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  1. Think someone has seen one of these on the recent series on top gear and thought because it has been on national tv it will be worth more. It’s probably not even worth 3k let alone 30k.
  2. Ace. Well it looks like we have our venue sorted.
  3. Anybody else been harassed by there employer while on annual leave? Started a new job a month back, finally on a permanent contract pending successful completion of probation with a decent pay rise but I honestly think I’d be happier picking in a warehouse on an ongoing temp contract with min wage. Been working on phones in call centres for nearly 7 years now and need to get out of this cycle I am in.
  4. leanycan

    my spots.....

    Clean Austin Mini and a lancia of some description.
  5. Land sail are currently on the Skoda on one corner and don’t know what’s on the rest. That’s what happens when you buy a wheel and tire for £20 from the nice local scrapyard.
  6. Hopefully if we can get a meet at maybe a pub for a bit of a grub and a natter we might be able to do something of an evening during the week. I know the fabia won’t be there it’s terminal at the minute.
  7. Where ever is easiest for the majority. Hopefully this thread picks up and we can get something arranged.
  8. Shiters of the North West I have noticed we don’t have a meet or anything like it arranged. Would anyone be up for this providing we can get numbers? It is open to anyone who can make it. If we can sort out something for location and date wise - before the end of September? If there is enough demand hopefully it can turn into a monthly meet up.
  9. Flintshire to pontefract and back. Probably need an overnight stop for that...😮
  10. Walked away from a couple. The one that springs to mind was an ‘03 or an ‘04 Skoda fabia Sdi estate. Was working a nightshift and went over to view it before I started work. It was a clean car and looked fair decent for the price but I wasn’t amused by the fact it was filled with seats from another car the seller hadn’t bothered to take out.
  11. To be honest I don’t think you are far wrong. It’s a shame. If there wasn’t as many rust issues with them there would a ton load more on the road.
  12. I’ve had two. Brilliant little cars. The prices some people are asking for them is ridiculous. Find a good rust free one and you’ll have an appreciating classic on your hands.
  13. My old fabia is just fine. Might look like crap but it is doing a stellar job
  14. I feel your pain. I only have one piece of shite and its not even shite. Its boring and reliable... yet I want to get rid... an old fabia diesel estate. I have flirted with the idea of getting a car on finance but my cars are used as beaters and I don't think id be able to keep a car for the length of a finance term
  15. It was just grim and manky. The toilet from trainspotting was cleaner than the one I used... 😓
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