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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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while i was unknowingly winning a roffle peugeot this evening, i went along to a local car meet  - what a lovely bunch of folk, and a great selection of cars - i didn’t manage to take any pics of my own as busy chatting to but this video gives a good idea.

first wednesday of the month, north east restoration club, washington, tyne and wear

the Exo seemed to be getting lots of attention, i'm glad i took it along 

some pics nicked off their fb page




















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The sound of expensive damage with neighbours cars, damage didn't price one up but real carbon fibre cannot be cheap as was the rear quarter taken out by a delivery van😂

It's weird that he has a spaceship mile good car and a grifter, guessing the good car on knock limited mileage as can't afford to run it daily. 

It's a topless and if you saw the state of them it's the last car to buy as fuggly lardy turds

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having gone to the docs due to ow regarding ongoing medical

he decided to give me antibiotics

without being asked he gave me a sicknote which i thought would be for 2 weeks (like previous 2)

i went into chemist next door and while waiting happened to look at it (to see who the doc was as ive not seen him before)

note is till 31st from tomorrow :D

oh shit what am i gonna do now :D

im going on holiday

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Just lost my internet connection (using my old iphone as a hotspot with a poor signal) so a frequent occurrence.

When it did not come back as usual, checked the phone to see "iphone overheated" message.

10 minutes in the fridge and I am back! :-) 

(37c here and computer says 13c at home so that is making me grin as well!)

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20 hours ago, Wack said:

Somebody is having a laugh on ebay , just checked my email when this popped up 


i thought wtf , clicked it 




20 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:

You could of linked it for us ....😕

Don't worry it was some comedian.

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walking around town today , and I dont know if its the hot weather , but a lot of young ladies have forgotton to put on bra's , just a light top , almost see throu  !!

a look in the mirror would of helped before going out and if the weather changes they will get could ....

anyway I must get another ice bag for my son , he walked into a lamp post for some reason ....

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Spotted a nice looking pie in a patisserie in Devon. I thought I would buy one and take it home.

Took it out of the oven. It said Pukka on the foil base.

I seem to be having my tousers pulled down a lot lately. When I'm not splitting them.

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