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Panda Alessi: Avril Lagreen

Aston Martin

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You're  probably wondering how I got into this mess? Well, it's...





In the Tangerine Dream thread, @mk2_craig said "there's a green one here in Jersey" I asked him to lob a note on the car with "contact me."

Craig did one better. "Heres the guys address." ?


I sent the guy a letter with photos of mine, a rough explanation of what mine had needed doing... And contact me via phone, email, text or carrier pigeon.



The letter vanished for a few days, as I had sent it tracked. Boxing day 2018, I received an email...

Your letter has given my family much joy. To think someone else loves them. Like you I have just spent several hundred pounds... It's on 140k miles and on its original clutch. I have owned the car since 2009 and I don't plan on selling it, but you get first refusal.


Over the course of 2019, I'd send a quick email. How are you etc?

October 20th... 

The car is now at 151k and still on the original clutch. We're thinking of selling the car, the dealer is offering us X as a part exchange. Would you match?



Having just purchased the 4x4, it would squeeze me financially. But I need a green Alessi. Having a quick look, plane fares are cheap and a ferry back isn't bad. 

Unfortunately, the owner didn't buy a new car and he would keep the Alessi. The dream wasn't dead, just delayed. I then spent many pounds on the 4x4, to take the pain away and a crate engine that I didn't need.


Thursday 21st November.

The rear axle has failed and the mechanic has told me it's not financially viable to fix it, do you want any parts before I scrap it.

I am not letting a fixable green Alessi die.

Is it financially viable? No. It's a 12 year old Panda with 151k that has never had an MOT and would need parts to fix it and then to bring the car home and register it.


My holidays for the year are used up, Christmas is coming and I have very few spare pennies. I need to find storage in Jersey for a few months, just to give me some breathing time to earn some extra Pasetas and to figure out an action plan.


Speaking to the owner on Friday 22nd of November. After we both said hello, I said "I'm not letting a green Alessi get scrapped" I explained that I needed to find some cheap storage, he said that's fine and you've got a week to find something as the car is on my drive.


He emailed me the next day saying "I might have some cheap storage" and then he emailed later saying "I might have free storage, give me until Sunday to confirm"

OK, this car is somehow mystical as nobody wants this car to die. As on Monday. "You have free storage until Easter."



Here's what it needs as far as I'm aware.

Rear axle, rear springs and shocks.

Couple of tyres

Drivers seat belt

Dashboard vent is cracked

Front towing eye cover

All these things are doable as I've done the Pandarins axle last year. I've posted a picture of ForFiatsSakes alessi that had failed in exactly the same way, mine hadn't completely collapsed. But as you can tell, it's the same issue.


The engine does have high milage, but it's working. If it fails, then used, they're ten a penny.... I also have a brand new crate engine. ?

I also have a complete green interior, that me and @For Fiats Sake took from a black Alessi that was already in the scrapyard.


Flights are cheap from either Manchester, Liverpool or East Midlands. They're not every day, but Liverpool has a Saturday departure and Sunday arrival. Not yet, but it would be nice to fly out for a weekend to see the car and get a parts list. 


But for now, it's getting collected on a flatbed and it's going to live on a farm. The plan is to fly out in January to get a parts list and I'll get to see The Pistachio Cream.


@mk2_craig is a superhero.








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34 minutes ago, mrbenn said:

Thats bloody brilliant!! What a story!

Looks like this one even has the little men on the hubcaps!

Top work indeed sir.

Well, it had all four wheeltrims and original men. However one wheeltrim went missing a few weeks back. But can be bought. Having three original men is unheard of.


John said when I finally get this here. One will turn up on eBay. Whilst true, I've been chasing this for a while. So this one is the one.



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15 minutes ago, greengartside said:

You are a hero. Please tell me you’re gonna fix it over in Jersey and drive it back?


That is the plan, the problem were having is finding a rear axle over there. I want to use a post 2015 used 500 axle. They're common here, but then there's shipping. A few options are available including pallet delivery etc. But for now, I'm just happy it hasn't been crushed.

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3 minutes ago, colc said:

Get in touch with a guy called Robin Ward [recovery dude on Jersey, google for number] he'll know if there's any scrappers about.


Thanks, @mk2_craig has posted and enquired at a few places. If we find a Panda one over there it'll be easier, but I will swap it for a 500 one when it gets over here.

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6 minutes ago, mrbenn said:

This could turn out to be quite an adventure!

I'm getting quite jealous of your Panda collection now.

Next you need a 100hp. Hmmm, then again...


Had one, he was beautiful.... and the most annoying car I've ever had.


Then he was killed, after I sold him.


I'm happy with my two Alessi and the 4x4.



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