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  1. Congrats on the MOT pass! Looks like an ace little car. Re the water leak it might be worth having a look at this, chap here had a very similar issue:
  2. Zetec wheels but with colour coded door handles and rubbing strips 🧐
  3. Sorry if I've missed it on the thread but have you checked the alternator spins freely? They can seize up very easily on these, even after standing for a short time. This results in a slow/no crank. A spanner or socket on the pulley nut and some WD40 or similar will hopefully get it turning again.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Some years ago I commuted into Manchester by train for a short time. It was generally accepted that you ideally had to get the service before the one you actually needed if timely arrival was important, as one was likely to be late or cancelled. Always packed to the rafters unless travelling after 9:30-ish, which wasn't an option for most. Regular price increases, along with worsening service. It was not unusal for me to return to the ticket desk and get a refund on a ticket I'd just bought due to non-arrival. It forces people into their cars, which means fewer people on public transport, which means less investment in the network. A vicious cycle. Years of underinvestment and, as you rightly say, public transport just isn't up to what will be required of it.
  5. Action is needed re pollution in Manchester, and other cities, but like others I'm surprised the zone is going to be so large. I thought covering the area within the M60 was the plan, and would have been entirely reasonable. I live 15 miles from the centre of Manchester. Travelling approx 2 miles up the road would see me entering the the zone. Looking to the North sees the zone include Littleborough, for example. This had always struck me as being a fairly rural small town. Located approx 17 miles from the centre of Manchester (Piccadilly station, for reference) and found close to the Pennines. The zone extends to the Peak District to the East, and almost as far as St Helens to the West. Though private cars are not yet included, I think it would be naive to imagine they won't be added to the list in due course. For those not living in the North West, don't think for a second this just covers the City of Manchester. The scope is huge.
  6. Thanks Dez, much appreciated! Hope all is good with you
  7. Not sure on the branding of the wheel cylinders, don't recognise the logo either. Did you pull the halfshaft all the way out? Would definitely expect some oil to come out there. Either way do check the diff oil - they only hold about a litre and can easily become damaged with a low fluid level. Should be able to tell whether you've got Marina or Ford disc brakes by the shape of the pads. Marina pads are quite square while Ford ones are a longer rectangular type shape.
  8. Good news! Not the first I've seen with the bulbs the wrong way round tbh, easily done. I reckon that 'stat housing should be ok with a new gasket, and perhaps a smear of the blue stuff for good measure. The engine certainly sounded sweet in the video, and the whole car looks very solid. Sounds like you've got a good amount of spares to boot. Very well bought!
  9. TBH I hadn't spotted the standard Midget (post '66 if I remember correctly...) top hose. A previous owner of our Minor had run the cooling system on water so it was quite crusty, looked similar to yours. I had to break the previous thermostat housing off but it was a while ago and I can't remember the replacement cost - though I do remember getting it from Moss! A thorough flush of the cooling system seemed to bring this back around with no cooling related problems over the next couple of decades, though I did have to change the bypass hose in the head which was fiddly. Oh and the water pump.
  10. You'll need the more curved housing for the 1275 with standard Minor radiator. Pictured is my Minor 1000 with 1275 engine and curved thermostat housing, but standard 1098 top hose and radiator. Apologies if a thousand other people have already mentioned it but it looks to me like your oil pressure and ignition lights are swapped. The ignition light looks to go out roughly as the pressure gauge wakes up, while the oil pressure light matches ammeter behaviour (with possibly slightly lazy alternator).
  11. Bloody hell fire, that looks amazing! Outstanding work there! Sorry to hear of the original charlatan. Karma is a wonderful thing and it'll do for him at some point.
  12. Not sure if these have the low tension wire on the size of the distributor cap like the earlier A series engines, but if it does then have you changed it? Our Morris Minor used to cut out when the engine had been running for a while, not a hint of interest in starting. Fine when allowed to cool down then played up when it heated up again. Changed this wire and its never done it since.
  13. That's awful Vince, so sorry to hear.
  14. And mine. Closed for 8 weeks as they couldn't get parts.
  15. I was at Manchester Airport in 2003 for Concorde coming in on it's last flight. Was an amazing atmosphere but rather sad.. I'd been a fan of Concorde for years and used to watch it leaving Yeadon with my Grandparents. Got some pictures but was still early days for digital cameras.
  16. Interesting one (IMO...) Parent's car - MOT due 14th June. Was extended to 14th December. Dad took it for an MOT on 11th June so was within the original test period, not actually reached the extended period yet but expiry showed 14th December online so extension was in place. New expiry date shows 10th June so he's actually "lost" 4 days of test.
  17. Brother's car - MOT was due 11th May. Was extended to 11th November just before the expiry. He had it tested on 15th June (during the extension period), test expiry date shows 14th June 2021.
  18. Pleased you got it after the uncertainty over the plate! What a beauty, looks very well specced. Looking forward to seeing the updates
  19. Had to quote this pic - just love it. Absolutely bloody brilliant work - really amazing stuff! I was chuffed to bits on your behalf when I read it was working
  20. Here we go. I was actually going to do a joke edit where I scribbled across the camera in a contrasting colour but doing it properly was actually quicker and easier
  21. That is crying out for a large car port/covered area to be added to the front of the garage.
  22. What a brilliant save! Very much looking forward to following progress.
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