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Spartacus - Collection update on page 5

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A great loss to this forum, but nothing to the hole he must have left in your life, Mrs Spart. Thank you so much for coming on here to let us know and allow us to get involved in honouring him. I read his posts with interest, and despite never meeting him, I'm very sad to hear of his passing, for he was obviously a good man with many skills. As many have already said, there is much help available from this forum. Please just ask.

Deepest condolences to you and others closest to him.

Rest in peace, Spartacus.

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Advice regarding Fiat Panda Roffle.


  Managed to charge up the battery and whilst the car seems to be trying to tick over its not starting... 

Looks like there's no fuel in fuel pump? 

Looks like Giles was working on the electrics (new blue wires, as per photo).

Also found a carburettor and Haynes Manual.

Looks like @spartacus(Giles) had a thread about his Fiat:


Question is... Can I roffle the Fiat Panda as it is? 

May just need something very simple doing to it... As per previous posts im no mechanic. 




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14 minutes ago, Mrs Spart said:

Can I roffle the Fiat Panda as it is?

You absolutely can, but it might limit the number of folk game for it.  To be honest, I doubt that would be an issue in the circumstances - it's a class car, no doubt.  Any winner might just need to stump up transport.

From the thread  

On 14/06/2020 at 21:48, spartacus said:

Without boring you with all the detail I've fitted new plugs, new leads, cleaned the carb out, replaced the cambelt and fitted a new alternator belt. Non of these things completely solved the issue but I'm happy to have done them, the cambelt was so loose I could turn the tensioner by hand and the alternator belt literally had chunks falling off it.

Sounds like it's had all the important bits done too. 


As you say, it doesn't look like it's getting fuel - difficult to tell but I assume that clear fuel filter is empty? Someone will know if this is an in-tank pump etc. or if it's a case of turning over till the fuel pulls through? 

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Ok thank you for thank @loserone👍🏽

  It's been non stop sorting out @spartacusfuneral (plus the memorial benches, his other vehicles and trying to roffle)...

 So if this can be roffled off as it is, it'll be one less stress for me and I'll have fullfilled @spartacusfinal wishes. Obviously whoever wins it, you'd be more than welcome to tinker about with it, to try and get it going... It may be something really simple ( @spartacuswas driving it around a few months ago) but again I'm no mechanic 🤷🏽‍♀️

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It's a mechanical fuel pump, the circular thing just to the right of the airbox on the back of the head on your photos. Perfectly possible the membrane in there has failed so it's not pulling fuel, or sometimes the fuel lines perish inside, dropping bits of rubber in the carb jets. Even if it's fine it sometimes struggles to prime the system if it's sat for a while and the fuel has run back down the system to the tank. As I said I can have a quick look if you like, not that far up the road and it would be nice to have a go at something I know about instead of swearing at flipping fault codes which I've been doing here recently.

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30 minutes ago, Mrs Spart said:

Would you @Grumblespeed?

Please 🤞🏽🤞🏽

Would mean it can be seen running and I could even potentially try to get a MOT on it or at least a MOT to say whats needed on it. 👍🏽

Drop me a message and we could arrange something? 

(Fiat is based in Chesterfield). 

PM sent👍

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Is it me or is that fuel filter on back to front?


Not sure where that pipe goes but looks like it's to the bulkhead area and the other to the intake area (i.e. carb). Unlikely to be causing no fuel to draw through but won't help things. 

Those pumps can take a bit to draw fuel up if it's all drained back to the tank.

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Sad news :(

But @Mrs Spart you are a special person taking on all this car stuff when you might prefer to be curled up in an armchair grieving  your loss. We salute you.

I hope the BMW behaves itself at the funeral but if it doesn't, please remember to post the photos of it being push started by a crowd of soberly dresses mourners.

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  Still trying to sort through @spartacusvehicles 🥴😣

  Had a phone call from the mechanics regarding the old BMW....Not good, basically a lot of work will be needed on it and it won't be ready for his funeral 😔 So definitely the collection funds will be going towards this.👍🏽

(Don't worry Fiat Panda is still for a Charity Roffle as per @spartacuslast wishes).


  Also, I'm debating what to do with his yellow 2004 1.2 Fiat Punto Active Sport 8V with 5 months MOT on it plus found some bits and pieces to go with it (as per photo). Really don't need this car and admittedly the funds from this would go toward fixing the BMW... Sell it? Roffle it? 

Admittedly need it sold (in one form or another) for the BMW to be fixed... Got the V5 documents now for both the Fiat Panda and the Fiat Punto. Will get some photos of the Punto but any advice would be appreciated... These vehicles are giving me a slight headache. 




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7 hours ago, Mrs Spart said:

These vehicles are giving me a slight headache. 

I know you would like to keep some of the vehicles as memory to Giles but please be careful you don't over burden yourself. Especially by keeping too many. I've personally currently got 5 vehicles (peaked at 7) and the reality is that it's not only a money drain keeping them all on the road (even with two incomes) but also a lot of time needed sorting out admin too. Even basic stuff like insurance, sorting a garage to service and MOT all take time and resources. 

If the Punto has no real emotional attachment, then I personally think it makes perfect sense to sell it. I'm sure Giles wouldn't want you stressing about the cars nor have them as a big burden.

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Thank you Guys.

@spartacushas 6 vehicles and I've already got 3 vehicles... I really cant be having 9 vehicles... As noted I'm no mechanic plus I have no use for all of these vehicles. Will get the Punto up for sale 👍🏽👍🏽

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Hopefully the Punto should sell quite easily if its MOTd.  They a fun car and look good in yellow !  Worth posting the details on here in case people are interested but perhaps more likely to shift quickly on ebay or one of the Fiat Facebook forums?   Probably not the hassle you need now with all of the other stuff you have to organise, perhaps there is a friend/neighbour who could help you sort out the advertisment and viewings if you are keen to get things moving quickly. 


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Fiat Punto now up:

May consider a roffle if it doesn't sell.


A massive, massive. MASSIVE thank you to @Grumblespeed  for popping over today and getting @spartacusFiat Panda going... Amazing work!!! Thank you again so very much 🥲👍🏽

I'm actually thinking of getting this roffle (for the Fiat Panda) going this evening (V5 document has arrived and it's now working)....

Watch this space!😉

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Having caught up with this terrible news extremely late there's little I can add to the many warm tributes. I never met Giles but his contributions here were not just interesting but full of personality too - you just always got the impression reading his stuff that he was one of the good guys and a great laugh to boot.

And what @DSdriver says below x100 . He would have been so proud.

On 25/05/2021 at 12:08, DSdriver said:

But @Mrs Spart you are a special person taking on all this car stuff when you might prefer to be curled up in an armchair grieving  your loss.

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So bloody sorry to hear this. I met Giles when we bought the Talbot a few years ago, and was always struck with how positive and genuine he was. I can't believe he was in his 50s - I was sure he was about my age (35!!) and it's made me really have to reconsider how invincible people are, even when so fit and healthy. Such a shame.

I think we all appreciate you taking the time to come on here, let us know the news and also make sure his cars get a good home - I'm sure dealing with a load of blokes on a car forum to find a home for some strange old cars would be quite low on a lot of peoples priorities, in your situation.

Did you two still have the LDV camper? I seem to recall him saying he was considering / planning to take the interior apart - If you need a hand putting anything back together etc then I'm fairly local and could lend a hand. 

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