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I'll tell you what I fancy a drive in...

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Nissan Prairie MK2 (preferably with wheelchair ramp for easy loading)

Datsun Stanza (lots of glass, lots of light)

Seat Marbella (incredibly basic)

Vauxhall Signum (drinks cooler)

R20 GTL (makes a very big car look like a pretty runabout)

R20L (different to all other R20s in every way because poverty)

R30 ambulance (preferably when I'm on my way to be pronounced dead 💀- what a way to go!)

Maxi Diesel (could have saved BL)

Citroen LN (but not an LNA!)

Renault 3 (never been convinced it truly exists)

Scirocco GL Automatic (what's happened to it?)

Proton Impian (💩)

Fuego Diesel (because somebody actually bought it new!)



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On 12/1/2019 at 5:41 PM, TheDoctor said:

I've been given one of those experience day vouchers recently, and I'm considering taking an R34 Skyline round a track, as it's a car I've always fancied. 

However will I regret not having a go in something older / V8? 


You will.  However, if the Skyline has been on your bucket list, do it, because you'll enjoy that too.  Don't let superfluous worries cloud your day.

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17 hours ago, skattrd said:

I sold my working Sirion/Storia, so I'm down to one (currently broken). I'll try to remember to give you a shout when it's fixed.
The last time it was on a rolling road it did around 130bhp, I'll be hoping for 150+ when it's fixed.

I didn't realise that anyone had a Sirion on here. I've been looking for an early (pretty face) M101 auto, with a view to replacing my Scirocco.

But I'm curious to know if it's actually any good as 'an car' when you're not thrashing the tits off it, is the ride quality/noise/general drivability anything like acceptable?

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My Sirion is not really like a normal one, so not good for comparison, it has bucket seats, hard suspension, silly exhaust etc.

Personally I think the ride of a standard Sirion is quite good, and they make decent dailies. I think the handling is good, and the 1.3 engine is cracking ... in K3-VE2 form a t least. I've not driven one with the earlier (lower powered) K3-VE or the 3-pot.
The main issue I would say is that the  body, doors etc are quite thin and flimsy, so little crash protection and in winter I did get ice on the inside of the windscreen. They can also rust like buggery.

@Joey spud has a YRV turbo, which is auto (buttons on steering wheel) , these are basically Sirions underneath,his has the 1.3 turbo motor (K3-VET).
I do think YRV are rather ugly though.

Dollywobbler had a 1l 3-pot M101 Sirion unless I'm mistaken and I think he liked it, there's probably a thread/vid around somewhere.

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Just now, TheDoctor said:


I see a solution to your problem @Crackers


If I was old enough to drive anything on my insurance then I'd do it. 


...but.... I'm not.

Also, I'm a massive tightarse, so sod driving all the way to (somewhere) and paying for temporary insurance to have a 5 minute razz about in a small shoe.

I would love to though. I get all excited every time I see a Perodua.

Ah look, the men in white coats have just arrived to take me away.

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