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  1. Same here in my BX. Drove a long way to get there, and it was pretty cack all told.
  2. I don't know if they've been submitted yet, but our S-Max is currently sitting on RoadHogs!
  3. Reckon mine was a bit of a bargain, there! Those are undoubtedly more highly-desirable specs, however.
  4. Ah, mine's only got the single lights! Prefer it on the Imp, though.
  5. I completely agree. My logic was that, should I find it a basketcase beyond redemption, I can just look at it, or in sit in and eat my lunch (all the while I have somewhere to put it, of course!) Hmmm...Project Alan?! Has it got a ring to it?
  6. I actually changed my name to UPnDOWN based on this! Anyway, here we are. SM video numero uno: https://youtu.be/RM3pk7fTX7c Wonder how long I'll keep this up 😬
  7. So, either tomorrow or Wednesday (or possibly not at all), my first attempt at a YT vid is due to go up. There is a bandwagon, and I'm hopping on without a ticket! Channel name: AxleTramp. Channel content: Chod. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoH_tsP7wkTviMQQiqZZdlg Would love to see you there/hear your thoughts, when it gets going.
  8. That's because they sold very few. Apart from the relative simplicity, and increased smoothness, there isn't much point to the petrol ones, really. They're slower/more gutless than the diesels, and it's not like you can enjoy the soundtrack as they're muted so much for cruising. I think the C6 is one of those odd cases where it actually suits being a diesel more.
  9. In the comments? I emailed him as you suggested, and he replied right away. Hi Scott (if you're reading this!) The black BX (K995 BMJ) is the car I'm most intreged about on Rouple St. And yeah, everybody has seen those cars a million times already! Ha! Well I actually promised to bid on it, not buy it. I was a bit bummed-out that evening, though. Probably did it as a mood booster! See, the Euro lights are better, and look better, but unless I happen to chance upon some (unlikely) that I can live with the front end. I'd quite like to put them behind glass, though.
  10. Not with a C6, they won't. I reckon I'll get a motorised cavalcade!
  11. C6 clicked over 155k miles the other day, which means I've done...well, not many. Probably around 1,500 in it, though they have, for the most part, been trouble-free miles. It's not failed to proceed once, and I am very fond of it. It feels honest and humble, despite being a pretentious (for a French car, anyway) wafto-barge. Sadly, it's developed a high-pitched squeal, which I suspect is drive-belt related. Due to work load (and other...ahem...projects) I've not got the room to bring it in for the repair work it needs (which is partially dismantling the front of the car), so I'm forced t
  12. Thought it would be rude to only leave the one pic at the beginning! I'm in a bit of a quandry about how to attack this, from a 'sharing the journey' POV. Normally I'd just write 'blog' posts on here, or RR, or PH, or whatever. I tend to do them because, being selfish for a minute, other enthusiasts can give you that shot of confidence or morale to keep plodding on when the chips are down. I've got a terrible memory, so they also serve to remind me what I did, almost like I'd written a diary. With this car, however, I'm almost tempted to try the YouTube approach, like coldwarmotors,
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