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  1. A month or so before COVID we ordered a fitted wardrobe for the bedroom. We'd just moved house and remortgaged and had a some left for home improvements, the wardrobe came in at just under 3k which to me is an eyewatering amount but it should at least last us a few decades. We had it all designed, chose the colour and the handles, drank coffee in their showroom and eagerly waited the agreed 3 weeks for the wardrobe to be manufactured and fitted. The fitter never showed up and after a call we found the wardrobe wasn't complete and still needed a few bits making to finish, fair enough, then of course COVID took over and we've only recently been able to arrange fitting after lockdown was lifted. A couple of days were arranged and we endured no-shows and had to rearrange, all juggling work and ensuring someone was in. The wife is a counselor working with the relatives of cancer victims, some of who had to be rescheduled, I work nights so slept on a camp bed downstairs, only for nobody to come round anyway. Phone calls produced the standard excuse of "the last job the fitter was on overran", "the factory made a mistake and are doing it again" ,"they lost a door so had to make it again" ,or "they're just finishing it now". Eventually a wardrobe was delivered and the following Friday a couple of fitters installed it. Except there's no doors, and other parts are missing. "we'll get the doors and fit them on Monday" .Of course, today is Monday and the doors still haven't been manufactured (as usual, we had to chase them). Wednesday is the day now apparently but i'm not holding my breath. To make matters worse, when we looked at what has been delivered and installed it's completely different to what we agreed on, lots of internal shelving is simply missing and has been replaced with a hanging rail. The fitter let slip that the reason the doors hadn't been made was the company had hit their 50k credit limit with the factory and all manufacturing had stopped until they settled the tab. Overall the whole experience has been a disaster and there's no real sign of it being sorted out. I'd checked the company out online and they had some good and some bad reviews but we had a personal recommendation so decided to go with them. A little more digging revealed a catalog of negative reviews, all similar to our experiences, some were much worse. Households left without a kitchen at all for weeks on end, stuff arriving and not fitting. One guy even has a youtube channel devoted to his botched kitchen installation that never got finished! The company offers to pay some customers to leave good reviews and one 5 star review was even left by the managing director! One reviewer revealed they had to make a section 75 claim to their credit provider to recover money paid for a botched kitchen replacement. A look at companies house shows a company with the same name was dissolved in April 2020 but there are several similarly named companies registered at the same address with the same directors listed. All very odd. It feels good to have a while about it all, although i'm absolutely kicking myself now for not doing more research and heeding the bad reviews online. We paid half of the total via credit card so if things do go completely tits up there's always section 75 that we could perhaps claim on. Urgh!
  2. Cut and plane a wooden gate post to suit.
  3. Long MOT, good body, wheel, tyres and interior...no mention of how good the engine is though (i.e headgasket) Newspaper in the footwells points to perhaps a recent visit to a garage..... Looks quite nice though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164273070968?ViewItem=&item=164273070968
  4. Maybe get a donor section sent over from the states?
  5. Lovely! I won a C8 diesel on ebay for £1.24 once, it was a great motor but it had an unfixable problem which left it stuck in limp mode. Scrapped after a few months but what a bus!
  6. I don't remember doing a thread, maybe once I can get stuck into it i'll create a thread for it.
  7. Picked up a beautiful set of slot mags for the Volvo 145 today, the guy I bought them from is restoring a late Capri and apparently parts are really hard to get hold of. He had to have a bottom pulley for a Pinto specially made which I found amazing. I managed to fit a set of part worn tyres using only washing up liquid and a couple levers.. in fact one tyre was fitted just by standing on it. I still need to track down a set of wheelnuts so I can actually fit them, plus a pair of centrecaps , any pointers?
  8. Congrats on getting this thing on the road! Mines still being fettled but fingers crossed should be sorted soon.
  9. Spotted this in a communal car park near me. I suspect any probing into what’s happening with it might result in aggro so I left it well alone.
  10. Lankytim

    Kade's Volvo 940

    Looks great, I think the US head lights for the 940 were these crappy plastic things that look similar to the European items anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to do anything with my 940 so should probably sell it. 1997 turbo auto anyone?
  11. I’ve been trying to beautify my old Volvo over the last couple of days and recently swapped the centre console and “space ball” gear lever from the donor Volvo S60 into my V70. Turns out it’s a very easy swap to do and although I replaced the whole gear lever mechanism it looks like it should be possible to just swap over the gear stick itself. The console went straight in but the handbrake wouldn’t go all the way down without hitting the console. Turns out the handbrake is different, 20 mins spent swapping that over and everything is ship-shape. The original hand brake was slightly damaged anyway... the seat runner caught on it when I removed the drivers seat for repair a while back. It looks much better now! I’m not sure if the S60 centre console Is considered an upgrade to the original V70 item but I couldn’t fit the space ball without it. It certainly feels nicer and there’s now a handy place to store CDs! IMG_1284.MOV
  12. I just give it a brush or a scrape to remove loose scale and slosh the rust proofers on, although many will say it’s important to totally remove/convert the rust first. Underseal is a different product to Waxoyl or similar rust proofers, it’s more of a bitumen type product. I’ve never been a fan of it as water can get trapped behind it and promote rust.
  13. A 1977 Volvo 265 GLE!
  14. I bought the compressor for other duties ages ago. They're well worth having- mine was only a cheapie. Once you get one you'll wonder how you managed without. Impact guns, blowing up tyres, great fun!
  15. I did think about that but the risk of explosion or impromptu flamethrower seemed worth the risk.
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