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  1. Its not a bodge - its called effecting a repair.
  2. Welcome. With enough time / Help / money anything is possible. Save the gold one if you can. 1) It was your 1st car 2) Its a rare beast now being a 3 door 3) Be an instant hero at the local car shows. 4) Seats / Dashboard etc can be got with time from other forums / The blue one. But honestly - See if you can save it - You may regret letting it get chopped up / Fragged.
  3. The amount of shite inside it may make it a bit heavy for a easy push over - Houses very close too. They dont miss much there as a neighbour came out hoping I was council photographing it to arrange its removal. They also pointed out another one sawn up / Strewn across a nearby area but I ha no time to nip over to that one.
  4. But Yet good tax and mot left on it. Vehicle make RELIANT Date of first registration September 1984 Year of manufacture 1984 Cylinder capacity 848 cc - PETROL Export marker No Vehicle status Taxed Vehicle colour BLUE last V5C (logbook) issued - 9 December 2011 Vehicle B485UFJ is Taxed - Tax due: 1 May 2024 Vehicle B485UFJ has a valid MOT certificate - Expires: 27 October 2024
  5. £289 for a bumper in colour if I wanted to do it myself so shes only £279 short lol.
  6. SillY Cow in in a Kia drove into the back of me at the traffic lights tonight. Damaged the rear bumper - I was stationary and had been for a while. Wanted to bung me a tenner to keep it off insurance as she has had a recent claim. Jog on love - that bumpers knackered now.
  7. My FLICKR and nope its long gone from there. Metro picture yard / Site is full of PT Cruisers now and has just sold for redevelopment. Last I heard years ago on FacebooK was Metro floor and sills were rotton and struggling to get repair panels. Planning permission renewed for redevelopment
  8. For those new to this thread pics from over the years are here ( Click on picture to go to album ) -
  9. Only ever seen a couple of these and they were estates. Is there a Saloon? Rare over here which ever version - I feel sad for this one though.
  10. Spent a year or two on a local driveway - Now dumped the other end of the road on a flats car park. Rear full of rubbish which seems a shame for a rare in the uk car.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?item=256274450675&rt=nc&_trksid=p4429486.m3561.l2562&_ssn=les-gray-1974
  12. 1970s - RAPID BRAKE SERVICES DELIVERY VAN LINE UP by Jonathan, on Flickr
  13. POOR LADIES NAME MADE ME CHUCKLE - 1960'S. by Jonathan, on Flickr
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