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  1. Captions: 1. That's the last time I have a main dealer service. 2. I tell you it's true - in 40 years we will have our picture on something called the internet. 3. BMC sabotage team in action again. 4. Prototype testing is ok Fred but I think we are taking it too far. 5. I tell you - I dropped a half crown somewhere inside so keep looking. 6. Preston Traffic Warden Training School - final exam practical test.
  2. Yes my 4th April is still showing 4th. Also I have another on the 7th. Armageddon fell just right - now I have to live to enjoy the extension.
  3. Possibly George Formby who was a keen owner of interesting cars in the 30's.
  4. US photographer Dorothea Lange - California 1930's-40's.
  5. Gosh the mats are that valuable! Once the social lockdown stops I will buzz off to the car and snap some pics.
  6. I'd say being a key worker with a long commute in this emergency it would be justified to have a second car roadworthy - you never know when you you need a back-up car - either one.
  7. Car or mats? Both will have to wait for Armageddon to be completed.
  8. I could be just short runs causing condensation in the system. It may clear with some longer ones. Great post incidentally. I have a 124 260. Mercedes supplied some really thick ridged mats in some cars - maybe an option I am not sure. Mine has them - they go over the original carpets. The mats are virtually indestructible. A way of telling a decently treated old 124 is to find these mats intact. Mine even had mats over these mats! Mine was a dealer demonstrator I think for its first year had one owner after and was in store a decade. Its 31 now. Good cars are still out there as people hang on to them and love them lots. Great cars - not many cars were made this well.
  9. Hopefully this type of extension was written into the original programme - possibly in the event of war or other catastrophic events.
  10. The earliest I have is 4th April 2020. No change to the status thus far on the .Gov website. I have another on the 7th. Will report back when they change.
  11. Seems some sort of Armageddon special stored away solely for international emergencies by some good ol' survivalist - presumably with a 1000 bog rolls in the back. How do I know? I also own just such a vehicle - minus the bog rolls....
  12. Originally designed to be a Humber I think. With a bit more bling and wood they might have done better. Very popular in Spain as taxis - they did a diesel. I can remember loads of them in Barcelona in the early 80's.
  13. I had a 2.8 XJ6 MkI in about 1988. Manual gearbox with overdrive. I really like it - rust really killed it totally. It was a nicely old fashioned car - they were never quite like that after. We just didn't take random pictures mostly - it was an expensive process in those days.
  14. Lovely little van. Yea I think you did the right thing. Your mechanic friend could still look it over to ensure it's roadworthy but not put in for MoT.
  15. If the MoT falls after the 29th - you will get the extension automatically I believe - so don't Mot early. If you have no MoT and fail before the 29th you won't get the extension - you will still have no MoT.
  16. I'd guess because this will need to be a change to a piece of government 'regulation' concerning MoTs given delegated decision-making - given to the Minister - ie the bit that can be changed related to a piece of primary legislation that went through Parliament at some point as a Road Traffic Act. The usual approach is not to back date this - a legal minefield - but to enact the change from the day of decision as soon as the paperwork is sorted and signed by the Minister or a delegated officer. Its not operational until the pen hits the paper usually or just after - hence the 30th. Arbitrary but its probably as soon as practical.
  17. I've owned one of these. Ok - but the re-engineered C-series that went into it was so unwilling to rev. Not a great engine. The rest was lovely - a bit like a giant go-kart. The low-beltline no-nonsense styling has aged well - much better than its contemporaries IMHO. Fit and finish on mine was great. Longbridge had a Wolseley prototype ready to go - they even put the Rover V8 in it. There was a VdP too. Whole car took years to get to market - what was really an early mid 60's car that didn't get to showrooms until 1968. Partly killed by corporate politics. Worth buying if you see one.
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