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  1. The A3 is not due it's mot until July I hardly doubt it will qualify for it but never know
  2. It's coming along well dude, hope you have fun with it.
  3. A lot of poo happened... 😂
  4. This happened earlier on. Shat myself when this happened on the motorway at 70 mph. Successfully removed and will be added to the list of jobs to fix during the week. More miffed at the fact I’m going to have to replace what was a perfectly good tire. Probably up there as one of the most frightening things I’ve ever experienced
  5. Can imagine this turning up at the sortation hub with a 1st class stamp on it... “Gonna have a bit of trouble getting through the letter box”
  6. If I'm not mistaken that looks like the Crown Inn at Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr @Six-cylinder? If it is I have drank in that pub a few times as I've got family who stay in the village.
  7. I’m over the border in Cheshire but used to stay in that area of wales. Possible for me to tag along?
  8. Spotted this on gumtree. Phone won’t copy the link from the app to here. Seems pretty reasonable... maybe one for @Kiltox
  9. leanycan

    Shit Ideas

    Christ above. Why do manufacturers think things like these are a good idea? Bet this was thought up during a marketing meeting. Easy to break, difficult to repair and expensive to replace. Perfect for modern money grabbing corporate tw*ts
  10. leanycan

    Shit Ideas

    What is that out of? 4 timing chains or am I being obtuse?
  11. Wiper blades are in desperate need of a change, they've now literally started bouncing across the windscreen.
  12. This is the way it is just now. It’s look to have been repaired before. My plan is to get the roof sanded down back to bare metal and either do it black or vinyl roof.
  13. Nothing major mechanical just body work issues on the Audi. Bumper has been knocked and doesn’t sit in right. However, the roof has got bubbling on the edges and some really odd paint cracking which is now covered in a dodgy gaffer tape bodge job.
  14. Oooft... the perverse diesel enthusiast in me wants to run this through centre of Glasgow, whilst belching thick black smoke out of two great big sodding stacks on the back of the cab, cutting several years off the life of eco mentalists in my wake,
  15. Where is this usually held? Thinking on coming along this month.
  16. I should be there hopefully. Didnt make it last year. Hopefully I'll have picked up another work contract back down south so travelling wont be too long. I'll probably be there in the recently acquired A4.
  17. Well bought. Looks like a good wee car. I hope you can sort the rust out and keep it running for another few years.
  18. I love the fact that there are still some absolute bargains you can buy for the price of a months finance on a new Skoda...
  19. I’m not planning to but could deliver this if costs are covered.
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