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  1. Yea it is the filtering and messing about...but...I may try growing some biofuel - I'm not sure how many miles to the acre you can get - but some rapeseed as a crop may be fun to try milling. ( you have probably gathered the current Apocalypse has got me thinking what if...*) It's not the cheapest veg at the supermarket - but its convenient - and I smell like Harry Ramsden going up the street - and it keeps me amused. *I have gone completely bonkers during lock-down
  2. Solution. Buy old diesel car - go in supermarket and buy 5-litre bottles of cooking oil - pour in tank to amazement of passers by (this is a furtive and disgusting habit but ocasionally I am spotted*) and drive away. 😉 *you need a big funnel to do this fnar fnar...
  3. If you are looking for a classic plate look. I was in Poundland and saw some stick on house numbers which were a dead ringer for the old font number plate letters. I will look again next time I am in.
  4. Be quick Dome. They are moving up in value fast and as the move comes to more hybrid and electric vehicles I'd not see this slowing for old school 4x4. Look at Landrover Defenders for example. What looking on Instagram did show me is how much these 60's are liked...even though as has been said a lot of the shots are very posed etc. But buy a good one and you really can't go wrong.
  5. I'm sure you are right Djtopix - the web is a murky place. But some seem genuine. Fully restored ones are very pricey - so they are moving into that trustfund sphere etc.
  6. I may be stating the obvious - but its a good taking off point for this little trip. I'm that bloke in my locality - with all the old cars - the crazy looking old bloke. Occasionally someone says nice old car - but most times not...I come to this site for mutual support and therapy. Very nice. Solved a few problems too. Amongst all my stuff I have a Toyota Landcruiser 60 Series from the early 80's. Rusty - and with a lot of recent work on the chassis (it managed to rust out its rear shock mounts) but nice mechanically. It's MoT and tax free in a couple of years if we both live that long. But we jog on together - it's my Armageddon vehicle, it will run on virtually anything oily - and will go most anywhere (Covid it does not work against, thats the kind of Armageddon I did not forsee) and get me out of any situation. Easy to fix - fun to drive if you like that kind of thing and will last me my lifetime. But... I've rarely seen another in recent years. They made 400,000 but few and far between here in UK. So I have been alone in my Landcruiser-verse, tootling about. Then I discovered Instagram. (A slightly weird perfect world of photos )... and seems there is massive love worldwide with real enthusiasm in Japan and the US particularly for these old Landcruisers. Here try some of the 1000's of mostly recent pictures of people enjoying their 'cruisers. So this cheered me up immensely. A lot more interest than I ever thought - good to see so much going on and so many nice 'cruisers about. Worth looking up anything you are interested in if you want to see what the rest of the world thinks - certainly made me think a bit differently about the one I have. Lessons I learned: • There are a lot of nice Landcruisers about internationally. • People really love and use them in all kinds of situations. • There is a lot of repair, restoration and upgrading going on. • The current market for them is pretty buoyant and international too. • If you build something real good people will keep on driving them. • Out of 400,000 a fair number are survivors worldwide even thought the youngest is now 31. So it appears I am not alone in my universe after all.
  7. The next generation seats in the AX are fine luckily - mine have had no problems. I suppose they were pushing the tech to the limit at the time - and may not even have forseen this. It makes repairs tricky. You can get the beautifully named 'mousse de rembourrage de siège' (foam seat padding) for the Citroën DS but getting this special fitted mousse for other models may be more tricky. Might be possible to cut some...maybe. https://www.cipere.fr/fr/Citroen-DS-11CV-HY/2CV4/carcasses-de-siege/ANR38554/ Usual thing - with the really popular models you can get no end of stuff 2CV/DS/HY...but the less common survivors are much less catered for and broken cars ain't a good source because they all disintegrated at the same rate. One of those interesting conservation problems that new technology which is now old technology throws up. Much easier when car seats were made of metal, horse hair and leather...
  8. On the seats unfortunately the foam under-padding also slowly degrades. You know this is happening when you get a very fine powder on the seat facings coming through the weave.
  9. Knowing French car sellers probably 95,000km! I bought a strimmer a couple of years ago off a nice old lady...completely knackered...lol. Send some pics of your seats and I will look about...
  10. Another tidy bicylindre - this time 1800€. 95,000km.
  11. But I love all my cars...my preciouses... Anyway the French never respond...even though this ad is messages only.. so I am fairly safe.
  12. Done. This is crazy...I don't need another car...
  13. Lol. It's very cheap - it should sell quickly. I will wing the owner a message....he he. A post Covid buy...
  14. Here is the link... "J'ai trouvé une annonce qui devrait vous intéresser sur leboncoin" https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1802288916.htm
  15. Not a crazy distance away either...near Metz. See the blue blob.
  16. Controle Technique - equivalent of our MoT. So with some insurance you could drive it home - which is more cost effective than recovery most times.
  17. That is 3000€. Or try this at 500€...CT apparently too. 74,000km odd.
  18. There are plenty in France. Ad's are beginning to feature the aircooled ones so slowly gathering a following. Given the much stricter French MoT there are some bargins...
  19. I have one of these in France. I was once 'chased' by a huge HGV along a windy D-road with his horn blaring and lights on. He just could not get over how slow the car was on steep hills. I once also drove mine from Rouen to London and back - it took a long time.... Fun cars and the last affordable way into Citroen 2CV style motoring.
  20. "fully rebuild and painted body" Apparently moving to Finland...
  21. That is fantastic. Such a fun looking non-car. Very nice. About 15 year ago I was tooling up the M1 my 450 Mercedes when was passed by one of them doing about 100mph driven by some Chinese guy.
  22. Great to see this getting some love.
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