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  1. When OMGCOVIDKAOS is over I'll be up to have a little ogle at this beauty.
  2. Definitely a volvo of some description.
  3. I was gonna say you could put it on the cavcraft towers bonfire next year but it probably will have disintegrated into the ground by then.
  4. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202012086900085 Really... £500 for this pos. @Cavcraft surely this has your name written all over it...
  5. Probably have spent most of their lives living right by the coast or in Scotland.
  6. l'll be bringing this futher up north when the time allows, hopefully some point next week before OMGCOVIDCAOSLOCKDOWN mania ensues again.
  7. Have you seen some Mazda 3's of that age... yikes.
  8. I thought all car's came with rust.
  9. This one appears to be relatively rot free...
  10. After another change of battery on the astra the fucker still won't start. CTB booked for tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to take it off my drive as it down a tight lane and the car wont move under its own power. Can't wait for this to be gone.
  11. I've just ferried this absolute barge all the way up from North Wales to the North East today. Bloody great car and you have got a bargain there @Robson3022. The return leg wasn't so great on the train back. 6 and a half hours it took to get home... fuck me.
  12. Not sure if that's the type of party I'd want to be part of 🤣
  13. Least you didn't spend 46 hours in Rhyl.
  14. Will that VW be finding its way for sale soon Billy haha... probably a bonfire no doubt.
  15. I firmly believe the VW diesel scandal is what sounded the death knell for diesel cars and has brought on the current wave of lets buy electric cars pish. Yes, saving the planet and all that is a must and clean renewable energy has to be better than diesel for sure but look at what company has benefitted from that massively, Tesla... an American corporation. Does make you wonder. Anyway as a side note... anyone else think the govt will have to backtrack on the banning sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030...
  16. Is that Linwood retail park or am I completely wrong?
  17. I've had countless ones with the 1.9tdi lump in them. Skoda, seat, Audi and VW. Best ones have been the seat's I've had.
  18. Doc. Hope you take the time you need to get right fella. You are a well loved and respected member of this parish. Do you what you have to for yourself. Your health is more important than anything in this life. Wishing you all the best.
  19. leanycan

    new shite

    What is it you have in fella.
  20. £11000 for that. I can think of about 11000 reasons not to buy at the price. I want some of what the seller is smoking...
  21. I don't normally get riled up by anything on the news but this has really fucked me off.
  22. I don't understand it though. Likes of myself who rely on their car for a not so well payed job and need to travel. What do we do then? I don't have a lot of savings in the bank to buy a 10 year old car, let alone an electric car and don't earn anywhere near enough to finance a car and cope with all household bills whilst still having disposable income. Surely this has to be the time where we look to alternative fuels. The "go electric" rhetoric really annoys me. I like the idea of electric cars and I think there is a future for them but it is dissapointing to see that alternative fuels
  23. Is this 2030 ban just a proposed date, or is it actually official? The 2040 ban was achievable? In 9 years how are they going to do this? Where is the plan, or is this just another move to force the working man off the road?
  24. I can't think of a suitable innuendo haha. Not bored of the old vag yet hah
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