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  1. I finally have a stalker! Validation, at last! Bad luck on the 75, though.
  2. Never intended to be a lifer. My red 16V is, maybe that's the mixup?
  3. Update time! (for the last time on here) I realise I've kinda stopped with these threads now since I moved on to doing YouTube videos instead, but there's just not the time to do both sadly. Plenty of others on here, though! Sad to say that I sold the BX a couple of weeks ago. I did a video version of this thread (not quite as in-depth, but it still ran on for nearly an hour!) So if anybody here enjoyed the read, this one puts it into visual context a bit more: Le vid Was a tough day seeing it go, but it's gone to a very good home so overall I'm happy. I covered 6500 miles in it in approx. two years and five months. Onwards and upwards! Thanks for all the kind words.
  4. Cheers. Truth be told, I'm not expecting anybody to buy it, it's just to placate those who claim in the future that I never gave it a chance, and those who cry "It should be saved!"....well go on then, save it! To be fair, I think I kept going longer than most would have.
  5. Taking everything in my power to stop myself doing a react video to that.
  6. Ahh, I saw this one at FotU and thought I'd found another Leader! Turns out I haven't, it's ATL in a different guise! Was good to see it, though apparently you have major earthing issues at the rear lights (as I was told, over and over).
  7. "Swear I've got a bottle of water in here, somewhere..."
  8. Fair, though all cars of that era are the same regards the plastic pipework. Granted other cars may be easier to get spares for, but if I couldn't have found the pipe I needed, I could have made something to fit. Life's too short not to 🙂
  9. Cheers, I'll have a look. Concours is probably stretching it, but I want it good and sound underneath, and in the interior. The body will stay as-is, cos I love it.
  10. Mmmm, don't really like the S2, but it's a VSX trim (which isn't too bad), it's a KV plate (geek points for a Citroen from the late 90s), got CCC sticker and OEM mudflaps so makes the right noises. Go for it. Not me, but someone else....get it done!
  11. My C6 works! I drove it in this morning. It doesn't fully work, but it does function as a car.
  12. Yeah saw that one, cheers. Be interesting to see what it makes.
  13. He'll need more than that with an early Speed Six!
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