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  1. I put out a wanted ad on the BX Club FB page, and there's a fella in N. Wales who sounds like he has a spare BE1 box from a 309.
  2. I've got a DTR Turbo estate that I'm breaking at the moment. It's leggy, and I never drove it on the road, but the gears seem to select fine. I'll try and hunt down the ratio table and see what the difference would be. Like I said in the PM, you're welcome to it, but you'd probably have to remove it yourself if you need it quickly, as I'm absolutely stacked at the moment. I should have cut the thing up months ago! You could also fit a BE3, but you'd need all the linkages etc as that's all a different layout. (reverse is below 5th)
  3. That's the one! It's recorded as being 6281, for some reason. 5078 is much more likely! Can see why it didn't last much longer, though. Yikes!
  4. Sounds like the diff's jacked itself in. Luckily, they're removable, without needing to take the gearbox out. In fact, they're actually not too bad at all to replace. Just get one with the right final drive, otherwise you'll kill either the performance of the 1.9n/a diesel power unit, or the economy!
  5. Hi Tom, sorry I've not been back on here for a while! I didn't have that 14, but do now, cheers. Shame, it looks great. K930 PHR I do have, though I doubt it'll be around much longer, personally. Managed to find the ORGAs on both. The 14 was 4585, which is one of the earliest digital ORGAs I've got (Citroen didn't digitally record them until May 1989, from what I've learned so far).
  6. When you change the rack gaitor, get one of the proper ones, not the universal ones. It'll eat the latter. MOOG ones are meant to be good.
  7. Yeah, you did mate. Don't worry, the stain is still there, waiting for you to clean it up 😛
  8. Thanks for those! I don't suppose you know what happened to any of them? Do you remember what kinda rough year you bought/sold them? Thanks.
  9. Hi, don't suppose you remember the reg of that one?
  10. Thanks mate, I've added the ones I didn't have. Had a fair few already, including the three I owned!
  11. EPN is a lovely-looking BX. Always liked that one! VVW is one I've been trying to learn more about. If memory serves, it was due to be binned wasn't it? There was a fella on Facebook who acquired it, but he didn't seem to get much done with it, and then it disappeared. I've actually got a seat of four brown mk1 doorcards here (off a car which is pictured further down the thread, oddly enough) which I was going to donate to it many years ago - I still have them, and the offer still stands. I think VVW may have been exported and then re-imported early in its life (or had a private plate), because its registration date is 30/12/1984 (which would be a B reg), and 07/03/1986! Unless VVW is a private reg itself... I don't suppose you have a paint code and RP no. for either of those? Inner nearside wing on both, though EPN's RP number might be in the nearside front doorshut on the A-pillar. Well done though, two brilliant cars there! Is there a resto thread on VVW? It might still have the bearing front subframe fitted, if you're lucky!
  12. Hi Ian, H489 TAH is a weird one, because on entering the VIN into Servicebox, it throws back an ORGA of 6291, which corresponds to a date in 1994. That's some achievement, given that it was registered a couple of years beforehand! And it's not the only one; there are a few oddball estates with details on Citroen's own site that don't make sense. Possibly a VIN cockup their end! I don't suppose you ever recorded the RP/ORGA number, or took a random picture of the N/S/F door shut?! SKE I've got, thanks. L533 KSC is indeed, dead. The front subframe fractured and the owner took it as a sign that it needed to retire. I've actually got that subframe here, as he donated it to my 16TRS recomissioning (and it has literally split in half! Only held together by the bottom skin.) EPN and Timex I've got (though don't have paint codes or ORGAs on either). Unsurprisingly, Timex is the earliest diesel estate still known to survive. The one in New Zealand definitely counts (all BXs do). The VIN and RP/ORGA are more imported on these, though, as otherwise I have no way of dating it. Thanks
  13. Don't need to apologise! What, she actually set fire to it? Or it just caught fire?
  14. That one's alive and well. I write the BX column in the CCC mag every month now, and I'm pretty sure that car was one of the first pieces of member-input I received, as the fella documented his preparations to take it to FOTU. I think he won something there, too. Certainly is a tidy one.
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