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Autoshite chat over Zoom - 8.00pm Tuesday PM Mrs6C for details


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Fancy joining together for an Autoshite chat over Zoom?

I have been having social Zoom meetings while we are in lockdown with several car clubs, a railway enthusiasts group and a local group of friends and I am thinking why not an Autoshite Zoom meeting.

This is not a formal meeting and is simply a group of friends having a chat with the focus on cars. Avoid politics and religion and we should be OK.

It is a new experience for me hosting so we see how it goes and maybe it could become a regular monthly or even weekly event while we are in lockdown. I have only been doing Zoom for a few weeks myself but the process to down load the Zoom app seemed straight forward. If you don’t want to download the app you can join in a browser.

First meeting Wednesday 17th February 2021 7.30 pm

You will need to pm me for an invite and password.

IMG_20200711_200908 broad.jpg

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58 minutes ago, louiepj said:

This sounds like a good idea how long do they usually run for as I am usually settling my girls to bed for 8 p.m. but could join in after that.

First one, so who knows! Depends how much beige there is to discuss. Or beer to be drank.... which ever runs out first 

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1 minute ago, LightBulbFun said:

count me in I should be able to Join this no problem as I have no actual IRL life LOL

(question is do people want me to Join, lest it turn into a bunch of men watching a 21 year old ramble on about Invacars and Lightbulbs LOL)

Don’t worry we can always put you on mute 😉

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