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  1. All posh vehicles have different seat coverings in the rear. Chauffeur gets brown - plutocracy in the back get grey. All you need to complete the look is a passenger division, antimacassers, foot rests, sheepskin overugs and brass ashtrays.
  2. Rear compartment heater connector pipe leaking coolant under the floor and dripping onto the exhaust where it is immediately evaporated?
  3. A very good idea to get the panels mocked up and under real world conditions. Make any decisions much better. I'd recommend the Thetford area to anyone who like a place a bit off the beaten track - 'Breckland' and Thetford Forest are well worth a visit. https://www.visitbreckland.org.uk/
  4. In the UK the Vauxhall FD Victor certainly had up to 1972. Taxi drivers liked column change I think - hence they persisted. I bet the Chrysler 180 made in Spain had the option. There is probably going to be some Far Eastern car still using column change!
  5. Looks super. They were deemed a failure by Triumph at the time but still sold 35,000 in four years which ain't bad. I really like their big car in miniature looks. I saw one in use in South London recently. Unibody construction and all hydraulic brakes - so not as fusty as it looks. Austin A30/5 suffered with hydo-mechanical to 1959! Bravo!
  6. Austin/Rover and their USA Thanksgiving Turkeys. Add the Atlantic, P6, Sterling, Marina et al.
  7. And it's got pinstripes. Maybe reunite plane and car sometime. Or just settle for the kit: https://jbarhobbies.com/products/cessna-402-b-1-72-resin-kit-by-gremlin People clearly had quite a 'lifestyle' right at the top of the cotton and clothes manufacturering trades. Mostly gone in the 80's when it all went abroad.
  8. And here is the current pinstriper in the pinstriper tradition: https://money.cnn.com/2015/04/30/autos/rolls-royce-stripe-painter/
  9. Not been serviced for 13 years apparently...
  10. From the documentary 'Rufford Ford - The Early Years'.
  11. Doctors often wilfully neglect their cars as they are so busy with the sick.
  12. Those XK120 Jags are so beautiful. Why did it all go wrong Jaguar recently? The Sunbeam-Talbot 90 is another beautiful car.
  13. "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." L.P. Hartley : 'The Go-Between'. INDEED
  14. What is it with the number obsfercation on banger cars? Is it one of those new life skills people have like texting while driving or being funny on Snapchat?* *I've never used Snapchat or indeed put my whole life story on Facebook (my phone is now prompting me with the word 'marketplace') begone I say...
  15. Well it looks like an RS. These are upwards of £40,000+ restored. Would need to be done very carefully to retain as many original parts as possible. Seems incredible* * Oxford English Dictionary: Incredible "Such as it is difficult to believe in the possibility of, or to realize; said esp. of a quantity, quality, number, etc., of a degree beyond what one would a priori have conceived as possible; inconceivable."
  16. A bench seat on a1972 saloon car. Is that the last UK use? (there will be vans and lots of US cars continuing with that arrangement)
  17. @HMC? "Just needs a dog poking its head out of the rear window."
  18. Description written by AI or at least a human AI but I'd guess the former...
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