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  1. On my old mk5 transit the belt went and bent the pushrods and I reckon a lot are sacrificially designed for the rockers to pop as much easier to do. The old tranny just had a new belt the rods straightened in the vice. Good luck in the new venture and if you are considering selling the sister on let me know. Gzongenflatch
  2. When you’ve fixed everything can you arrange to put it up for sale ready for October this year please when I will need a big comfy barge for a few months whilst working again. Thanks. Gzongenflatch
  3. I’d disagree if that user is identified let’s say via a post a pic of yourself thread then they are identified. Anything that you state in the t&c is not enforceable especially if it’s a click n ignore. If you want to play the publisher role then you’re also ultimately liable for the content and I can’t see anyone who owns the domain wanting to be liable for content somehow. What is the official position re copyright from the domain owners? Who are the domain owners? Gzongenflatch
  4. Has anyone in “authority” read the GDPR regs for personal data? By having registration the data is usually deemed personal and therefore either a user can delete or a mod would have to delete everything upon request including quotes so be careful what you wish for. Gzongenflatch
  5. 3ltr straight 6, 3 or 5 series. The cleanest one you can find. Gzongenflatch
  6. Looks excellent and just make sure the kettle is properly installed too! Gzongenflatch
  7. Mini being driven by Minnie Driver. Gzongenflatch
  8. Your imagination is stupendous Gzongenflatch
  9. Check the earth points behind the headlights too as that’s a prime one for the pump failing when it’s actually cutting in and out because of the earth. You’ll also be replacing headlight bulbs often which is the first clue. The tabs dissolve. Gzongenflatch
  10. Everyone is looking for someone. Gzongenflatch
  11. Come on ted review the clues Gzongenflatch
  12. Here’s another random picture of not me off the internet to prove your point.
  13. Inner steering rack joint has small play so will do that in summer when I can be bothered.
  14. Well this is boring it’s still burning all of the fuel but making progress. MOT due soon so expect tears and gnashing of teeth.
  15. Side on photo. Will dig further.
  16. My now sadly deceased friend had a J reg coupe. That was a new shell made up by the local dealers. I’ll try and dig a pic out
  17. Ruinous Range Rover has just been used too so no grim reports this week at least she has done about 1k in that too but for significantly more fuel. Mrs B reckons it shudders at 60/65 when rolling which is likely the expensive prop but we will flush the box as soon as I’m unemployed again and get some time.
  18. Cleared 1k miles in this since it landed and have some of the second tank left. It’s been reassuringly boring. What it does need is a spare wheel jack and wheel brace in that plastic thingy so if anyone is binning a polo or a golf I guess give me a shout before the scrappy arrives please. Will exchange for cash etc.
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