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  1. I can remember some friends of the family had an X reg one, which lasted them well into the 1990s, even outliving a B reg Yugo!
  2. She just needs to take off her glasses & shake her hair lose & she will look a stunner, like in many an 1980s film!
  3. She was one of the Natives in Carry On Again Doctor.
  4. It would be an interesting choice against an NSU Prinz, maybe owned by a British expat?!
  5. She held the woman's land speed record for a few years.
  6. Ha Ha Ha! they could get their cars through the MOT & dumped them, when the owner of that early Morris Minor could do it!
  7. Some interesting cars here, such as the British registered Beetle & a German one on customs plates. Also the Nash Metropolitan on the right.
  8. When American cars restarted production in 1945 the were often delivered with wooden bumpers as there still metal shortages, but often dealers would fit steel ones when they became available.
  9. Certainly things could have been better, I did wonder why they used the B-series when the 1750 E-series plant was running under capacity. Also being a hatchback earlier would have helped, rather than being paranoid about them losing Maxi & SD1 sales!
  10. A lot of 3 doors ended up as Cosworth replicas, I heard the owner of a "cooking" one used to get notes put under the wipers asking if they were willing to sell it.
  11. Manchester airport going by the registration.
  12. Nice to see, I've not noticed many model projects from you recently!
  13. I heard these were used in rural Sweden as school buses, possibly with another row of seats in the boot.
  14. Maybe a UK spec car used for a brochure shoot in Italy?
  15. I guess not many escaped rust & being smashed up in episodes of the Professionals!
  16. Peugeot 309, especially the facelifted ones. By the time I could afford to run a car they were deep into bangerdom! Citroen AX, lightweight & understated design, the same comments above apply! Ford Mondeo Mk1, they certainly did their homework after the Sierra & Escort Mk5! Fiat Punto, which came in lots of fancy colours. Vauxhall Carlton Mk3, my Dad had two & reckoned they were the best company cars he ever had. Toyota Corolla 1987-92, the 5 door hatchback was quite fancy after the dull previous generation.
  17. I had a 1.3 manual one & only sold it because it was getting a bit crusty, the engine never missed a beat in the decade I owned it.
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