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  1. You can't beat the DVLA, they're just too powerful. I need to let them have their depraved fun and maybe they'll eventually get bored and let me have my logbook.
  2. Today the 2cv was sadly evicted from its nice warm garage. The house it belongs to is completing tomorrow so it’s been moved back home, unfortunately out in the open. It’s not so sad for the new owners though, the fellas into classic Minis so the garage will soon have another old motor inside it. I took what I thought was a charged battery but it turned out to be flat so “The Pickler” had to be man handled onto the Dolly. It was at this point I noticed fuel pouring from a perished fuel line behind the OSF wheel. This was easily remedied with a new piece of hose and a couple of clamps. Don't ask me how, but I managed to rip the hood. I’m pretty annoyed with myself but I had anticipated that a new hood would soon be part of the equation as this one looks badly faded and appears to have shrunk, it’s pulled taut on the roof press studs so much I can imagine the whole body going “ping” and collapsing. The small hole has been repaired with some tape but I’m now on the hunt for a new hood. On the V5c front I received a letter from the DVLA last week. How thrilling! Upon picking up the prized brown envelope I could instantly tell it didn’t have a logbook inside and sure enough it contained my initial application for a V5c complete with the cheque for £25 and a letter explaining that it had been rejected because the cheque had been altered. I’d written the incorrect month in error but had changed it to the correct month, adding my initials. I can only think it was this that prompted the application to fail, although the post mistress saw it and said it was fine. I wrote out a new cheque and returned it the same day. Fingers crossed it goes somewhere this time.
  3. To get access you could've unhooked the cable reel trailer and weighed it in.
  4. I seem to remember the float continually sticking resulting in a jet of fuel down the carb when the float chamber was full, it’s easy to access by removing the top of the carb. Id get it all moving correctly only for it to jam again and cause flooding. So annoying! A word of advice though, there’s a manufacturers hole in the middle of the manifold and any liquid fuel ends up there leaks all over the top of the engine, it’s a bit of a fire risk.
  5. I did this to our slightly neglected cooker yesterday, I removed the door to clean inside the hinge area and removed the inner glass to clean too. I opted to put the glass in the big bag with the gel and the cooker shelves and after a few hours they were all sparking. My joy was short lived however as the glass inner door exploded as I tried to get it out of the bag somewhat negating the whole exercise. Tbh we don’t use it much anyway as the air fryer has taken over. In other news, I IZ AMATEUR SLABBER. This hole is where a low wall and flower bed used to be. I managed to score some original 1960s council style 3x2 slabs and a friend from work helped me to lay them. (Well, I helped him). The rest of the slabs are wonky AF so it was hard work to get them level with the existing slabs but they don’t look too bad at all.
  6. He seems to be an alright MP on a local level, he's very involved in the community and never seems to take a day off. He can't seem to behave himself on national TV though and often comes across as a bit of a lunatic. MP for STOKE NORTH KIDSGROVE AND TALKE!!!
  7. We recently had a new bathroom installed at home which pretty much ate all our savings. The original bathroom was knackered and leaking, causing some damage to the ceiling below so we'd budgeted for a new one when we bought the house. Anyway, as everyone knows finding tradespeople is super hard nowadays but we eventually found someone to do it. Checked their previous work and everything was great- told us it was going to be a week to do the job tops. Fast forward 3 weeks and they had to rush to finish the job as they were often only on site a few hours a day or never showed up at all. The rush resulted in the bathroom door architrave being left in a nail and gap ridden mess (refitted by me) and a replacement outside soil pipe incorrectly installed (will be remedied by me at some point) and a few mother annoyances where finishing touches were not completed correctly. The big issue though was the oblong shaped shower tray. There was far too much flex towards the centre and you could feel it "dip" between the supports they'd fitted. We got on to them but they said that as it had been fitted as per manufacturers instructions it was fine and any additional supporting legs would be £125 to fit. We kidded ourselves that it must be fine and that a pool of undrained water must be a standard feature but inevitably a crack appeared. We've fired off a message to them to advise us what the next move is but I'm not holding out much hope that they'll come and fix it without an argument, the whole tray needs to be ripped out and replaced. The bathroom was paid for via a bank transfer so a charge back isn't possible. I'm fully expecting them to just ignore the whole situation and not do anything. So, after burning through our life savings we're back in the same situation as we were before, i.e. an unusable bathroom. I should've just saved the money and bought a couple of Austin Maxis or something.
  8. Our local MP has got in on the whole dumped car spotting thing. I wonder if he went round with a Harvey Frost crane equipped smiley transit pickup and dragged it away himself for scrap.
  9. I've been holding back from applying for a V5c in case the paperwork to this 2CV shows up at the previous owners house but it's apparently now all been cleared so any paperwork has been 100% lost which is a pity. I've got a V62 all filled out and ready to but I'm expecting it to take a while to hear anything back. As far as I'm aware there's still huge backlogs at the DVLA and they need to wait 6 weeks after writing to the previous owner. It's going to make months and months.
  10. Holy crap! Looks totally unsurvivable unfortunately.
  11. Bad news for Aeroshite fans. Earlier today the B17 “Texas Raiders” was in collision with a P63 and crashed at a US air show. Apparently it doesn’t look good for the occupants. 😢
  12. The guy lives approx 5 minutes from my house and is asking for swaps. I wonder if he fancies a Volvo 145 project?…. Thanks for adding the link btw!
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