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  1. That looks like one of the cheaper accessory shop steering wheels. Possibly Momo? Or Astrali? Centre badge typically two crossed chequered flags or suchlike, because sports car! I had one until fairly recently. I think I threw it away.
  2. I think so, in that case. IIRC the hazards are supposed to work with ignition on or off but I'd be surprised if an MOT tester made an issue of it. You could disconnect the live feed (black) at the switch, then take a new live feed direct from the input of the ignition switch..
  3. It needs a constant live feed and an ignition switched feed.
  4. The boat is probably beyond hope, but it is indeed a historic craft as it has a Hotchkiss Conical Propeller system, flawed but worth preserving. I didn't know either, but Googled it and Donald V. Hotchkiss sounds like a superbly eccentric inventor.
  5. Not enough to make me an expert, but I have driven the rear engined 1000s which seemed pleasant enough for a small family car but not very exciting - did not go fast enough to experience the infamous handling. Then we had Horizons on the fleet when they were new. I thought these were a good package, roomy, comfortable and quite easy to work on. They had a very odd feel to the steering, but you got used to it. Overall, likeable and more interesting than the ever-present Escorts and Fiestas, but didn't seem as solid or well built as a Ford.
  6. An audible warning is acceptable for the indicators. Not sure on the age for the main beam light, I don't think it was ever officially fitted to UK cars. But you will find all the wiring already in place behind the dash for any missing warning lights. Citroen used the same loom for all models, but did not necessarily connect everything. This is a useful diagram, although it doesn't show the rear fog which was an odd UK market fitment. Its switch would be fed from the green cable coming out of the lighting switch. The relay cluster which the green cable goes into is the dim/dip control, not always fitted, and a Bad Thing, now usually disconnected.
  7. I'm sure a local tyre place will know what is available.
  8. A bit more weight in the back might get the wheel cylinder working. For example, as much booze as possible: . Seriously, probably best left alone as it might start leaking if provoked. Great progress so far! Bonne Route!
  9. @lesapandreSlightly off topic, but while we wait for the excitement to start, how does the Voiture de Collection status work? Is it just an age thing? What are the pros and cons? And how does the French CT compare with the UK MOT?
  10. Certain Haynes manuals used to have a blurb on the back cover which said something like: "We will show you clever ways of doing difficult jobs without using the manufacturer's special tools." Turn to a difficult job, and they tell you to go to the main dealer and ask nicely if you can borrow the special tool. Yeah, OK. Did anybody ever do this and live to tell the tale?
  11. Diagram suggests connector C46. Might respond to contact cleaner, or just run an new earth..
  12. Quite possibly, but I always tend to assume the previous owner was an idiot until proved otherwise!
  13. Agreed. I think you ought to be getting full fuel pressure with ignition switched on. The pump is working a bit, so the relay is doing something, suspect the pump. Try a live feed or bypass the relay and see what happens. Not intending to be critical of what you guys are doing btw. we all work different ways and I wasn't there.
  14. Not the inhibitor switch in that case, as the relay is fed from it. On the diagram posted earlier the white/black from the starter relay coil is shown as feeding a "burglar alarm." This has to provide the earth for the relay. It should be safe to earth the white/black directly. Nearly there, anyway.
  15. An investment of Austins? Value can go down as well as up....
  16. That's a home built body. Nicely done, but it isn't quite what it is claimed to be.
  17. I don't think it would take a competent auto electrician very long to diagnose this. Obviously the problem is finding such a person, but it might be worth paying for.
  18. Battery earth lead doesn't look good, but I would have thought good enough to operate a few relays even if not the starter. An extra earth from the battery to the engine block might help. @St.Jude Why do you think the green relay is the starter? It may be, but how did you arrive at that? Nothing in the fuse box area looks much like the diagram - but on all the 820 diagrams I have seen the colour codes are fairly standard. So can you check the colours of the wires going to the green relay, and the adjacent fuse, and we can then work out what it does? I do appreciate how difficult this is when you don't have the car on site, you have limited time, and the weather is crap, etc. I have been there. But you have to approach this logically if you want to get anywhere with it. Just saying.
  19. I once drove from London to Barcelona with two mates in an overloaded Fiat 850T van with a persistent misfire. It took a while. 1300cc should be plenty.
  20. Will be following this expedition closely as I have a bit of an interest in Simca. They were very successful as an independent company and they did some innovative designs, so they must have had some good engineers. The 1100 was well liked and they built loads of them. A bit like a BMC 1100, but more practical with a hatchback and decent ground clearance, and the running gear carried on into the Horizon/Alpine range so there can't be much wrong with it. France is a big country and people drive long distances so their cars are built with that in mind. There is every chance that this car will just take the journey in its stride. I'd watch the cooling system though if it's just been pottering around locally, and don't push it too hard. As said, take a few days over it.
  21. That's exactly the point. I don't get why everybody doesn't just do that, and suitable types would have been identified. I don't actually remember many condenser failures back in the day on the stuff that I serviced, and certainly didn't think of them as being unreliable. It was mostly Bosch and Marelli rather than Lucas so maybe I was just lucky. I have Lumenition on the 2CV which gives no trouble and seems to be a good quality product, but it's more because of poor access to the points than anything else.
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