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Spartacus - Collection update on page 5

Mrs Spart

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Spartacus was always knowledgeable, interesting, funny and respectful. Whilst I've only dealt with him on this forum, those qualities gave me the impression of a good man in real life. 

I'll miss his posts on here and you have my deepest sympathies. Just dreadful news

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Absolutely gutted to read this. I've only just found out after the notification came up on your MGB GT thread. Like Giles, I also own a MGB GT and of a similar era. I subscribed to that thread as I was very looking forward to the adventures of getting yours back to life too.

Spartacus often posted on my threads and if I saw my phone pop up that he replied, he was one of the few that I'd stop what I was doing to read it. It was the notification on the MGB thread that popped up, I was just finishing off welding and stopped to read it then found out. Not only were his posts interesting but also has been incredibly helpful with suggestions and what to do/sort/check next. Even just recently with my E28, not only did he give plenty of help on the thread, he also sent gratis a Haynes E28 book to me. Something that is hard to get hold of and was invaluable. Extremely knowledgable and always friendly, never one to get in an argument either. Given we've both owned very similar cars, I suspect we had similar tastes too. 

With lockdown restrictions easing and meet-ups soon starting, he was one of the few on here that I really wanted to meet in person. Alas that won't happen and I'm genuinely shedding a tear right now, feeling truly gutted about this news.

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Really sad to hear this. Met Giles last year at a Thoresby Hall show in his Panda & he came up here to pick up a couple of parts. Seemed a thoroughly decent guy and was the reason I joined this group. So sorry for your loss. If you need any help getting the Panda ready to go I'm not far away (worked in Retford for a while) and have a shed full of parts.

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3 hours ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

he was a total gent, it was one of those cheering 'internet person becomes real person' encounters that really gives your faith in fellow humans a boost. RIP Spart.

That's how I felt when he collected a Rover 214 off me a few years back.  A positive guy full off zest, and a credit to the AS community.  To hear he's gone is very upsetting news.

Take care Mrs Spart, and I hope you've got loved ones to support you through this difficult time.

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On 5/18/2021 at 7:28 PM, Stanky said:

Following the very sad news earlier today of the untimely passing of valued member Spartacus, we wanted to continue the AS tradition of raising money in memory of Giles. As can be seen, he was a well respected member on Autoshite, always willing to help others and pass on useful information and will be very much missed.

Anything we raise will be donated in full to the family via @Mrs Spart or donated directly to a nominated cause as the family wishes.

Anything that anyone is able to give will be gratefully received, and we appreciate this even more in the present times. The page we have created can be found HERE

donation sent...

have we an idea of how much the Panda roffle will be yet???

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  Thank you all... I do apologise if I don't reply back straight away... 

@spartacusfuneral is on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 in Chesterfield...

  He has so many friends it's been hard work trying to sort out the funeral (& trying to please all) but also various other things; Giles' memorial benches (which has a GoFundMe page and is to go into the newspapers, so having to liaise with the press too), Giles 6 vehicles (I'm not mechanically minded so its been a challenge getting them going or getting a flat bed trailer booked), the roffle (will do after Giles' funeral, slowly getting there but have popped his "Death Bike" up), also sorting out a pre funeral bouldering session with drinks after (Giles was very much into bouldering/climbing) & post funeral drinks/nibbles... So I've been juggling a few things and this doesn't even incl running the SmallHolding we have (with 50 animals on it... & it is just me here). 



To note:

  I've read all your very kind messages about @spartacus, its definitely put a smile on my face that Giles was a popular guy 🥲 Yes he was young when he passed; a very fit 51 year old who trained 5x a week, no previous medical issues, teetotal and enjoyed cooking healthy fresh food... Its been a shock to all (his family and friends... Very unexpected that Giles would pass away so young). 

  I will get round to the Fiat roffle soon but plan to do this after Giles' funeral. Got the "Death Bike" going, mainly to see how roffles are run... I'm learning. 



Anyway, thank you all again for your kind messages. 🥲


I'm going to post (if thats ok), a few updates regarding @spartacusvehicles... As I plan to use the Collection towards his vehicles, I feel that's only appropriate. 

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@spartacusold BMW...

  I didn't think this actually existed in the 6 years I've known Giles, I've never actually seen this car only heard of it!

I won't lie there was a tear or 2 when I opened his garage.🥲

  Tyre was flat (inflated and stayed inflated).

  Battery was flat but started after a jump start. 

  Managed to book a flat bed trailer for collection and a mechanic is on standby awaiting this car...

  I'm hoping 🤞🏽🤞🏽to have it worked on, road legal and... To drive it to Giles' funeral... I hope... 🤞🏽🤞🏽

  Afterwards it'll be kept here at home, probably either in my garage or in the barn... Either way, it's a keeper. Giles loved this car.


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