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28 minutes ago, MorrisItalSLX said:

Serck Plate!

One of the things that drew me in. Love the fact it's an original pressed dealer plate too. XGV80X might be worth a couple of quid to a gamer type or someone who wishes to carry dirty mags and sex toys in the too box. I can not confirm or deny either of these things though the ped will be staying with the plate in my possession. 

I went to collect this just after Christmas though on arrival found that whilst i storage someone had applied and successfully obtained the v5. Had to wait for the dvla to sort their shit out and now again for me to get the v5 and next to get it registered historic. Need that so i can smoke it around the ULEZ that i live inside. 

About 33 years ago one of these was the first petrol powered two wheeler I ever rode. It started a life long love affair and is a much needed piece in my tat museum.

Ill be on it like a fly round shit though have another collection this eve after work which will keep me from the garage. 

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