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  1. This has just been “car take backed” at Chase metal recycling in Hednesford, Staffs. It’s likely to just have its engine pulled and get baled but some parts might be available. https://www.wewantanyscrap.com anybody phoning should ask for “Deadly Daz”
  2. The intercom buzzer HGV drivers use at the Eddie Stobart “Multi modal gateway” at Widnes had a “all Vauxhall’s are shit” sticker applied by me in 2005ish and AFAIK it’s still there despite various attempts to peel it off. I did have a photo but lost it a while back. The sticker was part of an Autoshite sticker you could buy on the forum years ago.
  3. Another piece to the jigsaw! This 2cv fan has a smaller pulley which is needed to clear the hump on the electronic ignition module. There’s barely any difference compared to the Visa fan but it’s an essential item. It was very kindly sent for the cost of postage from a fella on the 2CV group on Facebook. What a nice bunch! The guy also has a broken LNA but it’s all the way over in France.
  4. Is it a U.K. model? A lot of these crowns were imported from the continent by racers circa 10 years ago.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334218972464?hash=item4dd100cd30:g:mTEAAOSwRFVhkU3c QUAL.
  6. This clattered to a halt outside my house on Saturday early morning, the occupants noisily running off. I’m guessing if I follow the scrape marks I’ll eventually find a tyre and then whoever’s pride and joy it ran into. It’s still here over 24hrs later although the police are “aware” apparently. DVLA say it’s white so maybe that’s a wrap or something.
  7. That looks like the jobbie! Well found! I’ve already got new pads, discs, shoes and cylinders as the car came with them in a box in the boot.
  8. It's because the parts for a servo set up seem to be easier to find, although hopefully I might've found the correct item now anyway.
  9. I've done a bit of part number googling and have come up with this site, they appear to have all the braking components I need to get everything ship-shape including the correct master cylinder, free delivery too! Has anyone had any experience with Onlinecarparts.co.uk? I think it's all based within the EU so I'm wondering if I'm going to get stung with import duty when it gets here. I'll have to wait a month or two to save up before I buy anything anyway. It looks promising though.
  10. I'd have to find somewhere on the inlet manifold and drill/tap a hole. There's not much to the manifold though so maybe there won't be a suitable place.
  11. The issue for me though is the C15 has the brake servo on the opposite side and it's operated by a long rod from the pedal box. I was able to apply the brakes in my Dad's C15 from the passenger seat which he found hilarious * Saying that, it's only where the brake master/servo would be on a LHD C15 so perhaps it would all simply bolt in.
  12. That's not a bad call. I know some (all the later ones inc diesel?) have the BMC and servo on the passenger side and it's operated via a rod from the brake pedal and I don't think they would be suitable but I bet there's loads of other similar parts.
  13. I took a break from trying to burn the starter out again and turned my attention to the brake master cylinder. It leaks over the clutch pedal and looks mega manky. After sucking all the fluid out I removed the BMC, fluid reservoir and mounting bracket. The area the bracket is mounted is one of the worst looking areas of the car, there’s loads of corrosion. It was mostly caused by a rodents nest in the area, presumably the mouse piss helped to dissolve the vin plate too. The rust is just surface luckily so will hopefully respond well to some TLC. The brake master cylinder was in a bit of a mess, the circlip was rusted in and only came out with a bit of force. Luckily the bore didn’t appear to be too bad, another stroke of luck was the Visa came with a master cylinder rebuild kit complete with a random receipt inside the box. Of course, when I dug it out I found it was for the later model with a 20mm bore rather than my early one which is 17mm odd. From what I’ve seen there’s two types, a cheap and plentiful one and another which is like rocking horse shite and is expensive. Remembering back I replaced the BMC on my Volvo as a rebuild kit didn’t work so It’ll probably be prudent to hunt down a new one anyway rather than fanny about trying to repair this one. The mounting for the BMC looks like it can also accept the other more common sort with a servo, I’m still looking into the practicalities of doing this as it might work out cheaper, plus I’ll get assisted brakes. Does anybody have any ideas if the servo is shared with any more common models I can pilfer from a breakers? AX maybe?
  14. This thing has been around for ages! Does it still have the BOLLOX ENGINEERING plaque on the engine?
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