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  1. XWK is a Coventry issue if that helps at all.
  2. I had one & I don't remember it coming with any cones or signs.
  3. My Dad had a 4 door GL on a S reg in the same colour. I don't remember many 2 doors around even in the 1980s.
  4. From Your First Car, I uploaded this picture a while back!
  5. One of my school friend's had a Wigwam van, which was possibly a hand me down from his older brother. It looks like it was supposed to be an airport bus from the days before most terminals had those tunnels for passengers to walk onto the planes. I think there were some Leyland Nationals with a loading door next to the driver's cab, I wonder if anyone made a model of them.
  6. Thanks, some are no longer around but many are in museums now.
  7. Thanks I've checked out the registrations on these, here's the full set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/richard16378/albums/72157714550769772 The Rytecraft was driven around the world in the 1960s, though it had to be taken on the Trans-Siberian express as the Soviet authorities wouldn't allow it to be driven that far.
  8. A selection from the Encyclopedia of the Car:
  9. I think Formula Shell advert had a car towing a petrol pump on a chain, then the chain snapping while Queen's I Want To Break Free played. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pqHU-rwR5k
  10. I remember my old girlfriend mentioning her New Beetle was a little fussy about which petrol it ran on. After it was running a bit rough she got it checked out by a mechanic who suggested not using supermarket petrol in it and sticking to branded petrol stations.
  11. One of those Crayford Cortina Mk2s features in the Old fools & Horses episode Go West Young Man. Ironically if Delboy had kept it for 30 years it would have been a nice little earner.
  12. I might have mentioned before that I had one of the yellow Maestros for a week before the lights stopped working and it was replaced by a Rover 3500 police car that might be still in my parents attic.
  13. When I first became interested in cars I used to read the classified ads in the local papers. Occasionally something interesting would be featured, especially in the under £1000 column.
  14. Richard_FM

    Ford timelord

    I think the drag race in Grease mentioned it's for pinks, & explains it's for the title of the loser's car.
  15. Richard_FM

    Ford timelord

    I’ve heard vehicle titles are called pink slips in California, though I’ve heard that term being used for the equivalent of a P45, I guess in another state an end of employment form is printed on pink paper.
  16. I used to have one of Renault 5 Turbos, which might be up in my parents attic.
  17. I used to have one of those Maestros with head & tail lights, which stopped working quickly so my parents took it back to the shop & exchanged it for a Rover SD1 police car which might be still in my parents attic
  18. It certainly looks very 1970s Japanese coupe
  19. Richard_FM

    Morris 1300

    It’s a shame the rear subframe was such a rust magnet, I presume mud & moisture used to get trapped around it.
  20. He didn’t buy enough of the original 3 door Sierras to make it worth continuing to make them in rhd.
  21. Richard_FM

    Morris 1300

    In February 1963 to be exact.
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