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  1. A friend had a nice 2.0 litre 318i grey E46 sort of CSL looking coupe a few years ago. He didn’t like driving so I usually drove it if we were going somewhere. I even drove it home from the garage he bought it from. It was great. I thought it was a great chassis. I always wondered how awesome the M3 would be.
  2. @egg would you like this? It sold on eBay but the buyer was being a nuisance hence we agreed to cancel the sale. PM me your address and I’ll pop it in the post next time I’m at the Post office.
  3. By unfortunate chance I found myself back there yesterday afternoon. There was another one! How many of these are registered in the UK? If there are one hundred say, 4% are parked in a street in Stenny.
  4. I almost missed these in Stenhousemuir earlier.
  5. Funnily enough I was making a point of trying to find a Simca on display for my Dad as my grandfather had a very small Simca dealership. I had my Dad on FaceTime a couple of times when walking round to show him stuff. It was that quiet I could FaceTime without being obnoxious.
  6. It was cool. When I pulled up the car park was empty. It is like a shopping centre inside. A third of it is the car and Bond museum. The rest is a go kart track, cinema, bowling alley, arcade, axe throwing, food outlets and unoccupied units. There is a huge Pro Bass Fishing shop next door. I bought a Moon Pie. What a time to be alive.
  7. Sorry, I didn’t. I’m not usually even this dedicated with pics. It might be worth emailing them. It did feel like an enthusiasts collection rather than just a commercial enterprise.
  8. I visited Dezerland car museum the other day. Apparently there are 2000 vehicles here. I was the only person in the Bond museum. Quite a few UK reg cars. I had a feeling of deja vu with a few. I think they may have previously been in the Cars the Star museum in Cumbria. Invacar included for @LightBulbFun
  9. I saw the longest car in the world the other day. I have more museum pics if any one is interested.
  10. I think we are all in the same area @GMcD @Split_Pin. My house was creaking as well and my wife said she felt it move. My daughter’s playhouse lost some felt. I was sent a picture of a billboard blown down in Bainsford. It is still too dark to check the roof of the house.
  11. I always thought a modern cruiser Capri build would be cool. Rather than the usual ‘stick a V8 and wide arches’. Mk3 shell. Painted lightish metallic blue. No spoiler. Modern lights. Maybe a few chrome or brushed bronzey coppery brass trim touches (those would need careful consideration). Almost tan interior. Modern comforts, electric everything, air con, nice radio etc. 1.6 Ecoboost engine and maybe even an auto box. A push for £10k. You need to start with a junk shell and DIY every last bit.
  12. For a number of years I also fancied building a mk2F Polo Coupe. Painted pinky raspberry, colour coded bumpers but black rubbing area. Ronal turbo wheels. Lowered. Red tinted rear lights. White front indicators. Nothing too wild engine wise, 1.6 or something. Interior would be some nice Recaro recliners from the Demon Tweeks catalogue.
  13. I think I would be fairly safe and possibly boring with this. MGB GT. Chrome bumper or rubber bumper and convert. Upgrade suspension and brakes. Nice steering wheel, nicely trimmed interior, DAB radio with hands free. Nice wheels. Maybe some modern lighting. The big thing would be drive train. Some sort of modern multivalve four cylinder engine, 5 speed gearbox and an LSD. Excluding labour, if you can get a half decent base car for £5-6k it should be achievable.
  14. I need to get a Chevette ticket. My Grampa had the same car in metallic blue with black vinyl and red tartan interior.
  15. I asked it to create ‘Prince Philip driving a white Fiat Uno in Paris’. It refused to create it.
  16. The prompt was for a 1980 Ascona Berlina. I was trying to recreate my sister standing with my Dad’s car in 1983. Also see the architecture.
  17. I saw this earlier and thought of you for a shite give away. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202310092829125?utm_source=product-service&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=at_braze_cars_ios_email_action_manual_alerts_email-a-friend
  18. I don’t think they carry out any repairs. MoT only. A bit like council garages.
  19. Did you see this on Salvage rebuilds?
  20. Cheezey


    When I first discovered it well over ten years ago I would often start my day reading a development story a day. I still revisit back and forth to refresh my memory. The articles are so well put together that even after a number of reads they are still enjoyable. I must admit I was quite confused recently by the local newspaper style advertising on the site. I actually wondered if it had been hacked in some way. A sad loss.
  21. The last time I saw Robin driving an identical car it was stickered up for something. He gifted a friend his prized Opel Monza as he wasn’t using it. I thought I recognised the parking area. Was there an ambulance in the same parking area? If there is anything I can help with let me know. I’m pretty local.
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