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  1. Unfortunately my original pinion was binned along with the original starter motor.
  2. A 2CV flywheel won't fit, for a start there's notches for the bellhousing sensors with 2CVs don't have.
  3. The Visa had a new starter motor fitted by the guy doing the bodywork in June last year. I due to Covid and other happenings I only got it back a couple of months ago and only got a battery on it today to have a play with it and try and get it to run. I told the fella that these 652cc starters are mega rare and that while 2CV starters look the same, they have a different number of pinion teeth and can't be used. Turns out his local Factors said they could fix the original, then said they couldn't but had managed to find a brand new replacement- £100 which was very cheap considering they
  4. Finally got my arse into gear and dragged an old Volvo shell off for scrap today. This freed up a space at home for the Visa which had been living on the in-laws drive for the past few months. The body is now pretty much rot free but it still doesn’t run! I think it needs an ignition computer but who knows. Shiters may remember the towing dolly I was prattling on about a few months ago, well I made good use of it today. It takes 5 mins to load up a car and tows lovely.
  5. What an absolute honey! I used to climb all over one of these as a child, it had been left semi abandoned behind a row of houses. It was so rotten the door skins had fallen off. I can still smell the aroma of perished rubber, petrol and oil now.
  6. Crikey, what a find! I'm looking forward to updates on this lovely thing!
  7. I've been looking at importing some hideous Yankee chod for a while now and find threads like this fascinating. I've been scanning eBay.com on and off for a while and it seems some stuff is actually cheaper to buy over here rather than sourcing it and importing it yourself. That said there's a seriously cheap 1976 Buick Regal that's been baked half to death in the Arizona sun currently doing the rounds. Even if it was free I imagine it's still going to cost the thick end of 3k to see it on my drive.
  8. Both tippers, they're probably talking to each other via CB radio and the first one let the second one out to avoid waiting for a gap in the traffic and allowing them to run together.
  9. Had a pair LANDSAIL tyres fitted to the rear of the V70 at the local Halfords Autocentres recently. I should feel a bit guilty about it all but I quite like Landsail tyres and the experience at Halfords was pretty good, they even torqued up the wheel nuts correctly. I was expecting a good 10 seconds worth of UGGA DUGGAS on each wheel bolt. Nice facilities, courteous staff and they didn't try to upsell me a thing, which I think is a first. The paperwork they gave to me had a vehicle checklist on with nothing highlighted- I'm more used to someone trying to hard sell me an alternator for no reas
  10. I sold an LPG powered 1999 Passat on FB marketplace and it was a proper weirdo magnet. I eventually filtered out all the guaranteed messers and a guy came to have a look. He seemed nice- it was up for something like £200 so not mega money. We went for a test drive and he liked it, sat in the car we started talking turkey. I didn't want to drop the price as it was around what I'd get for scrap and I'd already dropped it quite a bit, plus is was a pretty clean car. He got more and more agitated, eventually grabbing my elbow and pleaded with me to knock £20 off, tears welling up in his eyes. "Ple
  11. They're a pretty good mid-range tyre in my experience.
  12. Hi,


    Was it you who was after 164 brake calipers? A mate of a mate has a load of 164 parts apparently and I've been asked if I need anything.




    P.S clear out your inbox.

  13. This happened to me recently, the payment is only "pending" and should be cancelled after a few days when no parcel is forthcoming under that order. I use UPS and ended up having to use my bank balance as PayPal payments kept messing up and I had multiple "pending" payments driving me crazy. They all vanished after a while. Maybe worth using the UPS Facebook chat to double check for your own piece of mind though.
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