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On 25/03/2022 at 18:13, MR SCRUFF said:

Hi gang. Is there any way of getting access to my old account @scruff ? 


I haven't got access to the email address I used to sign up all those years ago.

Yes! We can change the old email address for your previous account scruff to your preferred email, if you would prefer to re-use that one instead of MR SCRUFF. You'll not be able to keep multiple accounts open though, so will need to choose which one you want to use and which to retire. Just let one of the Mods know what you want to do here (by PM is ideal)and we'll make the necessary changes for you.

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I'm struggling to respond to topics via my phone.

Using Android 11 and Chrome.


When I type in the reply box, one of two things happens:

1. The editor freezes - can't scroll up or down.

If I press space, it flicks down to the correct spot, and will allow me to type before hanging again

2. I start to type. And the page displays another tab I have open ( demonstrated in the screenshot below)

When this happens I can't see the reply box at all.



I have cleared cookies and it stops doing it for about 3/4 replies then starts again.


It's a right pain

any ideas?



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Using Chrome on Linux. Sometimes it "double posts", that is when I check after submitting a reply, there are 2 answers there, so I delete one of them. Cannot submit pictures at all. If I try Firefox, it does not usually accept it.  Firefox regularly crashes.   For pictures and other uploads, I go to the old Windows 7 desktop, and use Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. They all work there. Is it that the AS site does not like Linux Ubuntu ? 

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Been having a bit of trouble with notifications recently, not sure if anyone knows what's going on. For some reason when I receive a PM I don't get a notification or email about it, but sometimes I do. If I click into the inbox when this happens, it doesn't show an unread message, I have to go into the conversation to find there is a message I haven't seen yet. 

Any ideas from anyone if it's a setting I've got wrong or something?

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