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  1. I've noticed as a general rule the Princesses had more vinyl the higher spec they were, though police spec ones tended to not have any.
  2. Same petrol station, which must have had some famous customers over the years. https://www.flickr.com/photos/131286969@N05/50357783753/in/photolist-2kAY1kd-2jHWNEV-2kAYBUA/
  3. New cars were hard to buy in the immediate post war years so I presume many older cars were kept going until the "export or die" manta cooled down.
  4. Does anyone remember the cosmetic advert (possibly Insignia) made around 1990 & set in the future where towards the end of the Ad the 20 something star walks past a woman of the same age & says "Hi Gran!". She looked a bit like Kylie Minogue. There was a later ad where the Gran explained what the buttons on her arm did, apart from one!
  5. The Mk5 Escort has sometimes being nicknamed the Ford Ital due to it being a re-skin of the decade old car. According to Jeremy Clarkson it was a car designed by accountants, but did acknowledge that Ford has sorted it out by the mid 1990s to where it should have been in 1990. The parents of one of my friend had an L reg estate which I was often driven in once my friend learnt to drive. It seemed to shift quite well & often lugged around a boot full without complaining.
  6. Same car in the A-Z of Cars Of the 1970s.
  7. I heard after Hurricane Katrina residents of New Orleans were told to tape up the doors of their fridges & freezers & leave them outside to be disposed of as most would be impossible to clean out.
  8. Me or my wife managed to turn the socket off when our breadmaker was running & didn't notice. When she noticed my wife put it back on but it restarted the programme from the start & the dough was going all funny so it ended up in the food bin in a biodegradable bag!
  9. He also adapted The Diary Of a Teenage Health Freak for TV, & appeared in it as Peter's Dad.
  10. I remember seeing that a lot, they get driven away in a Ford Zephyr Mk2 soft top at the end. "Big" Ron Tarr, Chris "Mike" Ryan & Brian "Flying Picket" Hibbard?
  11. Looks like a Bournemouth bus though.
  12. The Man on the left even looks a bit like Alan Partridge & the one on the right has the same dress sense! In one episode of I'm Alan Partridge he pokes fun at a women who once wore a gilet.
  13. Higham Ferrers & Lincoln (both via Great Dalby) after only making it as far as Liverpool in 2020 before the lockdown kept me close to home.
  14. I heard the concrete was beginning to crack up badly in some places, & it eventually would become structurally unsound.
  15. Notice how the Transit loses & regains it's front number plate.
  16. My Aunt & Uncle used to have an Escore Harrier, which they PXed for an early Orion in the mid 1980s.
  17. I heard some Westminster estates were custom made for the royal fleet, maybe it was one which has survived.
  18. Bob Anderson used to lug his F1 Brabham - BRM around Europe on the back of a VW Transporter.
  19. When I was looking to buy a car for myself for the first time I had a few possible cars I checked out before I made my mind up. One was a 2000 Nissan Micra with only 7000 miles on the clock, but as it had taken 7 years to travel this far I wasn't sure how the mechanical parts would cope with anything other than around town driving. Even the £2700 price tag wasn't enough to persuade me.
  20. Thanks for feedback about the Majorette rectangular hole.
  21. I remember when I was young Majorette cars always seemed to have that rectangular hole in the base, was it for moulding or holding it steady in the box?
  22. It reminds me of the now dismantled Berwyn Spindle, which can be seen in Wayne's World. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.8496799,-87.8015736,3a,75y,60.92h,103.29t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sm32Q1sKAsGtYHzUERDPCQg!2e0!5s20070801T000000!7i3328!8i1664?hl=en
  23. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979) & Smiley's People (1982) have a lot of good London street scenes from around this period. I can remember my Dad mentioning about someone abandoning a Citroen DS in a car park local to us, as mentioned above most were practically worthless in the early 1980s as most would cost too much perform a major repair on & not really DIY friendly. While my Dad had a job with a company car at this time, my Mum was driving a K reg Renault 12 until 1984, and my Uncle had a Mk2 Ford Cortina until 1983, so even people living fairly comfortably would often keep an older car going if it was worth doing. Later on in the 1980s credit deals for new cars seemed to be easier to obtain. My parents rented a TV until late 1984, as sets were expensive to buy new & often needed to be repaired, which was provided for when renting. Again thanks to credit being easier to obtain my parents bought a set, & technology improved so that most TVs hardly needed repairing. I can only remember the set my parents bought needed professional attention & was still mostly working when my parents threw away all their analogue sets after the digital switchover.
  24. I was thinking one of the Commonwealth countries, though a lot didn't normally use reflective plates until quite recently. My guess would be Cyprus.
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