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Panda Alessi: Avril Lagreen

Aston Martin

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I have officially died.

I must have worn a mask for 7-8 hours today.


The car is fabulous obviously. The clutch pedal feels a bit heavy. The biggest issue is the steering wheel, it's horrendous. The outer layer has gone manky and you're left with bits of rubber everywhere.


I might try and buy a pair of gloves and be like Nicolas Parsons.


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8 hours ago, Kringle said:

Ahhhh a trollope. Clearly I can judge what with being such a stud*.


Now imagine a train journey with her talking absolute shite for 2 hours. Even with my airpods on it didn't drown her out completely.




I'll have to wander to the parts shop and look for a cover this morning.


The interior is mouldy, @mk2_craig did a great job of cleaning it out. But it needs the seats removing, the carpet and seats wet vac-ing.  He reckons that the drivers seat foam has collapsed. If the seats don't come clean and if the foam has gone. Fortunately I do have a complete interior if I need to swap it all out.


For the last few years it was used to ferry dogs about.


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Really Avril is this the time to go mental?


I'm off to the garage. "Steering fault." Then I have zero steering. Not uncommon, but it's not the time. I fired it back up and it drive fine with no lights.


Will she fuck me during the mot? 

Will the mould annoy them?


I think it's like when you take the dog to the vet. It knows. ?

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This is not how Autoshite is supposed to work.


At least not when importing old yad from the Channel Islands anyway.  There should be a mega-fail list resulting from a dozen years lack of proper maintenance.


Back of the net!!!

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The MOT tester rang and said he needed my logbook. Luckily I had scanned it for the dvla and it was on my phone already.

He loved the car and gave me advice on the manky seats.

"Oxiclean is the best thing for mould."


It was an expensive MOT at £50. But it's nice to have a tester that likes the car and offers tips. ??

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