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  1. Whats the difference between Advanced and Pro? My 200 pc socket set has half of it missing and could do with being replaced
  2. I picked up a free Lada once and when I tried to drive it home on the M6 the brakes gradually all locked solid. I think one of the brakes was binding, boiled the brake fluid and the expanding fluid for some reason couldn't get back into the master cylinder. Maybe the master cylinder was at fault, I dunno. Interesting anecdote! I was immediately rescued by a father and son in a Nova who saw the lada exploding in a cloud of steam and smoke on the hard shoulder and took me back to their family home in Wolverhampton. There I was plied with cups of tea until my Dad came and collected me a couple of hours later. When I went back the Lada had unsurprisingly vanished from the hard shoulder. Maybe the seized brakes released as they cooled down and the Lada rolled away. Who knows.
  3. If you only want the aircon from it why don't you go over in a van and strip it there?
  4. Yep, you need a CPC for a 7.5 ton, and a tacho card.
  5. I’ve just googled these and apparently there’s a bolt on the gearbox which blanks off most of the gears? Apparently with this removed there dangerously quick (approx 12 mph) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Spotted this in a junk shop in Camelford, what’s it from? Alfa? Renault? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I think this one was a resistor-in-a-box style gizmo, they're about £120 brand new but this one came with a car I broke for parts. They seem to go for £20-30 on ebay so if anyone want's their car to go slower and run like shit PM me.
  8. I was hunting one of these a while back and found that every one within my budget was totally clapped out. I'd love a go in a fairly smart one.
  9. I acquired a "Tuning box" for the V70 D5 a while back and have been driving round for a few months with it plugged in. It's one of those types that plugs into the fuel rail sensor. It didn't seem to make much difference and I basically forgot about it. Recently I've been getting the odd limp mode issue which has been cured by knocking the ignition on and off and the engine has been feeling a bit lumpy. Anyway, I remembered the tuning box and removed it. The difference is like night and day! The engine is so much smoother, pulls better low down and doesn't slip into limp mode. TL:DR Tuning boxes are shite.
  10. I guess I’ll have to go and repatriate it at some point, problem is I’m away from home for a while and he doesn’t live locally so it won’t be for a few weeks yet I think. *looks in mirror* you’re a tiger and you can get that panel whenever you like, rawwww! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Apparently the front strut tops are a bit rot-prone, the galvanizing is worn away by the strut top mount plate and rust creeps in. By the time you notice the tell tale rust stains the rot has already eaten it's way though. The rust also spreads to the top box section under the top of the outer wing. Mine seems especially bad but it's not unusual. There's also rot around a couple of jacking points which would need welding, I only noticed when I replaced the interior carpets, the panel above the fuel tank and under the back seat looks like it would deffo fail a screwdriver test too. I'm starting to wonder if it's been immersed in salt water at some point! When I finally break it up and scrap it i'll give it a few whacks with a hammer and see how bad it really is.
  12. I wonder how they managed to suss out your details? I'ts always a worry of mine, touch wood I haven't been had yet but It'll probably happen one day. A grump of my own making, or maybe not. Had a Civic I'd bought to sell, mentioned it to an old bodywork friend of mine and he asked if he could buy it, seeing I know him we agreed a good price and a day he was going to collect. Sorted, as I mentioned, I've known this guy for years and we've helped each other out on various projects over the years, he's lent me tools and trailers and generally been a great help in my shite activities. I was really doing myself out of money on this Civic, but there you go. The day before he was due to collect I messaged him asking to let me know when he was showing up, no response. Got out of bed early the next day especially to deal with said Civic (I work nights), no message, no show, maybe he'd changed his mind? who knows. Anyway, I left it a day and as I needed it gone I advertised it on Facebook. It sold the following day for the asking price, £200 more than i'd offered it to my mate. I suspect my mate saw the advert on Facebook as he sent me a message an hour after the guy had left telling me he could collect it the next day.. or the day after that... I explained that as he never contacted me or collected when arranged that i'd sold the Civic to someone else and I figured he'd had second thoughts. I never got a response from him and he's ignored subsequent messages. I seem to have lost a mate (who maybe wasn't much of a mater after all) but to complicate things he's meant to be repairing the front panel from my Volvo 145, or maybe he's not repairing it now, or maybe he's chucked it in the scrap pile. Perhaps he's going to repair it and charge me well over the odds as some sort of retaliation. The bottom line is i'm probably going to have to go up and repossess my own property as i'm not sure what he's going to do with it. *edit* Just re-read this post to myself and it sounds proper pathetic doesn't it? Especially compared to some of the other more serious grumps. First world problems etc etc.
  13. My 2002V70 D5 is on 204k and still runs and drives great, unfortunately not long for this world due to rust! I thought only old cars went rusty?.... oh yeah, it is old.
  14. I don't want to come across as snobbish or up my own ass or anything (maybe I am, I dunno) but Cornwall has all been great with friendly people but this place was just weird. Not very welcoming for some reason- We did overhear a conversation about Cornish pasties in a cafe where someone tried to order one, found out they were only "standard" pasties and walked out mid sentence, this exchange took about 5 minutes. I'm not sure if the guy was ill or it was some sort of drug deal going down in code that I didn't understand. I'm just glad to be back at our bungalow with a cup of tea and the front door shut and locked. It's fixable, of course. The old crate needs a bad oil leak fixing, the synchro is going on 3rd gear, the handbrake cables need replacing- is it worth it? Maybe it's time to go out and just get a non-rusty example and swap over the nece parts i've fitted to mine.
  15. Rot hole on the drivers side strut top on my 2002 V70. There’s a bit of rust underneath too. Probably not worth repairing seeing as it’s a high mileage clunker. A real pity as I was full on fixorating it to make a reasonably mint daily driver. Also.. In a well known charity shop today looking at old maps and books (one of each I bought) First of all the elderly female assistant pretended to look at books while she kept her eye on me in a pretty obvious way. She wandered off and was replaced by a younger assistant who did exactly the same. When I went to pay the cashier spoke to the young assistant, nodded in my direction and asked if “everything was ok with him” (btw, I can still hear you if you try not to move your lips like some sort of ventriloquist act) Do I look like some smack head looking for my next hit? Am I going to steal a Mills and Boon novel and sell it on the black market to fund my habit? Launceston. IMHO an odd town full of odd people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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