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eBay tat volume 3.

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1 minute ago, The Vicar said:

Nor I, but all things considered it doesn't seem too crazy for a 30 year old hot Jap these days, does it?

Nope, compared to the equivalent Toyota it's reasonable, a little rarer and cooler for it too, if you like that kind of thing, which I do.

Those wheels are smashing!

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With more leaks than a greengrocer, this non MOT'd, cosmetically improved* Manual baby V6 in the best colour, with full service history M8 could be a shitters back door into prestige motoring at nearly 700 nicka. (That's quite a lot for this questionably immobile failure actually). They've managed to kill it in the 7 months they've had it but, it may well have had expensive rear suspension work already done. No frontal pics though.

"You will need to pay for car online as I am lady"

She is lady.

"parts come to £870 but hands to £2700 plus vat, so great to repair..."

Hells bells.




NO. Replacement bonnet required...





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7 hours ago, BorniteIdentity said:


I find this very, very tempting.  Base spec, big miles, cheap price, looks like a dodgy dealer.




Good base for the 116 Trophy. It's absolutely mega. I'd recommend it to anyone who is into class-free racing with control base cars at a reasonable budget. The sort of person who would like Locost but wants to be in something enclosed. The guys at 750MC are just great too

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58 minutes ago, horriblemercedes said:

That is a belter. To the right buyer I think it's a fair price (I think there's far more of a market in Ireland than Great Britain for this kind of thing)

That'll sell easy.  Retro Japanese stuff is loved in Ireland. 

Speaking of the Irish market, not seen an AE86 or a Galanza over in the UK in aaaaages. Semi frequent sighting in Ireland especially during rally season. 

My eldest cousin had an early boxy turbo Legacy, pre Impreza, late 80s. The thing went like stink, easily 200bhp+. Sold it for a B Spec Legacy which also went like stink. I was only 18 at the time and (probably thankfully) could only insure a Starlet at the time. 


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This ship sailed in 2019, a mixed collection of barn finds, quite possibly a lifetimes chod hoarding, 135 cars is impressive.

These vehicles have been stored in numerous barns on the same property for quite a few years.
The property that the vehicles had been stored has been sold for redevelopment and the vehicles needed to be moved to make way for the redevelopment.
The vehicles have been collected from the barns that they lay in and transported to our site ready to be auctioned.








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1 hour ago, BeEP said:

Tidy looking 1.4 Saxo (so should go quite well) with long MOT, new clutch and interesting* 90's French seats...





Lovely. Although those seats do look like they've got precision-arranged blood stains on them. :D 

There's a pristine early Saxo near me, on an N-plate, gets driven regularly by an older couple. I'm keeping half an eye on it, just in case a "for sale" sign ever appears in its window.

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1 hour ago, Craig the Princess said:

Don't understand why you wouldn't put in a car for an mot if you wanted to sell it with 2 weeks left.


Oh, is it because someone stole it while you were talking the pictures? Fair enough.



It's the 300HP they quote it's got that makes it disappear off the picture.

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