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  1. Buying dodgy cars again...
  2. There was no codes showing that's the thing. As someone mentioned before on here. I stopped the car let it sit, check the boost pipe. I then turned it on and revved it a good few times and could definitely the turbo kicking in.
  3. I thought I would chime in as being the person who sold the car to Tim. I had no issues with the car whilst I had it. It did lose some boost on the way to drop this off on Thursday. I put this down to either running it low on fuel or boost pipe to the intercooler as I had to take it off and clean it as there was some weepage. There was no warning lights on the car at all during the time I owned it. I have apologised to Tim for the issues he is having.
  4. Yes it can be bloody addictive. When I had this one. Would leave most things standing at the lights.
  5. Hoi bawbag it's 6 quid a ticket. 😂
  6. It goes like a stabbed rat *insert other cliches here*. It's gone to a good home. Will miss the old bus.
  7. I could sell you a 180bhp diesel passat estate? I think the answer may be no on that lol.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/762658267667823/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=undefined I am pretty sure this is a fake advert... but it has certainly gave me a laugh.
  9. Friggin hell... @theshadow has just won the internet...
  10. Something positive being suggested on the forum is good to see! I'll not be able to attend it but I think it's a great idea.
  11. Jesus wept. The shadow takes first prize again. I'm sure U2 had a song dedicated to the shadow "He moves in mysterious ways"
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