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  1. 8 minutes ago, dozeydustman said:

    Kia may have to go to the MoT centre to have the work done. It’s pissing hard with rain again.

    I managed to make enough soace in the garage for working on cars, then wife and stepdaughter decided to use this new space for ‘stuff that can’t stay in the house’.

    I suppose the best I can do is keep dosing the  seized fixings with plusgas and do bits as and when weather and work dependant.

    Wanted this done ASAP because the Saab is booked for its teat next Monday and I know that needs jobs

    Park the car in the house and say "two can play at that game".

  2. 5 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

    Pissed hard all day here so instead of getting on with getting madam’s car ready for its MoT, we went to the bowling alley over in Chichester.

    Flashing disco & UV lights and extra loud music are tough for me at the best of times;  covid screens still up between lanes, no balls over 12lb and none with huge fingerholes meant what was supposed to be a fun hour or so out was awful.

    I asked the desk if they have any sessions with normal lighting and pleasant music volume and they don’t at this one.

    Instead of going out bowling, just find a crown green bowl and ten Pringles tubes, and bowl at home.

  3. 17 hours ago, DavieW said:

    All this hoo haa about the football kiss can FRO.

    Wonder what would happen if a woman kissed a male player against his will?

    Oh yeah, absolutely fuck all, that's what.

  4. 1 hour ago, Rod/b said:

    I think it’s the Nova (or *a* Nova) judging by the shape of the rear door window frame. It kinda kicks up along the bottom rear of the window. 



    Have shown this to a fellow bangerack and Yank fan, and he's looked closely at the screenshots and reckons it could be an AMC Matador.

    No description available.


  5. Have just raised the Ford LTD theory with the owner of the Hunt Timelord blog and he sent me this, taken from an interview with Simon Matthews - many thanks for his permission to post it here.

    No description available.

    So by "blading around in their tank" - does he mean the Humber armoured cars?  Was this filmed on the same evening but with the KLF using a different Yank tank against the Humbers?

  6. That video clip is definitely Wimbledon Stadium, I recognise the background.  You're right though, that car looks bigger than the Nova although it is number 70 which Cauty raced under.

    Did they film another event at the stadium on another date...and if so, is that the OTHER Custom 500 they claim to have owned?

  7. 2 hours ago, jakebullet said:

    I'm supposed to be on holiday and having fun.

    The Mrs. is spinning an elaborate web of lies to her Ma who happens to live here. Instead of saying we'll go out for a coffee instead of the meal Ma wants I've become gluten free so we can't, which Ma has translated to vegan, so off to the nut roast speciality crap coffee shop. Oh, n we're going home today, when we're not, 'cos it's easier* to slink around constantly looking for them than to say we have plans for us time.

    Constant rehashing of she said this, n I said that. Who gives a shit, let it go and perhaps do holiday things? There was also huge pre-planning of various things not to say, so approx 7 seconds after meeting she says "John's got a tattoo and is an idiot". Er, that's on the no list you've been practising for weeks???? 

    Before I left my Ma insisted I move her from o2 to asda mobile 'cos it's gone up by £2, and that's a king's ransom. Of course it's got fucked up porting the number, and my idiot sister is doing anything but phone asda and say fix it. Lot better plan to contact 02 she's no longer with and threaten offcom.

    Seriously, just move somewhere remote and tell all your family not to contact you or you'll have the law on them.

  8. 23 hours ago, cobblers said:


    Just had a very very near miss, the worst in years. 

    Chatsworth estate have put temporary traffic lights just after a left hand bend. No signage at all. Driving the T25 which is LHD so my view round left handers isn't as good, I came across queuing traffic while travelling at 45mph. I *just* managed to stop in time, with a cloud of tyre smoke, halfway diagonal across the road. No sooner than I had stopped, my attention turned to any car that followed me round the bend, and almost immediately a bloke in a Panda came round, nose of the car buried in the tarmac as he panickily swerved around me onto the wrong side of the road.

    Coming back, I drove the same route in the opposite direction and there are loads of warning signs laid out, in the direction where visibility is a lot better anyway. Bloke at the back of the queue, parked just where I had stopped was looking incredibly nervously in his rear view mirror.

    Over an hour later, my heart is still pumping!

    I had the same happen a few years ago on the A461 (NSL 60) near Lichfield - rounded a bend to be confronted by temporary lights which I can only assume someone had pinched the warning sign for.  Luckily it was a Sunday morning so there was no stopped traffic, but I only just got the car stopped for the red light.  I remember I'd driven the same route the day before and they weren't there then, so to see them appear on a Sunday was quite surprising.

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