's job was? Maybe the 800 would have come if he'd had a meaty promotion...


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1 hour ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Do we know what Richard's job was? Maybe the 800 would have come if he'd had a meaty promotion...

According to Wikipedia:

“He works as a public servant, a deputy in the Town Council's Department of Finance and General Purposes.”

Perhaps no 800, but surely he could have gone all out for a Vitesse.

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Series 1 - Episode 2 (The New Vicar)


Episode 2 kicks off with a Maestro in AS livery as Hyacinth prepares for the arrival of the new Vicar. 


We get a quick glance at a neighbours 309 as Hyacinth harasses an unsuspecting acquaintance. She's having the new Vicar over for tea and light refreshments you know. 


Onslow has seemingly been working on the Avenger since the last episode as it has regained a door but is now without its rear wheels. 


Our first look at Onslow's iconic Cortina, with the neighbours example from the previous episode lurking in the background. 


As far as I know we never hear from Hyacinth's neighbours on the left hand side, but we do get a quick glance at what they've got parked out front here. A Capri and a Metro on this occasion. Also one of our only looks at the Rover in this episode.


Our best look at the Cortina yet, it'll be interesting to see how it evolves through the series. VSD 389S hasn't been on the road since the series ended, but did famously turn up in about 2006 and the pictures did the rounds on various forums. Interestingly though, someone applied for the logbook last year, still out there?


We get another look at the neighbours Capri and Metro when Richard has to return to pick up his wallet with Daisy and Onslow...


However the Metro is replaced by a gold Talbot Solara just seconds later. 


Rose arrives to collect Mummy's wedding dress, which gives us a nice view down Hyacinth's street. Bedford HA or Escort van at the back? 


A quick look across the street reveals that the mystery yellow car from Episode 1 has been replaced by an XR2. The Metro across looks suspiciously like Elizabeth's too, I wonder if they're one and the same?


And we finish this episode with Rose kidnapping the Vicar giving us another dusk view of the street, this time complete with Montego Estate and a Scirocco.

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37 minutes ago, MorrisItalSLX said:

According to Wikipedia:

“He works as a public servant, a deputy in the Town Council's Department of Finance and General Purposes.”

Perhaps no 800, but surely he could have gone all out for a Vitesse.

A Vitesse apparently cost £7,898.58, roughly £22,500 in modern money.  For comparison, an 820i would cost £17,500 which is over £50,000 in modern terms, so the 216 seems pretty accurate all things considered.

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20 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

You could be right actually - looking at it again the roof gutter line is wrong for a 66.  I didn't think we got 2-door 128s that late in the production run though...

Could be a Zastava derivative? I think they did 2 doors too.

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I've never managed to watch this series.

My (non-driving) first mother-in-law  was more Hyacinth Bucket than Hyacinth herself so I just can't find anything funny about that depth of Daily Mail-ness.

My mum (Socialist Worker) had a 216S, (at the rusty and oil-burning stage of depreciation). Like a "fast" and solid MorrisMinor to drive. 25mpg though. S-series for the win!

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If I recall correctly  the blue rover used first,registration exl was damaged quite serverely so used efl instead.

I'm often told by the wife I pass a resemblance to onslow too. Those who have met me may disagree though....

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1 hour ago, Angrydicky said:

I always assumed that Onslow's Avenger was acquired from a local scrapyard for the series, as you can see the damage to the roof where it's been lifted with chains in a few shots.

The roof's caved in here, which points to that too. 

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Onslow's Cortina was open to offers in 2006 when the photos were taken,  although the then owner said it needed a lot of work apparently. No one stepped up and I believe it was scrapped in 2007...


Edit: Just found this thread which is fairly entertaining reading...


Since spotted this post from @Lankytim

Apparently it was used for banger racing when it didn't sell. Something odd with the latest V5 being issued on 5th October 2020 though...



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