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  1. It's not silly, S1 XMs are a wonderous thing. You still need to sort the light bulbs, though 😄
  2. Finally got around to doing a C6 video. Have to say, I LOVE this car!
  3. One of my personal faves. Completely unrelated to anything as it's not shite, but still... 😍
  4. I had mate, yes thanks. Although I hadn't read all the way through it, which I've now done. Ended up emailing the fella who runs it and he instantly replied seemingly overjoyed that somebody found his page! I pointed out that a lot of people have (this wasn't my first recommendation) and he's delighted! He and his gang have put tonnes of effort into finding out all the little detail differences, and I've promised him I'll check my findings against his data. Haven't made too much progress with the car itself, sadly. It's VERY rusty (I hadn't realised how much) so really I need to get some weight out of it so I can flip it over and assess properly. It's now living in a new bay which it has all to itself now, though, which is nice!
  5. Oh, and then same car, a mile or two up the road about ten years later.
  6. 2007, somewhere near the Solent. Ancient digital camera!
  7. Ermm...I started a YouTube channel! The front tyres keep going flat, as does the battery. It's been SORNed since May as I was using the BX. Hello! Yes, I started a YT channel because all the cool kids do that. I'd love to say I've been busy on the SM, but I've not done much to it except build a little place for it to live! Yeah, that's another one I need to get round to sorting! I think I have to get rid of it
  8. I didn't pay, I contested it the right way and had it overturned. 😜
  9. Not the first time I've heard it! It's only the hair though, I don't think I look like him otherwise. Got told I sounded like Kenneth Williams the other day, though. So...yeah. Cecily is doing nicely. I didn't buy it, a chap from the CCC did (well, I'm also in the CCC, but...you know). He spent a fair few quid on it and it's now had the clutch, timing belt, brakes, new wheels...all sorts. I mean, it's a C5, so it's still not nice, but it's now slightly less not-nice.
  10. Oh no! I didn't realise this was heading there. I passed it on the motorway, I think (red BX).
  11. C6 is down to mid-20s around town in the winter, and that's running expensive diesel too (you have to buy the posh stuff, apparently, otherwise things explode, or something; Probably bollocks, but it's put the woolies up me now).
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