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  1. Yes but there were a lot of those gearboxes around, it was hardly the end of the world to pick one up for like £100 (1990s prices) and get it fitted. Most the 25s still in existence are autos, but most are on their third fourth or fifth gearbox by now. According to that accurate* source of such data HML, only 49 are still on the road, but a further 300ish are on SORN - surely there aren't that many 25s in hibernation??
  2. For those that know Huddersfield, there was an automatic one of these always parked on John William street between 'Spoons and Coffee Evolution about 15 years ago. I remember thinking it was literally the most beautiful car I had ever seen, gaping rust hole big enough to put your fist through in the NSF wing did nothing to detract from that. To this day I have not seen another Monaco in the wild. One day, probably around 2007, a For Sale sign appeared in it, they only wanted £650 for it, but the insurance quote was terrifying. According to HowManyLeft, the auto Monaco went extinct around 2012
  3. What became of this elusive beauty? Where is it now
  4. Rover 214 SLI Bought for £225 in 2016! “Like you say mate, these engines are known for head gaskets going, but as you can see, this one is ok, and I can tell you really want one so....” Yeah. I didn’t actually want one, but was living in an insurance black spot with no NCD means £3k plus car insurance for a 24 year old, and Footman James used to have a policy of insuring anything as a classic providing it was 20 + years old. Which meant you just had to accept whatever 1994 horror came up for sale cheaply, warts and all! The head gasket certainly was going, however this never ca
  5. Wakey tha ses? Run a garden rake down the side Mash half a packet of choccy digestives into ribena and spread liberally over the rear seats and door cards. Shove a 20p in the cassette player Get a cheap plaque made up, "Family car by Henry Moore", and park it in the sculpture park. I bet nobody says anything for fear of not looking intellectual and recognising "art" when they see it!
  6. just racking my brains as to what sort of photoshoot involves a graffitied Pug 405? Probably some sort of top-shelf mag for Francophile shiteists!
  7. Have we ever had an MOT'd car on this hallowed thread before? One with no visible dents, or serious rust? Once with all mechanicals and interior, glass and panels present and correct etc? A car which even still runs if you bring a battery and fuels Oh dear, what can the matter be? 405 got sprayed like a lavatory.... https://www.gumtree.com/p/peugeot/peugeot-405-saloon-1994-manual-1580-cc-4-doors-used-for-a-photoshoot/1395682791
  8. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101248303706?sort=relevance&model=19&include-delivery-option=on&make=RENAULT&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&postcode=m114dg&radius=1501&page=1
  9. It's actually a rather amusing coincidence, but that's not the Chamade I have been offered! Plenty of demand for parts - there's a fleet of R19 Taxis still in service somewhere in deep dark Lancashire. One of them little towns where they put black pudding out on the bar. Is motherly or Oldwaldwhistle. Somewhere like that....
  10. Yeah, amazing how time flies Tbh I expect the MK1 megane to have fewer survivors in the long term
  11. Yeah I have heard pretty mixed things tbh - plenty of people I knew back in 2000 sort of time loved them and said "Best car I ever owned, this!"
  12. Useful info thanks - I am a bit put off that you had to spend a year rectifying a cooling system!
  13. What are you waiting for? Find out where the twat is hiding and take him up the rear!
  14. So how was your sister after getting rammed up the chuff in Tottenham?
  15. Been offered a Chamade (saloon variety) with OMG HHG!! I am in two minds on this one. I think it is now a borderline classic - are they as miserable to drive and unreliable as their reputation? Tbh they have grown on me these last few years - more so in saloon variety...
  16. Recently had to tell a customer that there was nothing economically to be done on a 7 year old Ka2...... He took it rather well all things considered and sold it to another customer of mine...... Awkward!
  17. I think that the Yugo 45 probably wins the day overall, would love another though. So underpowered you could actually change gear without the clutch... Honorable mentions to: FSO Polonez, Polo Sdi saloon, Seat Marbella, Daewoo Nexia, Renault 9, Citroen LN But still, the R21 saloon.....it's close between that and the Yugo for the win methinks!
  18. Yeah but it's a nice place to be and glorious to drive
  19. 20 years back, I used to wait for the school bus and try to guess what dreadful noise the next Austin Metro coming down the road. Squeals, rhythmic squeaking, grinding noises - they all made a horrible racket of some description! By contrast, the Polos and 205's they were interspersed among never had any audible issues. I nominate the Renault 21 saloon as the very worst of that era though. When did you last see one in the UK. I remember: 2008!!
  20. Or you are just suffering increasingly from poverty - hence the >20 years old cars - and incontinence and are too embarrassed to admit it........ Didn't you also comment on how to get rid of a fusty smell in a car today? Now we get the fucking truth!!
  21. Hahaha "Vicious fuel" !!! Sounds like it did for the car anyways!
  22. Just been watching this 1994 top gear clip watch from approx 4:30 - turns out the Twizzy and Picasso both go back that far! I had no idea - did you?
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