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  1. Those look pretty nice, they corrode from the inside out so any blebs or blisters are likely to be full thickness rot.
  2. I loved mine! Sills went crunchy on it though which is a weak spot on these.
  3. Presumably the value of scrap will go back up as soon as all of this shite is over.
  4. There's not much left of that, what an horrendous thing to happen. I trust you swapped the new bits on the engine back for the faulty items before it was dragged off. (assuming none of them were incinerated)
  5. I’m still at work at the moment and I’d rather not drive to work in a car with no outer panels or dashboard after finding out absolutely nothing fits. Maybe one day once I get a couple of clunkers for £100 I’ll experiment a bit.
  6. I do like the S80, they look like a proper classy barge. I’ve had musings about transplanting the front end from an S80 onto a V70 and creating an S80 estate, maybe even swapping dashboards etc. I think the underlying structure is broadly similar although the side panels have a different profile. I’d probably create a right gopping mess of it.
  7. A missing shaft bolt can cause an abs fault too as the shaft can move out with the ring a little and away from the sensor.
  8. I really enjoy my V70 D5, although it's thrown up a few minor issues. The engine mounts are pneumatic and fed from the brake vacuum pump, the same pipework also controls the turbo so if a mount fails then you lose quite a bit of oomph from the turbo. I used a £12 ebay vacuum tester and found out the front mount was leaking and needed to be replaced. I think lots of these D5 engined motors have defective mounts and the owners never know. The manual brake adjusters for the handbrake shoes is a good call, I've got a couple of sets from Volvos I've broken up over the years and need to fit them to my V70 as the handbrake is pretty ineffective. They were standard on the old shape V70 but replaced with a flat bar on the phase 2 models. I've also had to replace an ABS ring on one side, it was a super easy job after the new one was heated up on the hob.
  9. Shame the Omega is getting cubed!
  10. Someone could always buy it and stash it somewhere just to prevent it’s scrapping. It’s not like it must be immediately returned to the road, plus the more time it’s stashed the more time you have to stumble across parts at a reasonable price.
  11. If someone could obtain a scrapper for parts instead of getting the parts individually then you’d be half way there. I didn’t want to piss on the idea, it looks fun project!
  12. Wasn't this pillaged for spares at some point because it was deemed too difficult to return to the road?
  13. MOT and TAX exemption FTW! I believe things like bald crossply tyres and headlights falling out etc are "moving traffic" offences, i.e the car has to be driven for an offence to take place, so you can buy that absolute heap from ebay and park it outside your neighbours house until it rots into the ground with a clear conscious.
  14. I’ve been googling and the poor fuel economy may be down to a dodgy thermostat, over the last couple of months it’s been taking about 20 mins to get up to temp. Hopefully a new stat should improve things. Would there be much interest in a 940 ROFFLE?
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