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  1. I have changed an engine in one of these, leaving the gearbox in place, and I do not remember it as being difficult once the bonnet is out of the way. I wouldn't bother trying to get the sump off in situ.
  2. I always thought Moses was a biker. As in: "And lo, the roar of Moses' Triumph was heard throughout Israel"
  3. The MGB does not need an oil cooler for normal road use. It was fitted as a belt-and-braces precaution when the 5 bearing engine was introduced, as a result of bottom end problems with the early 3 bearing engine. And it has continued ever since, because sportscar. In reality, the oil will take longer to get up to working temperature, if it ever does. You would need an oil temperature gauge to observe this of course. Thousands of identical 1.8 B series engines went into Marinas without oil coolers, and there were no problems as a result. Admittedly oils have improved meanwhile. You are better off without it. But no MGB enthusiast will believe that. Cue: "Yes I hear what you are saying, but...." so I'm wasting my breath. Btw. I am an ex owner.
  4. That sure is a phun phact! I thought the Naco screen might be 100E, as are the tail lights - in fact the whole thing is a fake 100E, which makes it a bit pointless because by 1960 you could probably buy a genuine used 100E for the cost of building a Naco.
  5. Yes I believe I saw the survivor, and it did look quite well sorted. I doubt if many were made. What is the windscreen from? National Historic Specials meeting at Cotswold Wildlife Park this Sunday 14th, IIRC. Today's restorations are mostly far better built and finished than they were originally.
  6. Sprite Mk 3, because door handles, taller screen, and proper windows with quarter lights. The equivalent Midget was a Mk2.
  7. It's a Naco. Ford special obvs, very obscure one, can't find much online.
  8. Dunno M8. I have seen the "Declaration required" thing but didn't ever pay it much attention. I would guess that the People in Charge realised that it needed a bit more explanation. As you say, not all old V5s have it, but I think given the number of documents involved there would be more than one printer in use and they were perhaps not all working from the same template - it could just be something quite boring really.
  9. See also: Vision of the Future (The Nightmare Begins) (icenicam.org.uk).
  10. Yeah this sort of thing is irritating, but bear in mind the author may have had nothing to do with it. His story might well have been ghost written or edited by someone at the publishing stage who did minimal research, and the photo was probably just a stock image chosen by the book designer because it looked nice. Unless it is a serious textbook or something of that sort, the author often has very little to do with the finished product once they have submitted the text.
  11. Hmm yes possibly, though the Land Rover(s) seem to have a better story than the lorry. If it was impounded by the police, and the false number seems to have been removed, I wouldn't have thought they would have put it back on before selling or scrapping it. Maybe they just weren't so careful in those days.
  12. Edit - I remember the robbery but was too young at the time to take it all in, so have just been reading up on it. Interestingly the 2 Land Rovers used both had the false plate BMG 757A. Which now comes up on DVLA as a 1949 Land Rover, first reg. Feb 1984!! Someone is having a laugh here, or was in 1984. I wonder whether the Austin truck is the original.
  13. Just thinking about this. If the number was known to be false at the time of the robbery it is interesting that it was sold on under that number - or was it? It must have been registered to someone at that time. Was the number that of an older Austin for which the owner had a logbook?
  14. Looking at the close-up it does appear to say "False number plate." If you look at the plate itself, isn't it a stick-on plastic sheet with separate letters?
  15. This: www.pinterest.com/pin/the-great-train-robbery--571253533957687683/ Can't upload it here for some reason, but it looks like the truck was BPA 206 at the time of the robbery - with a very hand-painted plate.
  16. I think the Moskvich had larger wheelarches than that, and had a bit more style than the Opels. What's the script on the rear wing though?
  17. Is that possibly an inv***r Mk 12D, second series, facelift GT, in the centre of the picture?
  18. Wolseley and Riley had different braking systems for some strange BMC reason. That appears to have Lockheed cylinders rather than Girling, which IIRC makes it a Riley.
  19. I'll just get my anorak.... The Sirocco GT was certainly about the right size and shape, but it was fairly okay as it was, so why would anyone modify it extensively? Bear in mind that a bodyshell wasn't particularly cheap at the time. My thoughts on the orange body - what is it made of? The write up mentions fibreglass, but somewhat out of context. Looking at the general shape, the curvatures, and apparently thin panels, and the detail of the rear end/boot opening it looks like aluminum. I think it is amateur built, maybe over- ambitious but not a bad effort tbh. It is usually easier, cheaper and quicker to make a one-off body in metal than fibreglass, which a lot of people don't realise. The space frame looks very similar to one of the Falcon designs, but presumably the Falcon lickers have looked into that.
  20. That is an interesting one. I have seen the pictures before and it is certainly a well made chassis. I think though that it is a larger car than the blue one. The writeup says that it now has a Falcon Mk2 body which is quite a hefty piece of kit - about the size of an MGB or MX5, and usually 90" wheelbase. The mystery car is smaller than that. I'm not dismissing anyone's theories out of hand. I am intrigued by it, but there is a lot of wishful thinking going on. Incidentally I have restored 1950s Specials and built a few cars of that sort from scratch, so I know what I am talking about.
  21. I think that is a re-creation of an actual Daimler prototype, so it is what it says it is.
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