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  1. It's Forsyth doing a Franklin impression! You're right and unsure why I typed Forsyth. I had every issue of PB from 1986 to approx 2010. Was the one mag I bought and read every month.
  2. Whatever boots you fancy and some Sealskinz goretex socks. Worked surprisingly well when I was green laning, even through streams and deep floods.
  3. Either great minds think alike, or fools never differ. I’ll let you decide that one ☝️ I rode from the Midlands to Elan Valley on Sunday. Headed Nottingham to Rhayader, round Elan Valley and down through Brecon to Hereford for an overnight stop. Never been to Elan before and the scenery is stunning. Weather was pretty good which helped to make the trip.
  4. Mark Forsyth when he used to write for (now defunct) Performance Bikes mag.
  5. Bought the Insignia last year when the Civic went, so no changes for me. MX5 stayed another year although not used it an awful lot. Planning on using it more next year (which I say every year). Had the VStrom since 2017 and it still suits what I use it for. And my little PCX is still here even though it’s only done about 50miles this year (had it since 2016). Only used for getting to the office and still generally working from home. Just can’t bring myself to sell it.
  6. Can spend a lot more if you want to @Nyphur Ebay Ad for 8k mile example. Still plenty out there for £3k-£8k and I think this is about as cheap as they'll get to buy. The TT is still kind of aspirational for many, but as but they've fallen into the hands of some who cant afford to properly maintain. I have always liked them and still look occasionally. Although PeteC did put me off a little.
  7. Kind of the same. I've seen so many car reviews on various channels they become quite samey. I can often find something to learn in a tinkering video - even if it's how not to do something! (Betty headlining springs to mind). So I prefer the tinkering (or collection capers) to reviews. Have also enjoyed the camping videos more than I thought I would. I think its the appeal of taking in a lovely setting and being close to the outdoor world (but being able to stay dry in the pissing rain!). I do fancy a motorhome when I retire.
  8. Bike is a Honda TL125. 👍 Its more a trials bike than an trail bike, with such low gearing making wheelies dead easy. Friend of mine has one.
  9. Not old, but certainly shite, they’ve installed Australian traffic signals at M1 junction 26.
  10. Thanks all. It's gloriously unusual, if a little challenging in the looks department. How Many Left website suggests 1 of 1 on the road so the chances of acquiring one are pretty minimal.
  11. Looks like some kind of futuristic people carrier. It's different which I like, even if I don't like it (if that makes any sense!). Some nice cars there though, particularly like the red Spitfire and the Heralds
  12. Anyone know what the purple thing in this photo is?
  13. Went to look at a mk2 Astra GTE 16v in the mid 90's. Lifted the carpet flap next to the drivers seat (where the shell is stamped with the VIN), and there was a rectangular hole. I think the guy had bought it without realising and was trying to get shot as he was almost in tears when I pointed it out. Often wondered what happened to it.
  14. Red rubber grease or silicone grease for rubber parts. Vaseline can attack the rubber.
  15. Had a few field bikes including a yz125 which was great fun. First road legal transport was an MZ TS125. Dont have any actual pictures as this was all before digital cameras. This was followed by a Suzuki GT125 2 stroke twin which I passed my test on. Looked like a mini X7 and I was king with 15hp when others were restricted to a mere 12hp. Passed my car test the year after passing bike test and got a 2 door mk1 Escort with 6 dial dash and bucket seats. Engine was so knackered it would do 55mph flat out.
  16. Loved this. I haven't been on here long enough to know some of the back stories, but it shows how cars become such a big part of our lives.
  17. This suggests it's every 10 years or 125,000 miles interval on the cambelt. No harm in changing a bit earlier. Never done one of these but there are guides on youtube to get a feel for how much work. https://www.grange.co.uk/technical-data/ford/focus/1.5-tdci-120-zetec-5dr-(2014-2017)
  18. Mini looks really good now 👍 Good job on the exhaust, they can be a real pain in the ass with rusty bolts.
  19. I would imagine something like Tiger Seal would be more effective (but rather permanent if you ever need to remove). I assume its held on by clips which have broken and it may be worth pricing the trim up from Ford if it bothers you, as sometimes it can be not much more than buying some adhesive. Then again, could be extortionate and back to plan A.
  20. Unless I have a ftp or urgent safety issue, I don't plan on going under the car until spring. Working with the car on a lift in a sauna must feel like heaven this time of year. Not at all jealous. Much!
  21. At 08.35, "going in bone dry" - *immediate scene cut while falling about laughing?*
  22. As far as I'm concerned, it is, for the reason below: I guess it's how his viewers feel. I just think it's a normal reaction to want to help those who have entertained (at no personal cost) but have suffered misfortune. To be fair, I suspect Ian would be more comfortable if people buy some merchandise instead.
  23. Are we really so self centred these days that folks can't assist one another without nice gestures being considered bizarre? If it helps, think of it as a selfish desire for more videos of Betty running around - earlier than would otherwise be the case.
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