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  1. You’d think, however 95% of people are horrified
  2. Try insuring a brand new 140k+ RR Sport, I regularly see premiums of 12k+ and people actually pay it!
  3. Oh and of course the minute I treat myself, the van creates an issue. Coming out of a farmers market yesterday I was stopping at the end of a car parking field and the ABS kicked in on some mud, now my brakes feel spongy and the pedal has loads of travel.. bearing in mind it’s just had two new calipers and a rear brake pipe, I wonder if some air had been trapped in the ABS pump or something and it kicking in has now moved it? I may end up just getting the fluid changed as I absolutely hate bleeding brakes and it then means it’s changed and they’ll bleed it.. two birds one stone..
  4. Now MOT etc is out the way I thought I’d treat myself to a diesel heater as we are in the Peak District 23rd-26th Dec so I assume it’ll be bloody freezing. It turned up today so I’m going to try and attack it in two stages as we are really busy up until we go away and I have no holiday left to use from work. Next weekend I’m going to drop the fuel tank on the van and fit the stand pipe and run the fuel lines, then weekend after il fit the heater itself and wire it in. Went for quite a fancy one which has an auto on/off feature so it’ll turn itself on at X temp and off at another. Handy for not cooking overnight yet not waking up freezing.
  5. I thought that but they look to have smaller reverse lights/bigger indicators
  6. Local Saturday auction has just posted some lots for tomorrow, can’t work out what the very boxy tail light is from?!
  7. “Invoice for timing chain replacement” 👀
  8. Came out alright for a rattle can on the driveway job, I’ll see how I feel for a few weeks then can always go back to silver easily!
  9. Not much to report other than I’m enjoying a non-knocking van! I know I said I was going to keep the wheels silver but I kept looking at the photo I had from the previous owner on darker ones so had to do them. They’re BMW ‘Sparkling graphite’ - in pics they look darker than in person. I’m really liking them! Went down to Colchester yesterday to a van conversion/lifestyle brand type place called Stitches and Steel as they had their winter open day on.
  10. Possibly, shame! Someone’s got a bargain. Would have been keen myself had timing been better.
  11. Pending marker has gone if anyone was interested!
  12. Ah that didn’t take long! Wasn’t pending when I posted it!
  13. This seems very well priced if as the description it’s only failed on emissions?! https://www.facebook.com/share/JiQY4m79zLVCypcK/?mibextid=79PoIi
  14. I never even knew you could get such an expensive tumble dryer, wouldn’t dream of paying that! It’s in and got some bits in now to try it. I’ve only gone and torn the new kitchen lino getting it into the kitchen so now I’m in the dog house.
  15. Going back to the tumble dryer topic I mentioned last week, I’m picking this up after work purely as it’s a bargain. No idea where it’ll go but worst case there looks to be a healthy profit in it!
  16. Just wanted to say your photography of the shite you post is fantastic. No idea what camera you use but the photos you post seem to make even shite shittest shite look great. Thread appreciation post I guess.
  17. Well bought. Has it got the pop up tape player thing? Had a Brava with one years ago!
  18. Yeah I’m amazed tbh. Over the moon though, went for a drive last night and it feels so quiet now, love it!
  19. Swinging about all over the shop, nut literally 2” down the thread so shit loads of room for it to be moving!
  20. I’ve only shitting fixed it. Anyone for a guess? Nothing to do with suspension or engine mounts. I have invoices from where the previous owner put it into a VW specialist who replaced all the ARB bushes etc and still couldn’t fix it. Ive just fixed for free in less than 15 minutes
  21. Nothing through the steering wheel, the knock feels and sounds like it’s drivers side under the pedals or that side wheel. The engine mount I posted the YouTube video of is of course in that location so I’ll check that out as best I can. I really want to sort it but at the same time don’t just want to throw parts at it. There is a Transporter specialist ‘Lowdown Transporters’ near me but I know what’ll happen if I book it in they’ll charge me a couple of hours labour to then say “we think it could be XYZ” which I then pay for and it still do it!
  22. Breaker bar is my style. Will try that! When I took it back for the retest he did give it another look over quickly and said there’s nothing MOT applicable with any sort of play now the wishbones are done and he did drive it too but couldn’t say much without spending more time on it. I did ask because it’s loudest when yanking the steering left to right whether it could be anything steering rack / inner tie rods but he didn’t seem to think so and said typically you’d feel some play in the steering but this is tight. He’s also a T5 owner so could compare it to his own. I think all I can really do is get under it and try the subframe bolts as mentioned, also il try and have a look at the engine mounts too but there’s no vibrations at all, nothing else bar this single side to side knock when turning hard left to right and then the few knocks in quick succession when pulling away.
  23. They have this rear engine mount which you can see in the below video The reason I thought perhaps not that was I assumed I’d be able to get a knock if I stuck it in gear sat still and lifted the clutch if you know what I mean? It only does it when moving, I can’t get any noise at all out of it sat still. Im going to try and get under it with on some drive up ramps at the weekend and have a pry about as it seems as though it’s something with play under load so I don’t know if jacking it up will disguise it.
  24. See I can’t get mine knock like that. If I swing the steering sharp to one side I get a single knock, and pulling away I sometimes get 2 or 3 knocks together. I would have thought it if it was the subframe or engine mounts I’d be able to get it by sitting with the brakes on and lifting the clutch in gear
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