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  1. Arranged to buy an old snotter (not from here), texts forwards and backwards to the seller and all seems well, agree a price and a day to collect, then, nothing... no more texts, calls aren't answered. I can only assume the seller has been ripped to pieces by a pack of rabid wolves or something. This seems to happen quite regularly. Why oh why can't they be killed before I've made arrangements and changed plans to fit around the seller? If they died at the start of negotiations instead of the end it would prevent a lot of annoyance. @@@@EDIT@@@@ Seller has just this minute text me with a collection address. I feel kinda stupid now.
  2. Here's a later 145 that appears to be still sporting it's original black and silver plates, surely by 1970 they must've been an oddity on a new car?
  3. I do like the raised digit plates, I think they'd suit the 145 really well, the appear to be pretty good value too considering the effort that must go into making them. I don't think I've done a proper thread on my 145, I'll have to do a write up about it soon.
  4. Hey all. I’ve finally done some work on my 145! The steering rods, box, idler and spindles were a mismatch of various years which didn’t quite fit together properly, parts from a 1973 donor solved the issues but while lowering the jack the handle caught the front numberplate and snapped it in half, doh! No big deal as it was cracked anyway. The Volvo sports modern 2001 style plates, which weirdly are actually correct as it was imported from Sweden in 2010, however now is probably the right time to fit plates correct for the late ‘60s period. I’m not a huge fan of silver on black plates and I think a 145 would look too modern for them, ideally I’d like the type with separate black plastic digits on an aluminium yellow/white base but I recon that could end up very pricey, yellow/white pressed ally plates are an option but I’m not sure if they were common in the late ‘60s, plus I think they’re only available in the post 2001 font. Is it even possible to get new period plates made nowadays that don’t look obviously new when fitted to an old car?
  5. I was in a 2004 V70 so nothing special, I enjoyed seeing all these lovely motors together but the wife and kids were not as keen. It's hard to criticise the effort and enthusiasm devoted by the organisers to pull all those Volvos together but IMHO it was a colossal cock-up which left most attendees disappointed. There was an attempt by the MX5 gang the previous week which seemingly all went to plan, the big differences I could see was a formation lap up one side of the runway and down the other and an FM broadcast which drivers could listen to and follow instructions, this is before we get onto the toilet situation! (no, I couldn't do better, no I'm not going to organise the next effort)
  6. I was at Volvo 600 too!
  7. I’m working towards getting my Volvo 145 steering serviceable and today had lots of fun using a knotwheel in my grinder to remove scale (scale sounds better than rust) from the spindles and steering arms before treating them to red oxide primer and Hammerite top coat. I was going to buy a tin of black Hammerite but after seeing the price I dug around in the garage and found dark green, which will do the job nicely. All the ball joint rubber covers are split and need replacement, I’ve never replaced them before, is there a place that sells them separately? Moving on, the broken bolts that were seized into the donor steering box were finally removed with heat and sheer brute force and after a cleanup it’s ready to fit. There’s virtually no wear in the box but while ducking about with it I messed the adjustment up meaning it now needs to be properly set again. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and it seems pretty straightforward. I could just swap the pitman arm over the box that I already have fitted but it looks like a massive ball ache so I’m planning on just swapping the whole steering box over.
  8. I remember when I was about 17 my mate and I took the piss out of a Rialto driving up the road with “Lovely Jubbly” in the back window and the driver absolutely freaked, spun around in the road and repeatedly tried to run us over on the pavement. It was absolutely terrifying.
  9. The switchgear is semi-intact. I tried to remove a couple and I think they've been affected by damp ingress. When I go back ill take them all out and have a look. The interior is all there but again, decades of damp have badly damaged it all.
  10. Found an hour to dismantle this 145 suspension set up. I’ve managed to salvage the spindles which are both in good shape and may be swapped with my existing spindles if I can’t get the snapped caliper bolts out. Obviously I was left with a huge pile of rust at the end which was swept up and dumped in the bin. Amazingly one of the lower wishbones look usable, they’re known to be rot prone and are in short supply. The calipers look horrendous but might make good core units for a rebuild. @wuvvum, were you after a pair once?
  11. Well this thing failed on two out of three points. It’s far too rotten to move Its falling to bits, It did provide some parts though, I needed things like steering arms as mine has a mix of metric and imperial parts which don’t fit together properly. I bought cutting gear but forgot my 110v transformer which meant I couldn’t use any of them! Fortunately the 145 was so rotten I was able to remove the front and by hand by just cutting the radiator hose and with a little force pull the front suspension out and away. The bodywork in this area was non existent, the front axle had rotted away and the engine was sitting on the ground. The parts removed are remarkably in pretty good shape, including the steering box and idler. I tried to remove the remaining chassis sections clinging onto them this morning but the bolts are seized into the steering box and will need some persuasion. Im going back to this wreck next month to remove the engine and axle! It’s shiting and archaeology all in one!
  12. I’m going to look at this on Saturday, it’s going to be a spares source for my Volvo 145 provided- It can be extricated reasonably easily. It doesn’t fall to bits when moved. Theres anything useable left on it. There’s a very good chance it may fall down on all three of these deal-breaker issues. I might just salvage what I can and leave the rest for the bin man tbh.
  13. I’m always getting offers on it but don’t worry you’re top of the list!
  14. I know the fella who’s now got your Volvo! He’s got a few lovely old motors tucked away.
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