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  1. The inner wings and strut towers are different on the non-diesel Visas, believe it or not!
  2. A framed this thing the 30 or so miles to the body shop. A fettle and a drag around on the A didn't get any sign of life from the engine whatsoever. bastard thing. One thing i've noticed is the times it was trying it's best to start was then the steering colum cowling was off with all the wiring hanging out and the ignition computer was unbolted and loose on the parcel tray under the dash. After I replaced it all it wouldn't even try and fire up. The wring under the steering column had quite a few crimps holding various wires together so maybe there's a poor connection somewhere. I didn't have time to do any investigation work as I had to get back but hopefully, in a couple of months I'll get a shiny Visa back with a nice body, even if it doesn't run. An XUD engine won't fit- I've checked.
  3. It's *nearly* running! AKA it's still not running. It's got a lovely fat spark (hurrah!!) and fuel, tries to fire up but just can't quite make it. It's also managed to draw fuel up from the fuel tank via the mechanical fuel pump so it's now on it's own tank rather than a green petrol can and electric pump. I have a vague recollection of reading that the engine on these won't run without the air filter housing fitted, which I'd been doing all along like a complete twAt. With the air filter housing fitted it did seem to help things quite a bit. There's some sort of air operated valve with two pipes to it on the air filter housing and one of the pipes from it isn't connected to anything and I can't see where it goes, it's probably nothing but could be causing a vacuum leak and stopping the engine from running. I'll do some research and see where it goes. It might be the last piece of the puzzle. I'm at least satisfied that the Visa will run run with a little more fettling and hasn't got some sort of electrical issue that i'll never get my head around. The Visa is being A framed to a mates place to get welded up tomorrow and will be gone for a couple of months I expect, he might get the pleasure of actually getting it going and taking it for a spin. More to come!
  4. Absolutely, and it's a calculated risk that could bite us on the backside. ATM i'm not in consultation (yet) and we've had a mortgage offer in place for a while, but it runs out in mid Feb but we should be able to extend it. Then house we're buying needs the local authority search to come back, which should be a week tomorrow and then it's good to go.
  5. That Visa looks pretty nice. Who’s going to go and get it? Just dug these out. I’ll put them on later and cross my fingers and toes.
  6. House move DRAMA... Our buyer HAS to move in by the end of this week, which after much juggling with holidays and getting a storage unit we can do, New house will be ready for mid February unless the likely happens and things go wrong. Fingers crossed. From Friday we'll be living with the wife's parents. To add to it all I had a call from a work college spoke to me yesterday. I work nights driving a shunter unit, moving trailers around a yard to be loaded and apparently they're getting rid of the warehouse night shift, so no pickers, no loaders, no office staff. Theyve all been put on consultation which is the first step to being made redundant. My transpirt managers says there's no word on how this will effect the drivers and shunters but if there's no loaded trailers to move and no office staff to tell me what to do I think it's pretty obvious. Worse case scanario I lose my job while the family are in temporary accommodation and I wont be able to get a mortgage as I don't have a job/have a temp job/have a job that doesn't pay enough, but of course, they "haven't announced anything" FFS.
  7. There's lots going on at home right now but I've been out with multimeter and fresh battery. I've been fannying around with the terminals to the ignition computer and found the earths and the switched live. The earth seems good and the live doesn't vanish when cranking. although it does dip to 10V or so, there wasn't anything obviously amiss so I scratched my head, had a cuppa and took another look under the bonnet. I removed a HT lead and rigged a spare bit of wire from the battery earth and hung it a few MM away from one of the terminals on the coil. Spinning the engine over showed a fairly decent blue spark popping it's way from the terminal and onto the wire. At last! Apparently some progress! I removed the HT lead and put the multimeter on it. From what I can see, there's no continuity and when measuring resistance the multimeter doesn't read anything, although I'm not convinced It's possible to measure the continuity and resistance of a HT lead in the same was as you would a length of copper wire, I'd at least expect to be able to measure some sort of resistance. I also noted areas of rodent nibbling on the rubber ends of the HT lead, not enough to cause any damage however. What is it with mice and cars eh? Why don't they just piss off. I've got a new pair of HT leads but unfortunately they've been packed away in a box and are at another location, I'll dig hem out when I get time, fit them and see what happens.
  8. This looking good, we need to have a "VisaFest" or something, as soon as mine is running that is!
  9. I'm still enjoying this thread, it's brill. I've had drive shaft bolt troubles on my 02 V70. They "ping" when you take up drive, which is apparently quite normal and not an issue at all. I decided to try and tighten them up and found the passenger one immediately gave way as soon as I applied 0000.1NM of force to it. Fortunately I unscrewed it by hand and found the separated section was hanging on by a splinter of steel so came out too. I found a used bolt, stuck that in and I was good to go, complete with "ping". Lucky!
  10. I had to use Autoaid a couple of months ago when the fuel pump packed up on my V70 and left me in lane 1 of a smart motorway at 05.30 in the dark and rain. Pretty good service, they came out after an hour or so and recovered me home. While I was waiting they also rang me every 15 mins to ensure I hadn't been killed. I was happier with AutoAid than I was with the highways agency, who despite being told twice exactly where I was left the lane open for 30 minutes or so before closing it on the overhead matrix signs. Scary stuff. Fortunately my Volvo remained unobliterated, nobody got hurt and I'm still smoking about in it now.
  11. Unless it’s hanging over the edge I’d say that was fine.
  12. Opps, I meant the 31st of January. Seems like the sales off now anyway
  13. The house move saga rumbles on. Against some recommendations here we agreed to move in with the in laws for a week/forever until the house we're buying completes. We could exchange contracts with our buyer and move out on the 31st of Jan. The inlaws have even offered to pay for storage for us. Unfortunately the buyer is in the army and is being deployed in Cyprus for a few months on the 1st and wants us to move out so his missus and baby can move innext week or the deal is off. We can't do this because of work commitments etc. Seems this guy has been totally let down by his solicitor, who promised him a moving date of November, so he gave up the tenancy of his rental property down south and changed jobs for one closer to Stoke. He even took out insurance on this property in anticipation of moving in. He's basically fucked up due to poor advice from his legal team. At a stretch, we can move out on the 27th.. we're waiting for a call back from him to see if it's workable.
  14. The ignition computer is getting 12v with the ignition on, weather or not it's getting it on the right terminals i'm not so sure so i'm reluctant to add another live from the battery in case I fry something. I stuck a spanner over the starter motor and cranked the engine over that way to see if that made any difference. It felt like it was going to start and I got a face full of flames from the carb as I was leaning over it. Not totally unpleasant as it at least showed there was a spark somewhere. Further cranking resulted in nothing. The sensors are a good call as I think the computer cuts the ignition out if it detects a fault on one of them. I tested them before but I'll have another go.
  15. Yes, I've been trying it on the key. It might be worth bypassing the ignition switch, especially if a bad connection somewhere is causing the starter to rob power from somewhere else.
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