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35 minutes ago, AxWomble said:

Someone may have asked this before, but how do I add a thing under all my thread posts that I can put my fleet on, etc? I’ve only been working on an Android and an iPad so understand maybe it’s something you can only do on desktop? Many thanks! 

On iPad or iPhone, click on your profile by using the three horizontal bars at the top right of the page, then click on account followed by account settings, then settings area.

Then you should see ‘signature’ appear with a little pencil after it…click on the pencil and then type in what you want to appear at the foot of each post you make and click save - job hopefully done!

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On 11/17/2021 at 11:13 PM, AxWomble said:

Someone may have asked this before, but how do I add a thing under all my thread posts that I can put my fleet on, etc? I’ve only been working on an Android and an iPad so understand maybe it’s something you can only do on desktop? Many thanks! 

I have no idea if this works with the devices you are using. This is how I  added my signature.

Go to your Profile Page.

At the top right click open your forum name and this drop down will appear.


Click open account settings and the the following page. I have only given a small screen shot as it is here you can see other pesonal deatils like email


It is here you can change your signature.

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1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

The pages seem to show the most 'recent browser' at the top of the page.

This isn't something I'm interested in, how can I hide it?

I was about to ask the same thing.

Where did this recent browser bollocks come from and why is it so crap?

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Oooh! I like that the who's online thingy is finally back :) 


it went missing with the first of the fourm software updates so, thank you to whichever mod/admin managed to get that working again!

however may I recommend it be put at the bottom of the page as it was back in the old days? :) (back in the old days it lived right across the width of the screen at the bottom of whatever page you where on) 

as currently having it up top on the right side means it moves everything on the page to the left which really bugs my "OCD" LOL :) 


also if I am allowed to make requests! Im just wondering how is server space doing? because I still find the fact that photos are shrunk to 1280 pixels really limiting for me

I was wonder if we could afford to increase that some more to say 2000 pixels, I understand that server space is an issue, but perhaps it might be worth limiting how many megabytes a photo can be, rather then how many pixels a photo is

because I can easily compress a large photo down to a few hundred KB while still keeping it nice and zoom-inable if that makes sense, something I cant currently do as all photos get shrunk to 1280 pixels

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Not sure if anything has changed recently, but three times in the last 24 hours I've had the editor glitch out on me requiring me to completely delete and retype a post. 

Immediately after insertion of something it handles in it's fancy pants what WYSIWYG manner, the cursor will jump to and "stick" at a seemingly random location.  Any attempt to continue typing just results in it overtyping the same letter over and over again.  The only way to resolve the situation I've found is a "select all, delete." Copying and pasting everything back pastes it back - unfortunately, complete with the glitch!

I thought this was purely an issue with my phone where I've seen it happen a few times (almost invariably after attempting to tag users - to the extent I stopped trying), but it happened on the tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S3...I think) yesterday, so apparently not.

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