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  1. Here's a selection: http://www.imcdb.org/movie.php?id=83392
  2. It looks like DDF565Y was the longest lived of these. DDF522Y only managed 5 years on the road, maybe stolen or involved in an accident?
  3. Not to mention the 1980s Greed Is Good mentality when almost everyone from lower middle class upwards saw themselves as a potential yuppie!
  4. I imagine lots of fancy 1930s cars were easy to pick up 20 years later at bargin prices.
  5. The Citroen DS is a standout car, probably a Slough assembled example.
  6. My brother had a yellow lorry like that which came with a Matchbox Motorcity set.
  7. I've noticed a few cars have migrated from one country to another when checking the registrations on old photos.
  8. I used to have exactly the same model, the hex nut needed about half a turn to release the brakes, which would come on after it was crashed into something solid. The wheels were a little brittle & cracked after a while & had to be glued back together.
  9. I had one of these when I was young.
  10. It's probably from 1978 when the range was updated & the O-Series engines were introduced.
  11. I've seen pictures of LHD Mk4 Cortinas in Greece, so they were sold in some markets up to the end of the 1970s.
  12. I've got one of those Mr Bean figures, which I picked up at a comic con when I bought a Blu-Ray box set.
  13. I heard that the assembly workers were surprised at how well the pieces fitted together compared to what they were usually putting together. My Gran had an Acclaim for many years.
  14. Vauxhall also used it as the range topping Cavalier, & also as a Carlton trim level.
  15. I'm hoping wife will pass her test so I don't have to drive her around.
  16. Considering it's Luton registered, it's possible Vauxhall decided to pre-register the last ones in storage & dump them on the market.
  17. OK I wasn't sure if the earlier ones were made at Dagenham but only for export.
  18. Just right for towing a miniature jet plane in a horsebox!
  19. The Mk3 Zephyr pick up would have been a bit rare on the home market even when new. Most went to places where there was a big market for utes & backies.
  20. https://autoshite.com/topic/49461-cars-in-filmtv-that-still-exist/ This was a similar thread you might have missed. I wanted to watch this but was away for a few days & can't record anything due to my TV ariel being out of action! Hopefully it will be on Iplayer for a while. My Dad really liked it back in the day.
  21. I was reading that in many episodes of Knight Rider an AMC Gremlin can be seen as a background car. Like the Fiat 850 in The Sweeney it's thought it was owned by someone working on the series. http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_31650-AMC-Gremlin-1973.html
  22. Looks a bit like Lalla Ward, who played Romana in Dr Who.
  23. Those are the ones I'm thinking of, sometimes the dot was smaller.
  24. A lot of older lights like that had a blue dot in the centre for some reason. It was common in rural areas for cars to have some extra lights fitted for driving at night on unlit roads. My Brother had a Mk4 Escort with them as it had been owned by someone who lived near Whaley Bridge.
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