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  1. I went to see this one. Too much body damage. Where it was lifted with a fork lift through the left door. The mark on the roof is crack where it has split, and the line above the right wheel the fork lift had scraped through it.
  2. Just come across this, @4wheeledstool, is the NSU TT still available?
  3. @LightBulbFun @lanciamatt, Dez is in the ulez charge zone, but not the congestion charge zone. Thats why I used the Kitten, no charge for a historic vehicle ! Look at the TfL map and choose your route carefully. Theres a big C painted on the road when you enter the congestion charge zone.
  4. @LightBulbFun, All this talk of finding a local garage, I cannot find one (on the internet) in your area who is likely to do the work required. My thoughts are that REV now stops and goes, for short journeys, but dont go too far, and be careful. I am sure you will spot anything that is not good in REVs running. And your circumstances are not practical to do all the work required to make a complete job. Like you, I thought more had been done when I saw REV. What I would do is wait until spring, and the FOD is up and running with the "barn" available for shelter, and then people who know what they are doing can work on both REV and @Mrs6C s Model 70. in comfort. It will take some time, but will be worth it in the end.
  5. Sorry to hear of THAT illness in the family. Hope all get better soon, best wishes.
  6. @DodgeRoverYeah, I did notice that, but it is not interfering with the twist movement, it is in the slot on the twist rotating handle. I did accidentally pull the inner out of the cable while we were in the cab, but after cutting a fresh end off the carb end it fed easily back into it from the handle, so that proved the cable is good. @LightBulbFunI suggest if you want to replace the twist grip, get the same one that @Zelandethhas. See this page on Retro Rides: (I think Zel did a post here, but cant find it!) https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/207975/model-invacar-visitors-occasional-distractions?page=42
  7. @LightBulbFunThe best way of getting underneath for this job is by putting the rear wheels up on ramps. The cable needs to be supported at short regular intervals, as per @Mrs6C suggestion. Cable ties would probable do. That would do away with where it hangs down in the pic. If you wish REV to be transported back to the FOD, I might be able to arrange this. Perhaps in the new year, more people will look at her and be able to sort the worst of the problems.
  8. @Zelandeth @dollywobbler Did either manage to get pics of the throttle cable path for @LightBulbFun ? Before you do anything with the cable, confirm the path. I am convinced once that is right, it will be the answer. Remember the trick for oiling the cable by hanging it from the balcony. Sorry I cannot get to you before January sometime.
  9. I would not cut the cable you have, I am still convinced it is the path it takes from handle to carb causing the problem . If it is too long, there may be a way of "loosing" the extra with finding the appropriate path.
  10. @LightBulbFun Its the path that the cable take that needs to be got right first before the new one is fitted, I still think that has a lot to do with it. Before fitting, hang the new cable up straight (from your balcony) and feed some 3in1 oil into it so it goes the whole length, and make sure the inner moves easily in side the outer.
  11. Looks promising. It would have to be mounted somewhere where the weather cannot get at it, if underneath in a sealed box. But I am sure there must be an answer, what do other Model 70s and other rear engined vehicles with hand controls do??
  12. @LightBulbFun, Did you put the indicator stalk on the left of the handlebar, where @Zelandeth has it on TPA ? If you remember, the stalk got in the way of the cable. Look at Zels pics, and fit the indicator stalk and twist grip like that, and it will be a straighter path to the bulhead. It should come into the cab through the same hole. @Mrs6C, I tried pulling the inner of the cable with mole grips, (see earlier post) and it did move., so I think the cable inner is free. I think the problem is all down to the path from the handle to the carb. Hoping to see some pics from @Zelandeth and @dollywobbler of their undersides.
  13. I would go for C, then give them both a few weeks to see which I like best, then sell the other.
  14. On the phone, a Galaxy S8, I use both Firefox and its own browser on several sites without problems. On the pc, I use Linux OS, with Chrome, and Firefox, again no probs. Except that Firefox crashes every so often.
  15. @Zelandeththanks for pics! @LightBulbFun, REVs indicator switch is on the right, so to get the cables straight path as TPA, it will have to be moved over to the left side. If you remember, the lever got in the way of the cable. I think REVs cable goes through a hole in the vertical panel(does it?) so it should be moved to where TPA has it. Both of those changes should make a favourable difference by making a looser bend. Next is to look at the path underneath the car.
  16. @Mrs6C, Ahhh!! I see !! If you look at REVs picture, you can see the green throttle cable hanging low, that is the position it almost wants to work. Fix it higher, and the problems come. @LightBulbFunForgot to mention REVs charge light problem: There is a large relay somewhere to operate the starter side of the Dynastart. You can hear it click when you operate the starter with the key. It could be the contacts in that. I did notice a voltage regulator in REV positioned on the chassis near the rear offside light. That is the most likely place for the fault. There will be a type number on the top. It looks like the Bosch one on the Daf. The Daf has a conventional starter and dynamo, so they are probably different types, but in the same box. Those are places to look for REVs charging problems. I will have to look at the circuit to see how it works, probably similar to the NSU, which also had a Dynastart.
  17. @LightBulbFunThere is a large relay somewhere to operate the starter side of the Dynastart. It could be the contacts in that. I did notice a voltage regulator in REV positioned on the chassis near the rear offside light. It looks like the Bosch one on the Daf. That has a conventional starter and dynamo, so they are probably different types, but in the same box. Those are places to look for REVs charging problems. @Zelandeth Has TPA got something similar? It will have something like white paint as a sealer on top over the cover screw, covering the points. Before trying to adjust it, try cleaning the points and see if the voltage on load improves. It will have the Bosch type number on the cover. I had an awful job with the Dafs regulator but got it right in the end.
  18. I checked the butterfly at the carburettor, with the cable disconnected, and it easily opened and closed (with the spring fixed to the air filter, as @Zelandeth pictured) when I moved it with my finger. For the throttle cable, it seems to be free but tight along its length because I disconnected the twist grip and pulled the inner cable and @LightBulbFun saw that the throttle butterfly open and close. The twist grip is free to rotate when off the handle bar. But I did notice it was fixed too far up the handlebar, by the bend which it rubbed against, so I moved it more towards the end, and it is now free to rotate. With it fixed to the handle bar, and the cable hanging loose, the throttle appears to work, but it is stiff, and the return is sluggish. If it is held up, like Zel’s pic, it does not return properly and the throttle remains open. As @Mrs6C says, fix it at close intervals, but I would like to see the path it should take from one end to the other, perhaps pictures of the route on TPA from Zel and TWC from @dollywobbler would help. I think once we find a path without any tight bends that might be the answer. For the fuel gauge, I have found several Veglia Borlettis and connection diagrams, but none exactly like this. At the sender, one is for a switch to earth for the low fuel light, so the light connected to the + terminal goes there. The other two are the level resistor, but not sure of which is what colour, or how the connections go. Further investigation to come. Not sure if REV has a voltage stabiliser like that, it would be mounted on the back of the speedo, but I cant see one in Claire s pic.
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