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  1. I know someone who was breaking an XM over in Telford, i'll ask him, but he might've weighed it in by now.
  2. 147????!?!?! Now we know what happened to Beagle 2, it got hit by an escort van while leaving orbit.
  3. Many of these cars have already had a restoration of some sort of another. I remember during the 80's the value of some classics started to go up and some dodgy "restorations" were done to make a quick buck. Some of these are appearing back on the market so buyers will have to contend with brazed repairs and inches of filler etc before they can start their own "flip" quickie restoration.
  4. Around 15 years ago I had a 4 door Mk2 1.1L. It was my daily driver but I squirrelled it away in a lock up. The lock up got broken into a couple of times so decided to flog the escort for £250 as I needed it gone before it got burnt out or stolen. 2 Doors were making good money back then but a 4 door base model was still pretty undesirable. A couple of years later and the values began to skyrocket. Ah well, that's life I suppose. BTW, the Escort was bought by a rally school in south Wales and AFAIK is still around.
  5. Couriers are being swamped with parcels at the moment, people are having to buy stuff online that they can't buy in the shops, companies are filling warehouses with stock in anticipation of difficulties after Brexit, staff members at courier companies are having to self-isolate after getting a positive C19 test or displaying symptoms. It's a perfect storm of shit. I sell a bit on eBay and use various couriers, stuff is getting delayed for so long that I'm getting cases opened up against me and I'm having to refund for stuff I can't claim back from the courier as invariably they deliver i
  6. I swapped the engine on an LDV Pilot once and that nearly finished him. Incidentally, that Pilot was the reason I got banned from the drive. After fitting the engine I fired it up and it emptied nearly the whole sump over the inlaws driveway. The engine was from a pug 405 and I'd neglected to install a blanking plug on the end of the head after the vac pump was moved. My self congratulation over the engine starting rapidly vanished, being replaced with sheer panic. "Dennis! he's done it again, look!"
  7. There's a guy opposite the inlaws who will immediately get a bucket and sponge out and start valeting his car the moment I appear and start tinkering. The road is quite narrow (but not that narrow) and if my car is parked on the road he will also decide to go out for a drive and make a right meal of reversing off their driveway, shaking his head as he drives away as if I've seriously inconvenienced him, only to return 5 mins later and make a meal out of parking his car back on his drive. There's no parking restrictions, I'm not parked illegally and there's plenty of room. He's just being an a
  8. I often store chod on my inlaws drive (currently banned, but that's another story) If I ever pick up/drop off or work on a car you can guarantee that an otherwise deserted cul-de-sac with suddenly become alive with people gardening, cleaning windows or as you said, simply pulling up a chair in the front window and staring. One guy opposite even got his binoculars out despite being maybe only 50 ft away. Often a notepad comes out and reg plates are taken down. "Dennis!, Dennis! he's working on that car again! Shall I ring the police/council/crimestoppers" E.T.C I've taken to facing them a
  9. I suspect I'm not the only one thinking of corrosion resistance when they compared the competition. OBV the 206 wins hands down in the "least rot prone" award.
  10. I spotted that too. I remember being literally given these and using them for banger racing, not all that long ago either.
  11. Lankytim

    Ford timelord

    You'd need the VIN number though I think.
  12. I think when stuff ages enough to pass from living memory it begins to drop in value, there isn't the emotional memory of family road trips attraction to draw buyers in.
  13. I gave a 1300cc engine and box from an Allegro to a guy in the club and he completely rebuilt it despite it coming from a car with no bonnet, sat out in the open for the previous 15 years or so. It was seized solid and the bores were full of silt. Amazing.
  14. *Poorly modified *Badly damaged *CAT B. I think that covers it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1982-classic-rover-vandes-plas-damaged/224195207611?hash=item34331361bb:g:JC0AAOSwfQlfiDhJ
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