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Panda Alessi: The Pandarin

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First things first, this is a project that I haven’t got time for, so maybe come back to the thread in a few months.


I saw this very limited edition car for sale, it was in Bradford as an MOT failure at £360. A forum member let’s call him ‘John’ (his forum name gives it away, also his name is John.) He lives nearby and went to see the car for me.


He called to inform me that they would sell the car for £300 delivered to John’s drive. Where it will be staying until I can get around to it.


The 2014 MOT history said “bodywork damaged” it appears that the car has been grazed on the near side, which I think took the wing mirror off and left the rare bodykit slightly bruised. It failed two months ago on the rear axle, nsr shock and a front tyre. In theory, £80 for a used axle, £35 for two rear shocks, £30 for a tyre. A bit of labour to shove the new axle on, a new mot and we should be a cheap fix...


Anyway today is just pay and follow the man to the driveway thread.




Clue number 1: They made this limited edition in three colours, mine is the least rare. Yet, the best colour. (Allegedly less than 100 imported into the UK, because they didn’t register them properly with the DVLA we don’t know how many are left.)


Clue numero two: Its the stupidest looking thing ive ever seen, but I’ve always wanted one. I found forum posts from years ago stating I need one of these immediately!!!


Clue numberino thrice: The tyre valve covers are always missing. :(


Clue nombre quatre: It makes the Cactus look like a beige Hyundai Elantra.


Clue number 5: I laugh every time I see a picture of one.




To the Cactus!!!!


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Genuinely thought these never got out of some sort of prototype phase.  Brilliant to know they actually exist in the real world.  Certainly a better colour decision than the Seicento 2Tone, of which there is one locally that always looks like a scrapyard special.

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I’m finally home and will post properly later. I was supposed to pay and then the car was going on to get delivered to Halifax councils favourite house.


However the guy is working so it’s getting delivered around 7.


I saw the car briefly and I saw the pics John took. It’s not immaculate, but for £300 I can’t go wrong...

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I haven't seen John in years, but I've kept up with his escapades...




The red Colour, is the nicest Panda I've ever seen. It was immaculate and I almost ripped the door handle off...


The blue Selecta that is no longer a Selecta needs a new home soon.






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You can always go wrong with a cheap Panda

I have owned 5 cars:


1993 Panda Parade currently in storage and never getting sold.

1994 Panda Selecta sold, we think it's dead. Was bodged by many previous owners.

2008 Panda 100HP awful in every way, apart from the looks.

Cactus it does the job.

Alessi, hmm come back to me about this.


Here is my current 'fleet'




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Onto an Alessi history.


They made them in three colours.

Orange with orange seats which is the least rare, but the best one obviously.

Black with green seats.

Green with green seats, the rarest.


They’re based on the top of the range Eleganza and unfortunately registered as such. So we’ve know idea how many are left. Maybe 1 or 2 a year pop up for sale.



1.2 8v Eleganza £8,490

1.2 8v Alessi £8,995

1.2 8v 4x4 £9,495

1.4 16v 100HP £9,995



This was the list price, however they sat on dealers forecourts for months and were heavily discounted.




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I remember my childhood holidays in Italy, if you walked past a kitchen appliance shop everything was Alessi and in that same orange and white colour scheme. Wonder why the brand never made it over here, there’s no wonder a panda special edition based on a brand no one has heard of was going to dive...

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I didn’t know about the black or green ones, but have to admit all look great. Probably not the vehicle of choice for a powerfully built company director but definitely fun and you will never lose it in a car park!


Disappointed to find it wasn’t made in homage to the popular American pop duo The Alessi Brothers though


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Alessi is very much available over here, but is sold as premium lifestyle accessories, rather than as normal kitchen equipment. Things like the juicy salif, a lemon squeezer designed by an architect, it looks lovely on the worktop, but is less effective than the cheap glass one that most people have.

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My nsr white plastic wheel archy bit has been removed and gobbed back on at some point by an ape. It looked like fibreglass overgob.


My roof has been bodged painted at some point, interestingly Johns mums has lacquer peel all over the boot. I wonder if the orange ones have paint issues a lot?


We’re going to put my boot on his mums and I’m going to have the lacquer peeled one on mine. As the boot is the only paint issue on hers.


The small man on the wheel trim covers never survive as they must fly off at speed. Eventually I’d like to maybe get new ones knocked up by a 3D printererer. New wheel trims I believe are available from the main stealer at £60 a pop, but I only need the little fella.

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Looking forward to this. Do these have the climate control as seen on the Eleganza models?


FFS. I've got another Panda on my ebay watch list now. Povvo spec, not another 100hp. Part of me absolutely loved the one I had and the rest of me wanted it gone ASAP!

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Alessi is very much available over here, but is sold as premium lifestyle accessories, rather than as normal kitchen equipment. Things like the juicy salif, a lemon squeezer designed by an architect, it looks lovely on the worktop, but is less effective than the cheap glass one that most people have.

Philippe Starck designed that. Agreed it looks great but it’s fucking useless

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      Today I heard back from them.
      Good news so far, I suppose. It is as solid where it counts as I thought it was. Chassis is fine, original strut tops fine, most of the back end is solid and just needs a few repairs here and there.
      The worst is the bottom of the windscreen surround due to the wrong seal being used and then fitted badly causing leaks. Inner sill to A post bottom corner very scabby, front wings pretty crap, and various paint defects etc.
      The engine is fine, compression all in tolerances. Suspension needs work, and some brake pipes are getting quite rusty. So far so good and no surprises!
      There's still more checking to do over the next few days but it sounds alright so far.
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      For anyone whose interested I'll try to update this now and then as things progress. I'll also try to get the old pics of the car from when I got it so you can see how rusty it was! Bear in mind though that I paid £100 for this car in 2001 with MOT and tax! Try doing that now.
      I'm sure this is going to be worth the expense, not that I'm even considering selling it of course but I've had it so long I kind of feel obligated to do right by the car in a weird way!
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      I thought I'd start a thread for this as I'll probably end up asking all sorts of questions, given that this is my first 'proper' Citroën.
      So... the ground clearance lever won't go all the way to the highest setting (all others work), which is bad 'cos the book says I need it to do that in order to check the LHM level. It feels like something's seized, so I don't want to force it. Any ideas for a plan of attack would be much appreciated.
      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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