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  1. Highlights how wonderfully shite that Rexton is, beautiful!
  2. I picked up a replacement Bosch maf for mine off ebay from a breakers. Risk of getting a dud part but you can buy many ebay parts for one new Bosch.
  3. It was simply a direct reply to the last sentence of the quoted message, pointing out the new owner was lying about keeping the car. I suppose at the end of the day, it should barely be news as people lie all the time!
  4. ah yeah, attention usually goes to stuff that's silly clean with that crowd.
  5. Boring car boring update: Miles have passed. This is all. Handled a 1600 mile round trip from Scotland to south wales including kayaks and camping supplies like a dream. The service light has started to bother me (last change was only around 7000 miles ago on synthetic, but it's been a year) so as I was up north at my parents I figured I might as well take advantage of their big shed. Oil? Check. Filter? Check. Pressure sensor? Check. Tea? Check. Wrong cabin filter (not pictured)? Also check. (Meant to buy the charcoal version but bought a regular one, oh well.) I bought the sensor because it was a fiver and I vaguely remembered seeing an oil leak from the sensor, or around it in the past. Yep, still leaking. On closer inspection, the oil is coming, at least partially, from above the pressure sensor. I'm not sure what else is there, maybe PCV? I need to do some searching up and work out what the culprits could be (or if anyone has any experience or insight I'd love to hear it). I apologize for the grainy photos of the oil change, I was running on a backup phone. As tax, have a DSLR photo I took recently on a run with a mate.
  6. I agree, For more extreme stuff I think it does hamper as you sometimes want to keep wheels spinning for momentum or finding where the grip is, but for gravel tracks or wet grass it lets someone with little experience just put their foot down and it help its self to go. I've seen some fairly impressive performances from some TC systems moving power around the wheels, eventually finding the grip and getting moving,
  7. I was going to suggest it's the dreaded e throttle issues, but luckily for you the 850 gets a cable throttle. I don't know if you're a member already but the Volvo UK forum has a wealth of knowledge on it: https://www.volvoforums.org.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=16 I think I'd start by cleaning the throttle body and idle air control valve. Could be throttle position sensor but I'm not sure if that would give the surge or not.
  8. When you have rusty old cars its a bit of a lottery from what I've seen in the family fleet. Of the 2 I've had done myself one was a complete shitshow on advisorys and a fail for a brake fluid leak so minor the level in the tank hadn't gone down (seep through a crush washer) but more recently my Volvo passed first time with only a handful of minor advisories.
  9. The 50cc class electric bikes generally just have terrible weak motors, there is generally no more power to be extracted. Why waste money on a nice motor and restricting it when a cheaper one would do. Some of the electric bicycles and kick scooters have stronger motors than the 50cc equivalent mopeds (although you're not supposed to ride those on the road on those in full power mode)
  10. Not a bike owner, been looking in to electric bikes a bit lately. This is all on paper stuff so grain of salt: 50cc bikes are restricted here to shite power. The leccy equivalent have the same power restrictions, so although the instant torque makes them take off faster, you're still limited to the same slow speed on a pull up a hill as that power is too little to overcome weight up a hill. Official way is to not slow to a crawl is to upgrade to a 125 class bike (electric or petrol) but you could try NewPOD's suggestion for a small boost in power
  11. I did initially try a thumb detecting nutfucker, but they were on tight and I was starting to do a little damage. The tool needs a little work (I have another old hubnut to start again) but it did the job with no damage. I'm loving the volvo life. It's not taken much work and it's real nice to drive now.
  12. Finally, I want to have a good gripe about a completely random issue. Sometimes it would decide that 2000rpm was the perfect speed to idle at. Went through the usual suspects, these have issues with the throttle body where the contacts will wear out after a while and produce interesting idles. Spent a while poking about trying to avoid having to spend a grand on a new one. I ran the test on it using the scan tool, and the 2 sensors stayed within 1 degree of each other through the whole range, so it wasn't that causing the problem. One day in the middle of the summer stuck in crawling traffic it got quite hot as it refused to idle properly and had to keep holding the brake against the torque converter. I gave up figuring it out for a bit when I left the car at my parents to go to uni in September. The hint to the solution happened to be on front of me on the day of this image. I came back from uni in December, started it up (first time, perfect), and went for a drive. Why's my heater shite? Oh, we're running cold. I picked up a thermostat from the local motorfactor, popped it in, and not only did I get a much much hotter heater, my idle problem disappeared. Why did a thermostat fix it? No idea. It even idled until it was way too hot one day. I'm just happy it's fixed. This concludes my notes, for now....
  13. For the underneath, there's been a few more parts required. The engine mounts needed a little work. As did the front A arm bushings. but some approved parts have sorted it out. The Wheel bearings were sounding worse and worse, so I took a guess at which one it was based on which side was slightly loose, and bought a replacement, which while bolt on (very handy), required disassembly of the entire hub. Much better. But didn't solve the noise. FUCK! Yeah, it's fucked. Also did the front strut mounts, which were well overdue. Could move the left one around by hand. I thought this was going to be a simple job, but Volvo decided to use a strange nut on the mount. Very handy. Fortunately I have access to an angle grinder, and I now own volvo special tool #42069. Shiny! Finally, a set of good quality Michelins to grace my rims. They don't do the PilotSport in a 15 inch rim, so Crossclimate 2 will have to do .
  14. Been meaning to start this for a while, but been a touch lazy. This is my 2000 Volvo V70 in all of its detuned 5 cylinder goodness. Complete with a Grandad spec interior, an abundance of blank buttons and a cavernous boot. I got it last year for a massive £300 with a few minor issues * (more on that later) For the easy to get to stuff: when I got it the rear wiper motor and one of the window relays were buggered, which was an easy fix, and only required crawling around under the dashboard for one of the many relay boxes. I also spent £450 on getting the AC fixed (well worth it, even if it was more than the car). I also replaced the broken double din head unit with a cheapo ebay Android auto unit (above). I'd rather have the stock stereo but I can't be bothered to do the dance to find one that works with it.
  15. Ah well, ya see, I might have broken it. Went to check my oil one morning and the plastic had snapped leaving the metal stick in the tube and the handle departed. Was just the photo I had handy that shows it best.
  16. I believe it is because the suspension in these is set up to accommodate the inline 6 transverse that the s80 got, even though the v70 and s60 never got the engine so don't need the extra room, they share the parts. The previous generation only gets up to the 5 pot transverse so a touch more room. re: High beam: I noticed mine is the same. Won't stick on to highbeam when you have the dial pointed at off, even though that still means lights on for me
  17. Oh that's interesting. It's the same design as the whiteblock dipstick, but the whiteblock one is red (both in my mates 95 850 and my 00 P2 V70)
  18. Love the steelies on it! How many bugs did you have to extract from your teeth?
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