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How much shite is too much shite? Chod Updates - How Rusty is that ADO16?


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Purple IMP

All IMPs are 'worth something' to people looking for a nice old crock.

However the number of  *IMPnutters (in pieces every weekend/always tinkering/welding) is smaller.

The guy who puts the BMW bike engines in has fairly sunk the 'second mortgage to build a Wills ringed/Girdled crank/ BV firebreather'.... He is 'fit n forget' rocket power 😯😎

eBay those shells/alloy engines and they will sell....

*Yes, me 😉


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I would definitely like to have a chat with you or your mate about acquiring something.


I have a very loose idea of spending £notalot on a tax exempt small car, and a project doesn't bother me but I can't do welding (I know saying that in NE Scotland is hilarious).

Colour me very interested. How simple are Imps, for example?



I also really really want to play with that Barkas!

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9 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

Those Imps look like interesting projects. Is that a Californian or Stiletto in amongst? 

Off topic, but was it you who bought Vulgalour's old Polo breadvan years back? I remember it was put back to standard-ish. 

I think that there are both there. Not me on the polo, too new for me :-) 

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On 12/05/2024 at 19:25, Saabnut said:

Talking to my friend where the Sherpa was dropped off the other day. It would appear the additional aftermarket electric fuel pump was the problem. Removing it from the system has seen the van running well again. Too early to be 100% certain, but looking hopeful.

So, on to other things! Since arriving home I have been offered lots of interesting chod. First, located in South Yorkshire is a Barkas B1000. I am tempted with this.





I have little knowledge of these and no idea of value (anyone?) but as said I am tempted. I have not seen, just have loads of photos.

Friday, I was offered these Imp engines and transaxles





along with this fully welded shell


Along with these





I believe the seller has the bits from the cars in storage. There is also a TR6 (no photo I am afraid) as well as



Along with another easy project Midget

I have a friend who is going to see about this tomorrow (an 80)


and I have already bought this


Not sure if the Merc is available



and this


These all belonged to a classic specialist who ceased trading a couple of years ago and the ground needs clearing, so he is super easy to deal with! If anyone is interested in anything, let me know and I can find out. Located in my patch in NE Scotland.

and this


The purple car is a Sunbeam Sport launched in October 1966. By that point Imp sales were stalling and Rootes were badge engineering like mad to try and keep interest going.

It's a shame what happened - if Rootes hadn't been rushed into launching the car early - and had dripped the 'halo' specialist performance versions onto the market first whilst they sorted the snags - the story could have been very different. 

Rare car that Sunbeam. That purple may be an original colour.


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Went back to collect the MGB yesterday and got some more info. These cars have been sitting about 10 years and were welding projects awaiting their turn. The exceptions are the Imps as these were the interest of one of the partners who unfortunately had a bad accident which took him out of the game for several years, but has recovered enough to be starting again. The purple Sunbeam is an original colour but the roof is rotten and holed down the sides. One of the other shells is going to donate its roof.

In other news, my friend Pete has bought the Rover 80 and plans on a 200 TDi conversion. The owner is very easy to deal with.

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  • Saabnut changed the title to How much shite is too much shite? Chod Updates - How Rusty is that ADO16?

Been a busy but interesting week, culminating in not buying anything at Morris Leslies auction yesterday, despite bidding on a few! I felt that prices for good stuff were strong, which contradicts what the press et al are saying.

Having collected the MGB and delivered it to my friend in Perth, after 10 years sitting we were amazed that all the wheels turned, as did the engine. The next day my friend called to say a clean of the points, some oil down the bores and a temporary fuel tank had it running well.

Friday saw me going back for the ADO16 which had not moved in 12 years. Fortunately I have a decent winch on my trailer and despite 4 locked wheels it dragged it across to the trailer.  Introducing the wheels to a BFH as I had remembered to take a sledge hammer with me amazingly had all 4 turning by the time it was on the trailer. How rusty is it asked @SiC? I struggled to find securing points, and when fastening it down on the trailer went around the rear subframe with a ratchet strap and tightening the strap started to pull the subframe off!

Too low for a decent picture but this is the sill/floor. Had to sweep the trailer off afterwards


Looking at the trailer through the boot!



Once that was unloaded, we pulled the rear brakes from the 93 to allow it to roll. Things were not great in here, one side had new shoes/cylinder but the cylinder is properly seized. The other side had damaged shoes, missing spring, missing adjuster and equally seized cylinder.


I believe the cylinders are the same as Morris 1000, shoes will need to be relined. The search is on for spring and adjuster, and I need to buy a proper hub puller. Still, it rolls nicely now and it is home


Finally, great news


If you look carefully, yes, that is the new fibre broadband cable which now runs down to my house. Those who have been will realise how remarkable it is that they are connecting my very remote house to fibre!

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Any surviving ADO16 is a miracle. My parents had a new MkIII in January 1973 - it had rust coming through on the wings by 1975 -  offloaded as a PX in 1977. According to the DVLA it was untaxed from November 1982 -  a decade was about average for them. The earlier MkI and II did feel a bit better made tho. The MKIII felt very cheap and nasty but was not unreliable - just rusty.

Got replaced by a Citroen GS - like a lot of family cars it was a case of 'never again' with BL.

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1 hour ago, Saabnut said:

Just had a call from my friend in Perth. The same system on the ADO16 as the MGB has it running  well!

this worm hole you have seem to have to Western Australia, mind if I send some fluorescent tubes through to a fellow lighting enthusiast and good friend of mine I have over there? :mrgreen:


glad to hear that both machines have been made to run without too much fuss :) 

I especially approve of the MGB, I have got a bit of a soft spot for those just because a 1970 MGB is what I sort of learnt cars on, in that long before I was on this forum, a close friend of mine @1970mgb had just bought his well 1970 MGB :), and I figured then was a good time as any to figure out all this car malarkey, you know if I was to own something like a Routemaster bus someday I figured I should figure out how old vehicles work

so its through a 1970 MGB that I learnt all the things about little british cars, Lucas the prince of darkness, and SU carbs, I mean not that I claim to know much at all even now, but what i do know is in a large part thanks to my friends MGB, my friend would be working on his and I would pick his brains ask him to explain what exactly it was he was doing and why he was doing it or what this or that part does, "what is dash pot oil and why is it so important that you make sure your dash pot oil is present and correct?", etc etc :) 

and also because of that eventually I hope to blag a go in an MGB at some point, just to see what all the fuss is about :) 

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