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  1. Repaired a broken pipe on the fuel pump assembly that lives inside the diesel tank on my V70 with araldite. Will the diesel melt it? Let’s find out!
  2. Towed the spares S60 home using the wifes Fusion, it was cheap as its a non runner.... it's a non runner as the fuel pump is borked...... I should be able to cobble something working together, hopefully.
  3. V70s in tank pump is playing up, removed it and cleaned it out but it was such a struggle to refit I ripped it out again and threw it up the wall. Now I don’t have a fuel pump at all, or a working car. Fucksocks. I was collecting an S60 for parts that would’ve supplied a pump but I have no way of towing it back now.Double fucksocks
  4. My Dad lost his pension in the same scandal. His retirement has been ruined.
  5. Taking the wife for a check up, a brick pillar outside a neighbours house has been pushed over and round the corner a fuckton of waste has been flytipped, including a full pallet of glue or something. Folk who do this sort of stuff to the neighbourhood need to be put on a decommissioned ferry, towed to the middle of the Atlantic and torpedoed. And don’t get me started on dog fouling.
  6. I had thought about the Scottish system but what if for whatever reason you end up not selling your house? Would you be forced to buy another?
  7. Trying to move house... We've sold our house and the buyer is eager to get things moving, only problem is the owner of the house we're moving to has been gazumped on the property she was buying, she's put an offer in on another house but a week later and we're still waiting to see if it's been accepted or not. In the mean time she's gone on holiday. I think her estate agents are feeding us a steady stream of bullshit but you never know. Our buyer has a mortgage in place and has done all the surveys, we've been told to "hold fire" on doing any surveys on the house we're buying until shes had an offer accepted. It's been dragging on for over a month now and our buyers are in danger of pulling out. We only put our home on the market in the first place because we liked the look of the house we're meant to be buying and nothing else takes our fancy (in a price range we can afford, anyway). All the time our buyers are chomping at the bit and steadily getting more and more pissed off.
  8. There used to be a black A60 diesel on a driveway near me, I had a chat with the owner and he showed me his large garage in the back garden with a lovely 1920's Rolls Royce (I think, it was a while ago now) I think the guy said the A60 was minicab spec. Imagine ringing for a cab and a diesel A60 turned up! amazing! The A60 was for sale and disappeared not long after, I'm not sure what happened to it.
  9. I’m not one to complain but honestly, what a prick. While I was parked up a taxi parked in the same position too, right outside the door and as you can see, over two disabled spaces. (Naturally I didn’t go over and insist they move, I’m a natural born keyboard warrior)
  10. Maybe the plate has been taken off and it's on retention? I've heard that the price for scrap cars is at a bit of a low point so hopefully our sport of snotter spotting will get a much needed boost with extra abandoned shitters.
  11. The V70 D5 has an injector rattle under load, during acceleration. I've been swapping No4 injector as it seems to be this one that's making the noise. The last injector I fitted made no difference but had a very low leak back test so I've decided to leave it in. Unfortunately I've installed it incorrectly as it's now getting slight blow-by meaning the copper sealing washer is leaking. No problem, i'll just replace it and reseat it. Can I get the two small T30 bolts out? Can I BOLLOCKS. I don't remember over tightening them, but I must've as they're now stuck tight. OBV I've buggered about with them to the extent that both heads are nicely chewed up and I've now got zero hope of getting them out. The leak is slight and the car is still perfectly driveable so i'll just forget about it until I can bring myself to weld a nut onto the top of each of the stuck bolts and get them out that way. Turns out lots of D5 engines make this weird rattle under load and it's seen as just one of those things. They'll happily run for years with noisy injectors and most owners just put up with it, meaning the whole escapade was totally pointless anyway.
  12. It will be interesting to see how this pans out for you, I've often wondered about taxi drivers and how the system works.
  13. Ran some LIQUI MOLY DIESEL PURGE though the V70 today, followed the various online instructions and the engine does seem much quieter and has a bit more poke. The diesel “pinking” under load is much less but I’m not sure if that’s down to the secondhand injector I fitted recently. We’ll see!
  14. I rented a council lock up back in around 2002 and got friendly with a couple of the locals residents from the surrounding houses. I was told about a Rover P4 that was MOTd and on the road but was wasn't firing on one cylinder, the owner ust wanted shot of it . It had just had a respray too! I was given the keys and allowed to get it out of its garage and take it for a spin at my leisure. I dropped the keys back in and said I'd think about it. Pretty good overall but I suspect it had burned a valve.. or maybe it was the plug... The price? £200. I turned it down. Dickhead. Around the same time I picked up a mint Capri 1600 LS in black for £40 and sold it for £100... and thought i'd done well out of it. Double dickhead. Nearly forgot about the J reg Astra GSI that one of the old guys at church had had for years, really great shape... told him if he ever decided to sell to let me know. Of course he sold it for £200 to someone else without telling me. "didn't think you'd want it"
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