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LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, still harping on...


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7 hours ago, DodgeRover said:

Keep me posted I really would like a TR7, strangely many more convertibles seem to have survived compared to the hardtops.

Will do.

Convertibles are probably more useful as there's no height restriction if you want to fit a 50" telly in it and are far more stable than a 3 wheeler. That might be why Tony Pond rallied one rather than an invacare, although it was a TR7V8 at first.

I wonder how that was recorded by the DVLA? LOL

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4 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

yeah it is quite amusing ill give you that, as @wuvvum says the only reason I have a cheque book is because I had to send off a V62, but I do wonder if theres method to the madness :) 

(or would that be method to the antiquity in this case? LOL)


see in some regards, im kinda glad its so archaic, I mean imagine if a V62 could be done online with a debit/credit card or paypal

the amount of people would probably fuck around with that would probably increase quite a bit, not to mention any potential bots or such


but by being a physical form you have to fill out and take to the post office plus get a cheque for, it probably helps just by "natural selection" if thats the right phrase? filter out the people who might try and half heartedly apply for the logbook of a Ford Escort Mexico or something such

and also physical stuff leaves a physical audit trail, which I imagine would probably come into play if there was a legal dispute over who had the rights to the keepership of a vehicle


and I do wonder if the DVLA themselves are aware of this, because pretty much every other service can be done online these days

you can tax vehicles online, do keepership changes online, you can even request a duplicate logbook online if and pay the the same V62 £25 fee online, and even change the address on ones logbook online


but you explicitly cannot do a request for a vehicle logbook that is not already in your name, and so I kinda wonder if that is intentional


It's usually not a trivial exercise to automate a process, just writing and agreeing the spec never mind the programming, testing, integration testing etc.etc. can take a lot of time even if it's apparently simple. I suspect that it's not cost effective, would need additional validation and they're still getting over the impact of Covid. I'm pretty sure the DVLA are aware of it, we may criticise them but they're not a bunch of window lickers. Sometimes manual systems beat automated ones hands down.

Audit trails don't need to be physical for them to be used in legal disputes.All my investments are done over the web and I don't lose any sleep over their ownership.

Is this OK Dave?

You also have a PM.

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On 08/02/2024 at 17:06, LightBulbFun said:

my insurance curiously* specifically excludes pillion passengers 


so no @warren t claim Biker chick dating advice for me sadly!

(*I mean I get why its on there given what REV is, but it still amuses me to see it LOL)

tyres aint a problem tho :) 


If I owned REV I'm sure I'd still be a virgin.

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5 hours ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

Must be a good one - the ad says rhe body has no rust and hasn’t been welded…

Say what you like about Trabants, even they are infinitely better vehicles than any invacare will ever be.

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On 08/02/2024 at 16:29, LightBulbFun said:

just checking in on REV's DVLA record


well aint that curious! :) 

still waiting on this sudden V5 to arrive, and see if theres any covering note as to WTF is going on


but I am actually even more pissed of now because unless there is a cover note says otherwise or gives a damn clear explanation as to what they are playing at.


 it looks like, on the surface, it looks like the DVLA have just patched the symptom and not the cause


you only get a double wording like that from the DVSA's MOT checker when a vehicle is removed from the coded system entirely (or of something obscure that does have a make code)


what it *should* display and *was* displaying until recently is "INVACAR UNKNOWN" (the DVSA has its own lookup table which was not fucked up like the DVLA's one, UNKNOWN is displayed when there is a make code, but no model codel recorded,, which is normal fair for lower volume production vehicles the DVLA only bothered with make codes for those)



so this tells me they likely just removed REV from the coded system and someone just manually typed in INVACAR under the manual entry system, rather then, you know fix the look up table they fucked up!

this concerns me quite a bit because it may well mean that REV will stop show up in statistics like how many left, and certain online tools like how I get/apply for her parking permit, something that clearly relies on the the vehicle being part of the coded system, may cease to recognise REV as a valid vehicle, which is all sorts of pain I dont want to have to deal with.



a prime example of this is @egg/ @Mrs6C's Invacar Mk12c from 1968, when this Invacar was resurrected with the DVLA, whoever handled that, never coded it in


so you will see despite it being a 1968 Invacar and SORN, its nowhere to be found in how many left, statistics, because it was never properly coded in



and even going to the start, note how in @egg's V62 response for it


see how make and model is completely blank? again thats because it was never coded in properly


so now effectively it seems they have fucked up REV's record in the same manner, and this also means all the other Invacars will not be fixed either


as above im still waiting for further correspondence from the DVLA so perhaps they will give an explanation, but right now on the surface it does not look good

and hopefully people can understand why I am quite pissed off about this


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4 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

and hopefully people can understand why I am quite pissed off about this


You are taking all this stuff far too seriously M8.

I know zilch about computer search systems, but is it possible that your industrial scale DVLA bashing has alerted them in some way, and they are wondering why somebody is so interested in such an obscure group of vehicles?   Not suggesting you are being in any way dishonest, but sometimes it's best to keep your head down.  Just saying.

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2 hours ago, Christine said:

Not to worry you , Total car check  has updated  the v5 issue date... but still call it  Invacare . Sadly very awesomely curious ?  

I'm neither worried nor awesomely curious.

Computer systems aren't perfect and occasionally throw up a glitch which can then subsequently disappear. I reckon it's only because you're checking the exact same record every day that you've noticed it. In normal circumstances no one would notice it.

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Just as an additional point if data is being or has been manually entered then most data entry clerks won't give a damn about whether it's an invacare or whatever. If it fails validation they'll find a code that it will accept, often using one they've found to work in the past. In my experience this is very rarely found out as nobody can be bothered to check, it's not a matter of life or death. I've been guilty of this as I was one for a few months after leaving uni whilst I decided what to do.

Obviously it is important with some systems but certainly not this one in my opinion.

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At the end of the day the model coding etc is not meant to be a public facing feature.

You know about it as an enthusiast/researcher but the chances are, if you complain to DVLA they won't really know what to do with it.

There must be tons of people with imports etc who don't have a coded model and manage to use their cars just fine.

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One thing I’m curious about is what makes you ‘check in’ on your cars DVLA record, and why by the sounds of it do you do it daily?!

Too much of a coincidence for you to have by chance checked in on the very day they issued a new V5?!

Ive only ever checked any of my vehicles if I’ve forgotten when the MOT runs out, just curious as to why you’d need to constantly check in on it?

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