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  1. I'm just reading this about a similar trip to yours in winter. Very well written - John Ridgeway also rowed the Atlantic with Chay Blyth. If anyone is unsure of the geography - the book has this useful map: They came back by the Azores but encountered some pretty heavy seas.
  2. The square-rigged saloon in the middle is possibly a Delage or Hispano-Suiza circa 1930. Just beautiful with the Art-Deco body. Let's hope it survives.
  3. Whatever that digger is doing to the right it's a crazy thing to do do without some support - wow. The past as they say is another country...
  4. Currently on Ebay at £4000 with no reserve. Usual messing about.
  5. I'd not fancy one of those Amphicars on the lower Thames. The current goes at quite a lick and it has one of the highest tidal drops in the world. No wonder he is secured to a barge.
  6. 1st Clutch Problem 5/1 2nd Absolutely Knackered 20/1 3rd Stuckin Reverse 2/1 4th Rancid Upholstery 8 /1 5th No Heater 20/1 6th Nasty Rusty 50/1 7th Vag's Revenge 50/1 8th Morning Starter (Withdrawn)
  7. Very nicely engineered Nuffield car - this has the early engine - not the later BMC unit. Rack and pinion steering I think and quite nice to drive - but painfully slow and under-powered - top speed 73mph and 0-60 in about....wait for it... 30 seconds.
  8. You get to run the Swansea operation. It's the star prize.
  9. It could have an odometer like a tractor - instead of miles - hours...but in this case passengers. Does it have an eject button?
  10. Those have a separate category of the V5 for number of 'Hauntings' ?
  11. Reminds me of Charles Ronald George Nall-Cain, 3rd Baron Brocket who did time in the 90's for just such an insurance scam. Reinvented himself after doing time as a TV personality - hosted the ITV game show 'Scream! If You Want to Get Off' and presented 'Privates Exposed' a behind-the-scenes programme for Lads Army, on ITV2. In 2017, Brocket was featured in an episode of 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away'. So as you can see crime doesn't pay 😂
  12. Yes - those Minx's were hardy little cars - unadventurously engineered - they ran a side valve engine - but nicely styled by Loewy - rust got most of them quite early. Yup that was the age of the 'endurance run' to advertise cars.
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