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Calendar 2022: Posted!!!


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Hello time keeping fans!

Want to mark the passing of the days with a stylish* exciting* and cutting edge* calendar which puts some of your favourite AS cars on the same page as the days of a week?

I’m a little more time bound this year with baby_nova mk2 due to arrive towards the end of the month so I aim to have the process all boxed off by the middle of the month.

I’ll bump the calendar threads today and give everyone the chance to upload any final submissions (one of your cars from that month or a favourite from a thread in that month remember members cars only). Then tomorrow I’ll aim to sort out the voting threads and give everyone the chance to vote for their favourite. Guesstimated cost roughly £9 this year, but it’s always slightly dependent on how many are ordered for bulk discounts etc. 

Ill update in this thread when we’re ready to do ordering etc. 

For newbies the AS calendar runs from February-January… no idea why. But always has for as long as I’ve known about it. 

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All the calendar voting threads are now live, please vote for your favourites over the next few days, and we can decide the final pics. 

As some cars have been nominated for multiple months I may pick the second placed car if we would end up with multiples of one car.  

Interestingly.... the most nominated car was @captain_70sAcclaim, and I think the most nominated poster was @DodgyBastard

I will set up an ordering form on Microsoft Forms for ease this year, and will let you know details in the coming days. 

Happy Voting!


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Hello calendar fans!

Let’s say 24 hours more on the voting, I’ll bump them all this evening.

I’m going to do the ordering slightly differently this year for ease and use Microsoft forms which will generate a spreadsheet for me. I’ll try and design that tonight… but first day back in work after Christmas today so my heads swimming! 

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