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  1. If you want to look further afield there is still a lot of old recovery vehicles in France. Every country garage had a 'depanneuse' vehicle. So there are some nice 'classic' vehicles about. A bit of a faff to import and lhd - but might find something for running about locally and MoT exempt if pre-81. These are currently on LeBonCoin at around 6000€ with French MoT. Both pre-81. There is also a lot of cheaper stuff needing work.
  2. I follow our Kent traffic police and Highways Agency on Twitter (it is very useful for some practical stuff) as I am often on the M'way to and from Dover. I'd seen that - it was retweeted - a good example of the challenges. These police Twitter feeds do show some of the nutters on the road and the practical steps to keep us safe.
  3. These were intended to also replace the Morris Minor in the wacky world of BMC. Never happened in the UK but a Morris version was produced in Australia. They were well liked at the time and 103,000 Wolseley versions were sold over 8 years. BMC then produced a Wolseley version of the FWD1100 to superceed it...and Leyland then produced the Marina in 1972 which was mechanically and in layout like this car BMC had introduced in 1957 😅 except the '57 car had better steering...
  4. What I noticed when I looked for one is how many are 3.5T or not much more. With a lot of this stuff it is very easy to go overweight with a bigger car or 4x4 - and then get stopped. Check you have the right insurance too. There is also I think these days some checking of the weight on the individual axels - gross weight might be under but individual axel weight might still be over.
  5. 1970 or just after. Someone learning to drive in that Farina - possibly Riley?
  6. Peter long gone of course, the Radford who knows but Britt is still here as seen in this great clip...
  7. Armoured government Jag for sale in Johnstone - party capital of Scotland...🤣😂
  8. "I am happy to answer sensible questions" Why hide the MoT history?
  9. That's grate pity it has no keas...
  10. Rank Starlet Diana Dors in TV sit-com based in Leeds
  11. Possibly - but that body shape was originally introduced in 1937 and ran right through to the late 50's with little variation. I think if it was 1953 we'd see a few more popular Post-War cars in shot like the Morris Minor (introduced 1948) etc - so my guess would be 1948-49 for this picture. All conjecture of course. Lovely old photo. Given how busy it is must have been market day or some event. Of course petrol up to 1950 was rationed - so maybe it is just after rationing ended which would put the photo at 1950.
  12. Here is the Singer - yes you are right. That puts the photo at 1948 or later.
  13. Interestingly the photo looks pre-WW2...but tucked in amongst all the cars is a Rover P4...which put the photo at 1949 or later. Where is that?
  14. Renault Prairie bottom left. They did a pick-up and 5-door. They look like something designed by Herge for Tintin.
  15. Just used the Ceri-service. 100% recommended.
  16. It's very cheap for something drive away...but these XM don't seem to have got significantly valuable mostly. The turbo-diesels go very well. Yes Whitstable is very nice but then so is the whole Kent coast in most parts.
  17. Lovely place Whitstable on the Thames coast. Bring a battery by the looks of it.
  18. Driver probably being treated in car for a nasty case of Badtasteitis. Cure is known to involve long term study of an Austin Maxi handbook and changing the oil on an Austin A30.
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