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  1. That plastic bit is the part that would allow your replacement fuel pump to work as some pumps have them,,and there's different thickness spacers also which is less than helpfull as there isn't really any pattern to fitment. It might be that e10 is giving the diaphragm a hard time so all these suggestions of a leccy pump might be worth a shot if so.
  2. When's the turbo getting fitted?, you might aswell now there's a oil filter port for the turbo oil feed waiting to be used, just watch out for damp patches on the road with those unequal length driveshafts 😄
  3. They all looked like angry generic build older men so might have been before my time living here. Hopefully it was one of these sorts ideally, but I think that's probably gone a while back unless somehow I've missed it!
  4. Aye thats my house , a crap car landmark haha, BB autos are still there but they're one of the more humourless outfits these days!
  5. 95k miles and 11years ownership, it's been quite the car to let go of but needs must!
  6. Almost a retroreflective quality to the tipex repair,,Safety flaps
  7. I also get those moments where clarity fleetingly arrives to foresee the sheer oxymoronic nature of the '5min' car task which only reveals its true 2hr53min length after the car is immobilised with the raggy wood chiselled remains of an oil filter stuck to the block like 'Fram 5304h by michealangelo' and the only thin wall socket for the T belt tensioner cracked and flapping like a leach upon your toolbox space.
  8. Not ebay but seems a bargain either way on Facebook marketplace, 5.0!
  9. The redblock requires a 360 torque tube and gearbox as the Renault units use the open alloy tube and bonded rubber prop, its almost better to start with a 360 if going down a 2.3 turbo route! As an aside the fuel consumption of them all is poor really, my 1.4 was a total waste of time, 69bhp and 30mpg and the 2.0 stromberg B19A that @overrun had was a solid 20 odd mpg ,,it actually improved with a 2.3 lpt engine fitted!
  10. For me the litmus test is whether a car can come to a T junction and power out smoothly and urgently without bogging down and with potential need to instant downshift not being held up by reluctant controls causing jerky progress etc as usually you end up having to awkwardly stop as the car is too shit to avoid someone angrily tailgating you !
  11. I knocked one up for this using pre 98 grandad rights to avoid a type approved towbar,,it wasn't worth the 50quid saving given all the fabrication hassle! Either way 1000kg towing limit is handy enough!
  12. It's all about the St Marie's lighthouse triple brake tap,,classic!
  13. Look at the glass area going down on your suzuke machine, it's like a greenhouse of visibility!
  14. Im loving reading up on all the adventures this is getting up to , that's I many ways more important than even what car it is really,,better to see someone enjoy a Suzuki 'automatic' as intended and get miles down enjoyably than a prized classic kept as a first world show trophy in a resource hungry conditioned garage etc!
  15. It's become something more than just a crap old proton, people's reaction to it out and about is very positive unexpectedly. I guess mainly as its incredibly unlikely of a car to be invested in including modified, additionally when I took it to a local meet earlier in the week, the very same chap who attempted to MOT the car at kwikfit in 2013 was there too, he was shocked but wholey pleased to see it had survived against the odds and had been through alot of life changes in 8 years! It's a shit old proton,,but to us lot it's our shit old proton!
  16. Dodge cab Spotted this at random and thought of the bollox camper wagon mainly as its listed in Alfreton!
  17. This is a marvelous car to see about in the flesh in 2021, complete with the epic plates!
  18. Proton OTR So the Proton became a full blown proper load of excessive work and I trapped myself into a cycle of obsession with battling against severe fatigue to get it done whilst everything hangs in the balance,,for all those who are healthy and procrastinating,,life's bloody unpredictable and short! , there is a level of reward reaped in that despite now slowly recovering some semblance of function again,,ie walking more than 10m at a time the thing has come back onto the road and the entire family love the thing including me inexplicably, it drives like an 80s mitsubishi with competent smoothness and the typical feather weight precise controls these cars have, the engine is ultra smooth and the response is very lively with the 140bhp unit, even the homebrew driveshafts are happy conduits of torque. Ultimately it has to stay. Genuine clean pass, no advisories as I went through the entire car! This took an inordinate amount of time as I would make up a patch meticulously fit it till it was butted flush and carefully weld it,,then just snooze on the mat for abit. And to think it looked OK initially Sump was loose,,easy fix there really,,just clean it and use sump sealant As the sun sets here,,it could well be the last hurrah,,,but also there may be a recovery too so one way or the other really!
  19. That's probably sitting at the 3x 5kg mig wire reels Haynes job rating 😄
  20. In summary it's a badly facelifted mk2 cortinaesque car with slightly crap-er front suspension yet is likely considered drastically worse than a Ford or vauxhall et al of the time ,,,imo all are similarly dynamically poor compared to 2020s automotive standards but some brands have had better marketing brainwashing backup historically and in essence I'll be motoring around in this loving scrubbing the front sidewalls on the road and maybe just about getting some feeble axle tramp from that 1275cc muscle motor! Progress will occur when I can manage ,, my mind and body isn't that willing currently but still got to plan ahead regardless!
  21. I spotted it on the Marina group on Facebook and decided for reasons unknown that it was ticking boxes I didn't know I had, must be that austin rover badge,,gets me every time!
  22. Another sunrise and as always more to add to the life tapestry, a 1981 Ital which I didn't predict I'd be looking at upon the garden by any stretch of the imagination this week. Huge thanks to the combined efforts of the Walgrave transport team for delivering it with consummate professionalism and for a perfectly good price, excellent work! I'm instantly at home in an AR product!
  23. Aye its definitely pointing at the carb, although feeling more responsive and zippier upon first run sort of points away from the jetting and float height etc, and more to a lack of starting enrichment. Popping back through the carb is a weak mixture condition which lends itself to that theory that the choke isn't doing quite what it should. Also if the float bowl and accelerator pump is partially emptying via evaporation then pumping the throttle whilst cranking will do nothing till its primed via the fuel pump (maybe a different design more prone to releasing fuel maybe?)
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