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eBay tat volume 3.


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2 hours ago, egg said:


"The Austin is one off [of] the best money can buy [no it isn't] there is [are] 5 left on the British roads [in that case @vulgalour and I own 40% of them] and I would say this could be the best.The shell is absolutely unbelievable no rust! The car has been fully wax oiled and dry stored for 26 years only covering 6000 miles. There are couple of tiny spots on the body work and the driver rear wheel arch has started to blister but hey guys these rusted away after 6 years from new it’s 32 years. [So no rust then, yeah?]

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8 hours ago, Talbot said:

I understood there was an issue with a change of regs recently where a NOVA or similar paperwork can only be carried out by the importer of the vehicle, and there are a list of approved importers.  Anyone other than that (EG a private individual) is no longer able to do the paperwork themselves.

There's apparently already a "tame" importer who will do the paperwork for a £95 fee, but it's still yet another bloody hoop.

I'd quite like it tho...

or perhaps sir prefers one in red? or why not both :mrgreen:

On 19/02/2023 at 14:44, RED2stroke said:


Rubbish pics, but might be worth a look?


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'87 Cadillac Sedan DeVille advertised for 950 quid. I've actually spoken to the owner of this who used it as advertisment for his burger van, offering my help to get it running. He doesn't have any knowledge about car mechanics/electronics at all and decided against dumping money into it, so instantly assumes the worst. Unfortunately it does have the 4.1 which is not a great engine, at what he says 87k miles this might not mean all doom and gloom though, he never had a battery on it to even try.

At this price it's hard to lose and I'd give it a go myself but it's not like I don't have enough projects yet. Happy to facilitate any deal and help getting it up and running though.



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11 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Nice, but no way is that worth two bags in that condition.

Given the tide line around the sills, I'd say the crucial rear trailing arm mounts will be made of weetabix by now. Very difficult to repair also. 

My '78 was similar and lost a rear trailing arm going slowly up a kerb. 

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4 hours ago, Faker said:

You do know @Shite Ronthat if they were over here in Norn Iron they’d be rehoused to faker’s house! But shipping costs from the mainland make these  rather uneconomical for me…

I thought of you as soon as I saw the listing, could be a nice*day out, not far from the Birkenhead ferry. Put the red one on the trailer and chop the roofless one into small enough sections to throw on the back of the tow vehicle for spares? The ferry cost could make this idea uneconomical though.

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Picture 10 of 10

project kit car | eBay

Picture 7 of 10

'A horrific, badly made shit heap that will just keep costing you money and has less substance than those fucking wheelie bins. But enough about the Jaguar, here is my Avanti kit car'

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I am a retired mechanic, I worked for SIMCA for a long time. I have changed all the fluids, oil changes etc, the ignition, the brakes, the carburation, everything has been changed or overhauled. No corrosion, upholstery in good condition, without tears, perfect headlining, dashboard not cracked, does not overheat




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