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  1. She doesn't loom impressed by the current Texas license plates, which are very dull compared to the previous ones with a space shuttle at one corner!
  2. I remember my Dad's book on the history of Jaguar mentions them, being imported as a rolling chassis & bodied by Swallow.
  3. I remember Queenie in the Adrian Mole books had to have an DHSS funeral, which used a plywood coffin, a grey van for a hearse & her ashes were returned in a jam jar!
  4. Maybe a Ledbury assembled one, I think some van kits were made.
  5. OK I knew it was something in the ABS system.
  6. I can remember lots of "That would will be the Daewoo" TV ads & print ads explaining how everything was included in the list price. I've heard the ABS sensors can give trouble & led to many being written off.
  7. Some big 405 line TV aerials in use.
  8. I had one of those paddle steamers, which I bought when there was a sale of Corgi models. It might be at my Mum's house somewhere!
  9. I was thinking a young John Motson, but he had thicker hair!
  10. Roy Orbison enjoys a drive in a bubble car, not who's in the back though!
  11. A pre-production Zephyr Mk4 on a C reg?
  12. I can imagine this as the cover to a mid 1970s concept album!
  13. Thanks for filling me in, it used to be mentioned in the 164s Wikipedia entry.
  14. Only one factory Volvo 165 was made, & given to someone high up in Volvo on his retirement, but they are easy to make by swapping panels.
  15. OJX...T was a Huddersfield issue of December 1978.
  16. When I was young my next door neighbours had a Simca 1100, which was replaced by a Lada Riva estate or 2.
  17. The Mk3 always looked like the front end was styled by Hoover, like the original Renualt 19!
  18. I always thought an Italian version of Jason King would drive a Fiat 130 coupe, though a Lancia Gamma coupe would be a close second.
  19. From what I remember the Laguna looks was designed by the same stylist as the Sierra. I spot the odd one around, but they are hard to see these days near me.
  20. Apparently the cream eggs were made using Bedford Rascal pickup chassis & running gear.
  21. Like the Outspan Mini Oranges I like adverting vehicles like this, others I've seen have been a beer bottle shaped van at the Bass museum & a Creme Egg car at Cadbury's World.
  22. Some pictures I took when I visited in 2010, I mostly took pictures of the buses, I did notice there were a lot of JDM cars around.
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