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Found 3 results

  1. Mrs6C used to rent Chrysler Sebrings in the US and we have spotted one for sale in Glasgow we like the look of. Is anybody able to go and have a wee peep at it for us please? I have looked at a few others and they do seem to deteriorate quite badly and that does not always show up in photos. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-lhd-chrysler-sebring-convertible/113949456457?hash=item1a87eab849:g:PRIAAOSwY-NdwE3F
  2. Hello fellow members. I have a bit of a problem with my Citroen AX. As usual I've got another vehicle recently. This seems an annual occurrence. I've taken it on a 145 mile trip to mid Wakes. Been out today and the exhaust is now hanging on the car by a thread. So to any of you who know the Aberystwyth, Machynnleth, Tywyn area. Where can I get an exhaust from that won't rip off an English customer? No I'm not taking the micky, it's already happened to me today. I'm here at a caravan near Tywyn from tomorrow or a week and obviously to avoid neighbours comments and it collapsing altogether I'd like to sort it! All help / ideas appreciated. It's a 10E model pre-cat. What's on is one long pipe from front and a rear box. Dunno if this is correct for 954cc Mk1??
  3. Anyone able to aframe me to civilisation (hereford) or their house or somewhere more interesting than where I am atm with a flat tyre and no spare? Apparently im on the a480 by Credenhill.
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