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Collection mission - Grand Cherokee collected


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And back home after stopping to see a mate and finding a guy on Facebook marketplace locally selling a spare wheel which I was missing -it has a spare wheel well full of LPG tank. He also has a pile of spares from breaking one so may come in handy.

I'd been idly browsing for one of these for a while having owned one 10 years ago. They are very old school, like a slightly modernised Range Rover Classic to drive. I like them.

The guy has owned this one for 10 years and I am the 3rd owner. 

It's a 4.7 H.O. Platinum which was a run out model based on the top of the range Overland. 

Have some pics from the ad.


Known faults:

Noisy rear diff(fluids ordered)

EML on for lambda sensor

Bonnet cable knackered

Needs an aux belt

Standard stereo cuts out occasionally - it'll be getting replaced so no big deal.

It drives pretty well. It feels a bit loose but has got big fuck off live axles under it and has done 146k. It's a nice place to be and cruises well. 

I'll give it a once over and a tidy up and will then drive it. It'll hopefully earn it's keep dragging the Manta back from Gingernutz and, sadly, hauling a dead Porsche/Porsche engine about. 

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  • dome changed the title to Collection mission - Grand Cherokee collected

Simply marvellous.

There used to be a giffer-owned one of these down the road from me; he had it covered in yellow fluorescent tape on all the corners, the sills looked like old biscuit tins held on with gaffer tape, and every night he popped the bonnet and ran an extension cord out his front window to a trickle charger, to keep the battery topped up.

Clearly he loved it, and I do miss seeing it about.

He replaced it recently with a less knackered WK series; hopefully you'll come to adore yours just as much!

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2 hours ago, loserone said:

Are you running it on LPG?


I remember talking to a chap in the lakes with a Cherokee on LPG and he was paying the equivalent of 50mpg, which with a 4.0 6 pot sounded appealing to my 30mpg 1.6 MX5 owning ears at the time.

Yep, this is my 5th car on lpg and my second Grand Cherokee. I always say I'm never going back and was prepared to run one on petrol but this has it so I'll use it when I can get it. 

1 hour ago, Dave_Q said:

Did Begbie keep his plate or leave it on?

Off, and it's still not updated online. It was a pain getting it insured as esure are fucking useless. Cheap, but fucking useless 

1 hour ago, DodgeRover said:

Make sure you get the correct specific oil for the LSD diff, I think there are lots of conflicting opinions on it.

Autoboxes appreciate a fluid change. These will happily accelerate as normal to motorway speeds with 3.5t hanging on the towbar. Hills don't bother them.

MPG on a run isn't horrific.

Cheers. Yeah I'm checking the history. Sadly it's had the rear diff fluid done in the last couple of years so another change might not quieten it down. If it behaves itself I might get the bearings done. 

The autobox fluid looks clean and it has been changed, I'll need to check how long ago though.

Will do engine oil and plugs though I think, not sure they've been done in a while although I think the owner did some maintenance himself. 


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4 hours ago, Datsuncog said:


He replaced it recently with a less knackered WK series; hopefully you'll come to adore yours just as much!

The guy I bought this from had a WJ previously but sold it for a WK. He sold it fairly quickly and went to Devon for this one. I get why, as tempting as a WK is, especially with a big fat Hemi engine, they just don't do it for me.

The Jeep was one of his smaller engined cars, he has this in the garage and a 79 Camaro tucked way too 😳







And yes, that's his company Tesla that has replaced his Jeep 😔


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Congratulations! WJs are great cars and that V8 is a very nice engine


I do dispute one tiny thing though. I could be wrong, but I thought RHD petrol ones were built at the Jefferson North plant in Detroit and therefore are WJs rather than WGs. That's because RHD petrol was a minority in production so it made sense to build them in the home factory as they were built for UK and Australia mainly 

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9 hours ago, Rust Collector said:

We’re you driving this South on the M40 this afternoon? I passed one as I was driving back from silverstone today.

That would be quite surprising seeing as he lives in Fife, and I'm fairly sure he collected it locally going by the bicycle!

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