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  1. So another addition to the fleet came in today. Mk6 fez 1.3. Only issue I can note is a grinding noise when turning right, doesn't do at low speeds but noticeable on faster roundabouts. My suspicion is CV joint has worn or alternatively the wheel bearings are on their way out but there is no consistent grumble when driving. It will be one to be looked at tomorrow.
  2. So I've decided to turn this thread into my year of shite thread. The rover departed a few week ago to a friend in scotland who's car had been written off so it may turn up back here I am not sure. Since then there has been the roffle win Alfa 147 which I have swapped and now got my old Audi A3 back which I will be treating to a new set of alloys in the next week.
  3. I'm thinking much the same myself. The government havent really been clear on when this will end. I am away to look at a cheap little polo today which has mot due at the end of next month, if it gets the extension that would be perfect.
  4. Anyone who is interested in this drop me a pm.
  5. Not much to report in rover land, however a replacement may be getting picked up for this soon if all goes well. I have picked up some work to tide me over so it means I can look to adding another addition to the fleet. I'm thinking on switching the rover to a back up car when I eventually purchase something else. I'm growing quite fond of it. Hyundai coupe is the next car im looking at, however unfucked examples under £500 are as rare as rocking horse shit.
  6. Shit happens mate, thankfully I am on good terms with a few of the agencies round my way. Might just have to do parcel sorting or something for a while until the employment market is back on its feet but it is better than a kick in the todger.
  7. Probably just as well I kept this rather than the Audi as of writing this I now find myself unemployed (f*cking great) so the cheaper costs overall will not hopefully eat into my savings too much. Now back on with this arduous task of trying to go through agencies to find employment. In other news I am pleasantly surprised with this little machine. Handles brilliantly, I find the steering slightly heavy but it is a 20 year old car near enough so will just take a bit of time to get acclimatised to it.
  8. I spied something last week when I was on my travels near me. My now newly unemployed self has plenty of time to kill coming up so may take a jaunt out tomorrow morning to find it. I cant remember for love nor money what it is, small cherry red A reg saloon potentially, near betley in staffordshire.
  9. The 600 mile round trip didnt happen this weekend, due to me being too hungover this weekend. 240 ish miles driven today without a problem. Still trying to get used to not having a 6th gear. Can't complain its as comfy as. I need to draw myself away from the temptation of buying cars and stick with one for a little while!
  10. So I sort of hijacked the roffle for this last week and paid £100 to the winner @twosmoke300, thank you kindly for allowing me to have this and collected from @83C last Thursday night. I have only driven it a total of 30 miles but I am about to complete a 600 or so mile round trip this weekend once I drop the Audi A3 off to its new owner tomorrow. I know quite a fair bit about VW group cars and specifically the utter dependability of the 1.9 TDI units. However I am now entering a world of complete unknowing with the Rover. From what I have driven of it seems a good steer and is quite a good hoon. I do drive a fair amount of distance each year, close to 20k so I wonder how the Rover will cope with long journeys and regular high mileage. My aim is to enjoy this is for what it is, a £100 car with 9 and a half months mot and document my experience and allow it go for cheap when I come to sell it. When one of the previous cars I have had on here comes up for sale either the A3 or the passat estate this will be sold (providing I can buy them back). If that does not happen I may just keep this and see how it goes. This is about as basic, cheap and no frills as motoring gets and it will be used as a work horse. When I do sell it I will probably sell it for under £100 so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain later on in the year.
  11. The A3 is not due it's mot until July I hardly doubt it will qualify for it but never know
  12. It's coming along well dude, hope you have fun with it.
  13. A lot of poo happened... 😂
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