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  1. I remember there was a very good drama made about Donald Campbell in the late 1980s with Anthony Hopkins in the lead role. He drove an E-Type with the registration DC7 in it.
  2. The southern hemisphere is a hotbed for odd badge engineered cars!
  3. I'm not sure if that was the car she asked for in Santa Baby!
  4. I remember this picture being used in one of the Have I Got News For You books.
  5. Indeed: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/koyapop/c/922fc2339f638092aad1ee794eabfe7e
  6. The Volvo one is a bit close to the bone, & it looks like an MG 1100/1300 on the left hand stack with The Osmonds!
  7. My Dad remembers that cars that ran on 5 star had to be retuned to used 4 star when it was no longer available.
  8. I think Leeds is the largest British city that doesn't use black cabs for standard taxis, but I'm happy to be corrected.
  9. More than a minor problem (Sorry!)
  10. From what I remember the early Granada GL Mk3s didn't have a rev counter, though the Sierras did!
  11. I remember I used to often pass a house with the bodyshell from one of these on the driveway for years half under a tarp.
  12. Richard_FM

    More tax

    It's ironic because he seems to be the "worst of both worlds", making an unholy alliance of left & right wing policies with the expected Putin simping both sides just love to do!
  13. Going by pictures I've seen online many makes of car were imported into Japan unto the early 1970s.
  14. The Loxley Lozenge, I've heard they used an Austin Sheerline Chassis.
  15. Yes LHD examples must be rare even in this state!
  16. In a Dutch scrapyard. https://flic.kr/p/2pGFTDE
  17. My Dad had one car that had a speedometer needle which would cover the trip counter when driving at 70 mph.
  18. Lady Penelope out for a drive!
  19. Thanks for the feedback, I did find a few on You Tube, including some I had forgotten about. I've got the feeling the first series was repeated in the big gap between series, I can remember my Dad recording the one on the Routemaster & watching it a few times.
  20. Does anyone remember this programme which featured some oldie-but goodies from the Transport world? The were shown on BBC2 & not repeated, the ones I remember were: Morris Minor Ford Transit Carbodies FX4 AEC Routemaster Avro Shackleton
  21. Transits had 5 digits well into the 1990s, I remember seeing something on TV about car auctions where someone was quick to point out one with 25,000 on the clock had probably done 125,000.
  22. My brother had one of those jigsaw roads, that was ruined when he set it up one our patio one summer's day, only for a sudden rain shower to soak it! One of my cousins had one of those play mats with the road network on.
  23. He doesn't look much like Heidi Klum's husband, are you sure we hired the right Seal!?
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